Switzerland is the midpoint of Western Europe, located in its central part. This country is the home of amazing females, Swiss women.

The characters of these charming girls are very similar to their homeland. Their nature is strong like the Alpine mountains, profound as deep lakes, and clear as highland waters.

Wooing Swiss women is worth the effort. Learn more about how to tie the knot with these gorgeous women and make your courtship unforgettable.

What are Swiss Women Like?

Why are thousands of foreign bachelors crazy about Swizz brides? The answer is obvious. Their look and inner world are mesmerizing. 

Striking appearance. Many Swiss ladies have exquisite charming appearance: they are blondes with blue eyes and pale skin. They are slim and well-shaped. Swiss women are physically fit and follow their doctor’s recommendations regarding a healthy lifestyle as local beauties pay much attention to their health. 

Smart and witty. Generally, many Swiss women try to be well educated. Doing well in natural sciences and math, they sincerely strive for knowledge and have curiosity about the world. Clever Swiss girls are usually successful in professions occupying excellent positions.

Confident. Usually, Swiss women are also self-assured and can earn their money themselves. However, they are independent, not only financially. 

If you dream about an adorable Swiss bride, be ready to give her freedom. She will not cling to relations paying with her time and thoughts. Swiss women must have their private area to be comfortable.

Do Swiss Women Make Good Wives?

It may seem unbelievable but Swiss women do not avoid serious relationships being faithful and monogamous.

Strong family ties

Swiss women don’t tend to flirt with many single men simultaneously. They carefully chose a partner, creating a family with an only man. However, wooing an Alpine girl is worth the effort. Your Swiss bride is very loyal and makes you happy whole your life.

Prioritizing in managing jobs and houses

Swiss girls cope with essential responsibilities of their professions, occupying positions in scientific, financial, or touristic branches of the economy. However, they manage all their duties about the house, keeping them in perfect order.

Comfort and security of her family are the most valuable things for Swiss women. Being very demanding to themselves and their partners, local girls still support most of the housework themselves.

Passionate and entrusted relations

A Swiss bride has an extraordinary ability to create an amiable and loving atmosphere being passionate and kind despite her high ambitions and self-esteem. She emits an honest attitude and sincere feelings toward her beloved. 

Swiss women are perfect moms. They create an ambitious surrounding for the children as a basis for their future life success. 

They can provide an excellent example for their kids: 

  • how to strive to gain knowledge 
  • how to enlarge their outlook.

What Kind of Men Do Swiss Women Like?

Swiss women do not rush into relations when getting closer to a man. It means that not all males are lucky when courting these mesmerizing girls. So what is the most important in wooing Swiss women? 

Men have to demonstrate their good upbringing and strive for further achievements

Success is one of the crucial factors for Swiss women to start relations. It does not mean that only prosperous males have a chance to marry Swiss brides. Your family background, education, and sheer interest in enlarging your outlook are essential in the eyes of local beauties.

Men must be neat, courteous, and polite

Neatness and good manners play an essential role in Swiss women’s decisions to enter into relationships with men. Preparing for a date takes time to impress: style your hair, wear a neat suit, and polish your shoes.

Chivalry is also one of the defining moments for Swiss women. Never embarrass your Swiss bride with rude jokes or PDAs. Small gifts, flowers, a chocolate bar, or theater tickets are a must to win the heart of an Alpine lady.

Foreigners have advantages

Not all local men are ready for long courtships and apply effort for their spouse relations. They are seldom inventive and not always affectionate enough to maintain good family relations. The rate of divorces has been growing in Switzerland. Thus, more Swiss women turn their eyes to foreign grooms finding them more romantic and understanding.

Where Can You Meet Swiss Women?

The tiny European country of Switzerland has predominantly rural areas. However, the cities of Zurich, Geneva, and the capital city of Bern are inhabited by far over 100,000 people.

Common activity groups and friends are good for acquainting a Swiss bride. Besides, contacting a lovely Swiss woman for marriage is possible in the areas with the availability of office centers, shopping malls, restaurants, and places for sightseeing and entertainment centers.


The largest city in Switzerland offers numerous opportunities for dating Swiss women. You may easily find a tourist destination and places for interest to entertain a lady.

  • Bahnhofstrasse;
  • Zurich Zoo;
  • Kunsthaus Zürich;
  • Einkaufszentrum Letzipark.

Night live in Zurich s also vibrant, offering pleasure and quick results in hunting a lovely Swiss girl:

  • Club Bellevue;
  • Gonzo;
  • Alice Choo.


Come to visit Geneva, and you will be astonished by many nice Swiss women and the opportunities for encountering them:

  • Jardin Botanique;
  • Patek Philippe Museum;
  • Balexert shopping center;
  • Lake Geneva.

There are many places to visit if you prefer to start courting a Swiss girl past 10 p.m.

  • Baby Boa;
  • Mambo Club;
  • Village du Soir.


If you long for a female student of the local universities or a highly educated Swiss bride, come to Bern. Most government establishments are located here, employing your intelligent and ambitious future Swiss bride. Invite her to one of the popular places to visit in the daytime:

  • Bern Theatre;
  • Zytglogge and Käfigturm towers;
  • Holy Ghost Church.

Or one of the famous nightclubs:

  • Turnhalle;
  • Marians’ Jazzroom;
  • Casino Bern.

Where to Meet Swiss Women Online?

By creating an account on any dating site or downloading an application for matchmaking services, you increase your chances of meeting your destiny among Swiss brides.

Being instead reserved in real life, many local women prefer online meetings, which provide openness and comfort.

Before logging into a particular dating website, conduct a little research. Find out the rendezvous platform with positive reviews, trusted and verified Swiss brides’ accounts, their response rate, and availability for relations.

Create a profile indicating your main preferences and interests. You will select the best Swiss girl for you with the help of multiple additional tools and filters then.

Main Tips on Dating a Swiss Bride

  1. Prove your reliability. Punctuality and reliability are the main things in dating a Swiss girl. Provide a reliable plan for your first date, as improvisation is not always a good idea. Never be late, thus showing your little interest in a woman and your bad manners.
  2. Be insistent. Swiss brides are not so easy to get along with and are not so open as Latina or Eastern Europe brides. But you will surely get a reward for applying your inventiveness.
  3. Split the bill. This rule is not strict, but Swiss women do not need financial support and usually pay themselves.

Frequently Asked Question

Some Popular Stereotypes about Swiss Women

  • Swiss women are feminists. Although Swiss brides are educated, have progressive views, and earn money themselves. Still, most of them are conservative and have traditional family values. A husband plays a role of a breadwinner, and a wife supports him.
  • All of the Swiss brides are rich. Switzerland is a prosperous country. However, poverty is also a part of Swiss people’s lives, as not all 100% of the local population are financially secure.
  • They are mainly blondes. Nowadays, every woman styles her hair to her mood and liking. You hardly find many Swiss women with original hair color in the streets of Zurich or Bern. However, Swiss girls tend to have a Scandinavian appearance: pale skin and fair hair.

Is religion important for Swiss women?

Swiss brides are primarily conservative. However, that does not mean that they are ardent believers.

25% of the Swiss population does not have a religious denomination. As for other confessions, Roman Catholic and Reformed Evangelical are predominant for Swiss women and men.

Which languages do Swiss brides speak?

Switzerland is a country with multiple state languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansch. Most of the local population speaks German and French.

Other popular languages are English, Spain, and Portuguese. Switzerland offers a great chance to avoid language barriers, as Swiss brides speak at least one foreign language apart from a local one.