More than 10 thousand foreigners marry Slavic girls every year. If you want to become one of the happy husbands of Slavic wives, learn more about these fascinating girls and find out how to win the heart of one of them!

6 Reasons Why Foreigners Are Fond of Slavic Brides

Slavic Chicks Are Beautiful

Sexy Slavic girls are famous worldwide thanks to their marvelous appearance. The most common features of pretty Slavic women are:

  1. Long hair. It is extremely popular in Slavic countries and is considered to be a sign of femininity.
  2. Beautiful facial features. Girls from Eastern Europe have very cute faces that attract men.
  3. Seductive body. Many Slavic brides enjoy sports and having beauty procedures done. Thanks to this, they always keep being sexy.

Slavic Brides Are Diverse

The charm and diversity of Eastern-European girls amaze men. All the ladies are different. Among beautiful Slavic girls, there are:

  • both tall and petite women;
  • blondes, brunettes, and redheads;
  • girls with cute round and elegant longish faces;
  • slim girls with thin waists and plump ladies with large breasts.

Thanks to such incredible diversity, all men can meet Slavic girls of their tastes.

Slavic Women Are Bright

Many foreign men appreciate the love of Slavic ladies for catchy looks. Women from this region often dress up without any reason. Plenty of them wears beautiful dresses, mini skirts, high-heels, bright makeup, and an abundance of fancy accessories and jewelry just in their everyday life.

Such a bright style helps Slavic brides draw men’s attention easily. This is especially true for foreigners who are used to seeing ladies in casual outfits in their native countries. Once they come to Slavic countries and see so stunning girls, they go crazy about them.

Slavic Brides Are Charming And Charismatic

Femininity and self-assurance of the girls from the Slavic region enchant foreign men. These ladies combine gentleness with independence. They are very affectionate and tender, but rather self-contained and enterprising at the same time.

Slavic Ladies Are Smart And Well-Educated

Slavic people value high education very much. They consider it to be a sign of high intelligence and social status. Thus, many Slavic women get tertiary education to broaden their horizons even if they don’t plan to make a career. For example, in Russia, 69% of ladies at the age of 25-34 have a post-secondary degree. This is one of the highest rates in the world.

Slavic Women Are Cheerful, Friendly, and Uninhibited

Slavic brides may seem a bit cold or arrogant only at first sight. This is just because they rarely smile just walking on the streets and don’t like small talks with strangers when they are not at parties.

But if you get to know a Slavic chick closer, you will immediately notice her easy-going, outspoken, and joyous nature. Girls from the Slavic region are fond of parties, socialization, and flirting. They are open to new acquaintances and don’t mind making friends with foreigners.

What Is Family Life with Slavic Wives Like?

To decide whether Slavic women for marriage are suitable personally for you, learn more about local family values.

Advantages of Slavic Wives

Foreigners who have already married Slavic brides appreciate the following features of their new wives the most:

  1. They are very caring. Wives from Eastern Europe surround their husbands with unlimited love and affection.
  2. They are good housewives. Slavic wives are very talented at cooking. They inherit this flair from their mothers and grandmothers who pass the recipes of their signature dishes to their daughters and granddaughters.
  3. They are good in bed. Slavic wives are uninhibited and sensual. They know how to enjoy intimate life and make it more varied.

How Do Slavic Wives Share Responsibilities with Their Husbands?

Many Slavic brides still believe in traditional family values. According to them, a man is a breadwinner and is fully responsible for earning money to the family budget. Meanwhile, a woman is a housekeeper who is in charge of household chores and child-rearing. However, some household chores are considered to be men’s: taking care of a family car, doing some minor repairs at home, and taking out the trash.

Slavic Outlook on Child-Rearing

Women from Eastern Europe are very caring mothers. They pay special attention to their kids’ health, for example, by ensuring a nourishing, healthy, and diverse diet. Also, they take care of good education. They thoroughly monitor their children’s academic performance at school, hire additional tutors if needed, and save money in advance to be able to pay for post-secondary education.

Do Slavic Brides Like Western Men And Why?

Girls from Eastern Europe are fond of men from Western Europe and the USA. They consider foreign suitors to be more appropriate for serious relationships and marriage. This is because they appreciate the advantages of the men from abroad, compared to locals. Here are the things Slavic brides like the most about Western-European and US men:

  • They are more courteous. Many Slavic guys lack politeness and respect for women. Unlike them, foreign men are true gentlemen.
  • They are more successful and intelligent. Independent, self-sufficient, and smart Slavic girls are eager to find life partners who have all these features too. But for some ladies, it turns out to be too difficult to find the one like this among locals.
  • They are more progressive. Many guys from Slavic countries still have some discriminative convictions about women. Meanwhile, Western-European and US men respect ladies more.
  • They are less inclined to bad habits. Many locals are too fond of parties and alcohol to be good husbands. That is why Slavic brides prefer more reliable and calm foreign suitors.

How to Meet Slavic Mail Order Brides?

A lot of Slavic singles are interested in finding foreign husbands online. If you are a busy man who cannot spend a long vacation staying in one of the Eastern-European countries and looking for the perfect bride there, go online. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to meet Slavic brides on the Web:

  1. Find the right place. Choose a mail order brides service considering the feedback and reviews on independent platforms, functionality, usability, and the quality of customer support.
  2. Create an attractive account. Show your best foot forward by adding photos of fine quality and specifying advantageous details about your personality.
  3. Don’t be shy to take the first step. It is not typical for Slavic mail order brides to write to men first. They believe that a man should take initiative in a relationship.

Tips on Dating a Slavic Girl: 5 Peculiarities of Slavic Dating Culture

Get And Keep The Lady Interested

Slavic brides are fond of interesting, many-sided, and successful men. Show these qualities to the full to attract Slavic mail order brides. Tell about your career achievements and the most fascinating life experiences.

Also, cheerful and vigorous Slavic women like to spend time actively and interestingly. Thus, to keep her interested, ask her about her hobbies and leisure time activities. Not to let her become bored, spend time together interestingly. If you are not ready to go to her motherland to meet her in person, invite her to a warm resort country to have a vacation together.

Show That She Can Rely on You

Slavic brides are feminine and are looking for strong men whom they can always count on. Cheer her up and support her every time she needs this to show that you are a reliable life partner.

Do not Limit Her Freedom

Sometimes, Slavic brides want to spend time separately from their life partners. For example, to gather with other girls and go shopping or having beauty procedures done. If you are too jealous to let your beloved spend time separately from you, she will be very upset and disappointed.

Be Romantic

Slavic brides are fond of romantic courtship. To win the heart of your beloved lady, compliment her, present flowers and little gifts to her.

Cover All the Bills

According to the Slavic mentality, a man is responsible for all the dating expenses. If you offer to split the bill, a lady can get offended and consider you to be a greedy and unreliable person.


What Kind of Families Do Slavic Brides Plan to Have: Large or Small?

The fertility rate in Slavic countries varies within the range of 1-1,5 kids per woman. This means that many ladies from this region have only one child. Some of them have 2 children.

Do Slavic Wives Work?

This depends on a particular person. Some women are content with the role of a housewife and don’t strive for anything more. Other ladies look for self-actualization at work. They may combine family with a job or their own business. But they never let their career prevent them from being good wives and mothers because they value family most of all.

Do Slavic Wives Contribute to a Family Budget?

According to Slavic family values, a husband is the main breadwinner. Thus, he must earn money to provide for his wife and kids. Some women do not contribute to the family budget even if they work, spending all their money on their own needs (for example, beauty salons and shopping).