Welcome to Austria! This country is a picturesque and popular tourist destination, where numerous travelers reveal its unique architecture, charming music, and mouthwatering cuisine. It is also attractive for thousands of foreign single males. 

Mesmerizing Austrian women will catch your eye immediately when you encounter them. They are cute and friendly and make an unforgettable impression.

How do you become lucky to get an Austrian bride? Conquering her heart is not that easy. Follow the guide to obtain detailed instructions. 

What are Austrian Women Like?

Austrian women are stunning, but it takes time to make sure. Starting relations with local females, a potential groom should be ready for cultural diversities in Austrian girls and their unique features.  


Austrian brides look nice. Being petite and slim, you hardly distinguish them from other European women. They are not all blondes or brunettes, usually having different hair colors. 

However, their outer attractiveness with regular and fine facial traits is out of the question. They have a bright, healthy complexion, pure dark eyes highlighting their delicate face, and a sensitive mouth. 

Polite and optimistic

Austrian women may seem a bit cold and not prone to close relations at first sight. But let’s suppose you come to know an Austrian woman better. In that case, you will be astonished by her cheerfulness, optimism, willingness to be helpful, and politeness.

They differ from their male counterparts, who are usually too direct and sometimes even rude. Austrian women are amiable, always ready for a pleasant mingling.   

Hardworking and independent 

Many local girls are intelligent, hardworking, and demanding of themselves and their dears. Such females will never be a burden to their spouses as they strive for independence and have their source of income. 

Do Austrian Women Make Good Wives?

Austrian women are brought up in an atmosphere of love and faithfulness. That’s why most of them have dreamed of their own families since childhood. They do not split their life between being single and being married. 

Adorable Austrian wives perfectly cope with family issues while managing to keep a professional part of life and families. 

  • Faithful and monogamous. Although Austrian brides are very sexy and not against one-night stands, they become serious if they aim at tying the knot. They try to get married once, being faithful to an only man.
  • Perfect home keepers. This feature does not mean that an Austrian bride tries to do all the house jobs herself. She perfectly manages everything by hiring a housekeeper or a nurse for her kids. Thus, an Austrian wife obtains space for herself, her development, or her husband.   
  • Charming and elegant. Once you marry a local woman, you will be surrounded by beauty. Lovely Austrian wives always look gorgeous and keep their houses in similar sleek order. They love to decorate their lodgings with cute trifles.  

What Kind of Personality do Austrian Women Prefer?

Be easygoing 

Reserved Austrian women become open and talkative only with men possessing a great sense of humor. Do not forget about jolly stories and fun while wooing an Austrian bride. 

Local girls do not need alcohol or other stimulators to be friendly and amusing. The only thing that works is your optimism, frankness, and ability to entertain.  

Be serious and family-oriented

While single Austrian girls greet open and funny men, local women become selective when creating families. They value sincere desire for happy relations. 

Show your matrimonial intentions to succeed among Austrian brides as soon as possible.  

Be open and frank 

Never try to deceive Austrian ladies, as they are susceptible to any lie. Once you spoil your reputation by trying to conceive something important, it won’t be easy to restore trust. 

However, there is no need to tell your Austrian bride about all your “exes” during the first date. Remember, it takes time to build sincere relations. Austrian women open their hearts slowly.      

Where to Meet Austrian Women in Austria?


Taking a trip and going around Vienna, the capital of Austria, is worth your time. An ancient city with great historical heritage offers various entertainments in the daytime and at night with your Austrian woman. 

Visit St. 25 Hours Hotel Wien and its roof café, Stephen’s Cathedral, Schikaneder cinema, Vienna Zoo. Enjoy every minute of finding out more about your beautiful Austrian bride in this ancient city.

Nighttime makes most females more communicative and open. Vibrant parties, hilarious tunes, and dances supplemented with a drop of alcohol ensure the adherence of an Austrian girl. Club Porgy and Bess, Jazzland, SASS Music, Flex are the places with non-trivial music. Make your best choice for chilling out with an amazing Austrian woman.


Salzburg is the fourth city by population in this country. Like any provincial town, it has a slow and calm life flow. However, hilarious and noisy pubs, clubs, and concert halls exist alongside tiny cafes. 

The embankment of the Salzach River is full of cozy bars and restaurants with exquisite wines or excellent local beers. These localities with open terraces ensure incredible sightseeing for romantic encounters with your Austria bride.

Alternatively, Stagebar, Jazzit Lokal Göllner, Half Moon Club are the options for night adventures with hot Austrian girls.  

Where to Meet Austrian Women Online?

Turn to authentic Austrian dating sites when looking for your destiny in this country. Multiple matchmaking services offer their support online. 

Austrian girls are oriented toward career and professional success and have no time searching for romantic relations. Thus, local ladies who are indeed directed at marriage and creating a family apply to the dating web resources.

  • You have to be sure that all submitted photos of Austrian beauties are real and the information is accurate. Dating services provide thorough verification of profiles.
  • The understandable interface of these services should be easy and intuitively navigated.  
  • 24/7 online support provides additional counseling on various issues.  
  • Various payment plans ensure the security of your private data.

5 Tips for Successful Relationship with an Austrian Woman 

  1. A man must be learned and erudite. Austrian women are educated. They grew up among the best cultural heritage of humanity, music, architecture, and arts. A foreign single should be able at least to support any conversation on this topic. 
  2. Dating Austrian bride, you must also be physically fit. Jogging, climbing high mountains, or skiing will be your active leisure and way of life.
  3. Punctuality is out of the question, as this feature discloses your respect and attention to your Austrian bride.
  4. Respect parents and elderly relatives. Love for the family is a trait of the Austrian mentality and refers to their traditional views. 
  5. Buy an additional blanket if your relations are pretty intimate. An Austrian lady will be grateful for her own space, good rest, and deep sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are food habits in Austria?

One may hardly stay indifferent to the delicious local cuisine. However, be ready to share the love of your Austrian women with non-trivial tastes and unexpected food combinations.

There is a tradition of serving meat (beef, grilled steaks, a classic Wiener Schnitzel) with lingonberry jam.  

Consuming desserts is customary not only for special occasions. Invite your Austrian girl for a Mélange with Palatschinken during her lunch-time break. 

Do Austrian women enjoy an active way of life? 

Walking, hiking, enjoying nature, and sightseeing are indeed an essential part of the life of every Austrian girl and boy. Camping in the mountains is also a part of their lifestyle. 

Hence, taking a cab instead of a 15-minute walk is not customary. Austrians call taxis only for long distances or for persons with health disabilities.   

Is every Austrian woman skilled in skiing? 

Actually, yes. Spending time on mountain slopes once or twice a year is obligatory. Recently this type of sport is becoming more and more popular. 

Although this is an expensive pleasure, Austrian women and men consider it beneficial and aristocratic. They try to master skiing themselves and provide ski lessons for their kids.