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Why are Italian Mail Order Brides So Favoured Nowadays?

Italian mail order brides are popular with men from all around the world. And here are seven qualities making them so sought after.

Italian brides are beautiful

Nature has given a great base to the women of this nationality. The majority of them are tall, slim, have charming hazel eyes, and attractive dark hair.

Also, pretty Italian girls permanently look after themselves. It’s not perceived as a luxury but as a need to attend beauty salons once a week. So, such thorough self-care makes them even more beautiful and enticing.

Italian brides are elegant

Beautiful Italian women know how to behave like true ladies. Their manners attract men.

Furthermore, Italian girls have a very well developed fashion sense. They always wear clothes appropriate for the situation:

  • stylish casual clothes for everyday life;
  • formal suits for work;
  • sexy dresses for going out.

Also, they know how to choose the footwear and right accessories to match the complete look. Fashionable shoes and trendy bags, scarves, watches, are in the wardrobes of all the women of this nationality. So, sexy Italian girls always look stylish and elegant.

Italian brides are self-assured

No man would ever love a woman who doesn’t love herself. But this is not about Italian chicks. They know their own values, so feel confident while communicating with the representatives of the opposite sex. So, this makes them very attractive to decent men.

Italian brides are passionate

Hot Italian women know the art of flirting. They are very enticing and sexy.

Italian brides have a good sense of humor

It’s difficult and boring to be always serious. But you will never feel this way with one of the Italian brides. Women of this nationality like to joke and know to do this.

Italian brides are talkative

It’s to make conversation with women from this country as they are easy-going and cheerful. So, this attracts men who are looking not only for a beautiful image but also for a person who is pleasant to communicate with. 

Italian brides are smart

The combination of beauty and intelligence — what can be better? Italian brides are almost ideal as they have not only attractive appearances but also sharp minds.

What are Italian Wives Like: Four Qualities Making them Perfect Spouses

Italian women for marriage are very alluring. And this is not wondering. It’s hard not to fall in love with a beautiful, well-mannered, lovely dressed, and smart woman. But what kind of spouse can she make? Let’s make an overview of the main qualities of Italian wives.

Italian wives value family above all

Though women of this nationality often have careers and many other interests, still family is the most important thing in their lives. So, a husband and children will never feel abandoned. Italian wives take care of their happiness.

Italian wives are great cooks

Women of this nationality are fond of food. So, they do their best to make the diet of their family various and tasty.

Italian wives love children

Women from this country believe that a family can’t be full-value without kids. Often they prefer having a few of them. And however, the number of children in the family is Italian mothers pay much attention to all of them. They use all the possible ways to express their love for kids and never let them feel abandoned by parents.

Italian wives don’t stop looking after themselves after marriage

Women from this country don’t think that beauty salons and stylish clothes are things only for young singles that help them attract more potential life partners. They keep on looking after themselves notwithstanding the matrimonial status and age. So, husbands are usually proud of their Italian wives 

Why are Italian Brides Looking for Husbands from Other Countries?

Here are the four most essential reasons for this:

  • Italian brides like the representatives of other cultures. Italian women are interested in everything new: new people, new cultures, a new style of life. If you are not like local men it will be easy to win the heart of one of the Italian brides.
  • Italian brides are fond of men with an appearance different from Italian people. The majority of men in Italy have dark eyes and hair. But Italian chicks like blond men with blue or green eyes more. So, if you have an appearance different from local people you have very high chances that one of the Italian mail order brides will fall in love with you.
  • There are not enough men for all Italian brides. According to statistics, there are more women than men in this country. So, many Italian singles can’t find the appropriate matches for them among local people. And they extend the horizons by communicating with foreign men in order to increase the chances of finding a future husband.
  • Far from all men in Italy want to get married. More and more of them prefer just dating or living together with women without getting married. So, Italian ladies who want to found real families are looking for husbands from abroad.

The Complete Guide on Marrying an Italian Woman

Tips on Dating Italian Girls

Here are the pieces of advice which will help you not to fail while building relationships with an Italian woman:

  • Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. Women of this nationality are used to emotional communication. It matters more how you say something than what you say. So, if you don’t show any emotions it will be very difficult to find a common language.
  • Prefer video chats to text ones. If you haven’t already met one of Italian mail order brides you’ve chosen, communicate with the help of video chats better than via texting. This will help you to make conversations more emotional. Thus, you will become closer to each other.
  • Don’t be offended if she is late. Punctuality is not the strong point of Italian people. So, being late is not meant to be something bad, especially for a lady. Don’t perceive it to be something offensive.
  • Be talkative and spend much time communicating with her. Italian mail order brides like long conversations. So, you need to provide much time for communication with the woman you’ve chosen. Call her often and meet her as frequently as possible. Or else, she will feel alone in relationships with you.
  • Don’t present flowers to Italian mail order brides. In the culture of this country, there is no tradition to present flowers while dating. But, of course, other kinds of presents will be appropriate and pleasant. For example, sweets are a good variant. Italians like tasty food very much, so it will be a very enjoyable little gift for the woman you love.

How to Meet Italian Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

In order to get married, you should get the blessing from the Italian bride’s parents first. So follow these tips:

  1. Do your best to be liked by her mother as mothers have a great influence on Italian brides.
  2. Be open-hearted and talkative.
  3. Show respect to the Italian bride’s parents.

Italian Wedding Customs and Laws

Here are some interesting traditions:

  • The color of the wedding dress of Italian brides is very important. There are many superstitions connected with the color of the wedding dress of a bride. For example, the white one is the most preferable one. It symbolizes happiness and good fortune. The shade of ivory is the sign of rapid and eventful life. And the pink color of the wedding dress is undesirable as it is believed to be a symbol of financial difficulties in the family.
  • Color of guests wearing matters too. They should avoid white and black in their outfits.
  • Wedding favors and sweets are presented to each guest by a groom. It helps to express gratitude to everyone who has come to the celebration.
  • Wedding posters are written and hung in the place of celebration by the friends of the bride and groom.
  • A wedding bouquet should be given to a bride by a future husband as the last present in the status of a groom. He should bring it to the bride’s home on the morning of the wedding day. And at the end of the celebration, Italian brides throw the bouquets to the female guests. The one who catches it is believed to be the next to get married.
  • Guests throw rice at the newlyweds for them to be happy and rich when they go out of the church.
  • A groom’s tie is cut into small pieces and shared among the male guests in exchange for the little fee from their side.
  • Rings are supplied with the engraving of the wedding date and the name of a spouse.
  • The day of the week matters. There are superstitions connected with the days of the week. Thus, if the Italian brides and grooms get married on Monday, they will be always healthy. If they do this on Tuesday, they will be rich. Wednesday promises good luck with everything. But Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are bad days to get married. Thursday symbolizes sadness, Friday and Saturday are the signs of misfortune.

The Outlook on Kids Upbringing of Italian Wives

Family is very important for Italian wives, but the ways they take care of kids may seem unusual for the representatives of other cultures. For example, Italian mothers:

  • Always pamper their children.
  • Pay great attention to food.
  • Don’t stop patronizing their kids even if they have turned over 30 years old.

FAQ: What You Need to Know About Italian Mail Order Brides Before Marrying One of Them

Will there be a language barrier with Italian brides?

Women in Italy speak Italian. Many of them know French or German at a high level. But as for English, it’s not the most popular foreign language for Italians. So, far from all women speak it fluently. But still, there are some ladies that know English at the level enough for getting acquainted with foreign men. Also, many Italian brides are ready to take English courses if they are interested in an international marriage. And finally, you can use some additional help like online translators to make your conversations easier.

How to start conversations with Italian women for marriage?

Ladies of this nationality don’t like banality. So, it’s OK to start a conversation with a joke. But if you are not sure about your sense of humor don’t risk and start with the standard phrases. 

How long does it usually take from getting acquainted with one of Italian mail order brides till marrying her?

Usually, Italian brides communicate with potential husbands for 3-4 months before passing on to serious relationships. So, be ready to make a proposal after 3-4 months of dating an Italian woman.

Do Italian wives work after marriage?

Women of Italy are well-educated and intelligent. So, many of them wouldn’t like to give up their careers after getting married. But as for international marriages, sometimes a language barrier can prevent a woman of this nationality from finding a good job in the country she has moved to. So, some Italian mail order brides prefer being housewives than being engaged in unqualified jobs.