One of the most amazing countries in western Europe, Belgium, is famous for its fine arts, music, cuisine, and magnificent women. If you are a seeker of a wise and faithful Belgian bride, you’ll make the right decision.

These European women attract gentlemen by their outer beauty and inner merits. The number of virtues is challenging to count. 

This write-up discloses the secrets of courting hot Belgian girls. Thus, if you are curious about these ladies, we will have you covered with this guide. 

What are Belgian Women Like?

Great appearance making every man astonished

A single bachelor from any country can find a Belgian woman meeting his tastes. These astonishing girls may be brunettes, brown-haired, or blondes. They are also slim and petite. 

Belgian women have perfect health conditions at any age. Trying to maintain a good shape, they pay much attention to fitness lessons, jogging, and yoga. 

Immaculate sense of taste and a stunning look 

Magnificent Belgian brides make men drool while strolling in the street, drinking their coffee in a cozy café, or shopping in a mall. 

Local women capture males’ eyes not only with their gorgeous figures but also with their overall look. They are beautifully dressed, demonstrating excellent taste and image suitable for all events.

Belgian ladies prefer casual gowns for sellouts or picnics, business suites for offices, and beautiful evening dresses for vibrant night parties.

An amiable and thoughtful spouse with traditional views 

It is not customary for a woman to have conventional family views in modern Europe. 

However, among emancipated western females, Belgian brides play a unique role. They manage to keep their households firmly, be happy in their family life and achieve success in professions. 

Hot Belgian wives are sincere and open. They demonstrate warm reception to their guests and make them feel comfortable. Any man feels at ease with an amiable Belgian woman, even meeting her for the first time.

At the same time, Belgian girls are not light-minded and are smart enough to anticipate fraud. Thus, it is difficult to deceive Belgian women or confuse them.     

Do Belgian Women Make Good Wives?

Customary views on family life and obligations for a couple make Belgian girls excellent wives, lovers, and housekeepers.

Belgian grandmother’s kitchen 

A kitchen is the most important place after the bedroom for your family. Believe that your Belgian wife will take the best customs, recipes, and dishes from her mom and grandma and adapt them for you. Thus, delicious Belgian cuisine will be on your plate every day.  

Kids are important

Local women usually give birth to their first child in their late twenties. It may seem that they do not pay much attention to their upbringing. Nevertheless, it is not so. 

Kids are always in one of the prominent places in their families. Belgian wives raise their children with love and are always attentive to their needs.  

Progressive views on the intimate life

This aspect makes Belgian girls hot partners and boundless lovers. Their mind in the intimate sphere is not limited to traditional relations, making them tolerant of LGBT representatives. 

At the same time, hot Belgian brides are always passionate and inventive in all the bed issues. 

What Kind of Men Do Belgian Women Like?

Chivalrous behavior  

Men are always expected to be gallant and gentlemanly. Belgian brides appreciate this feature, as they value traditional ties between men and women. It means males are reliable, and girls are feminine and caring. 

Demonstrate these qualities, make relevant gestures, like presenting flowers or sweets to a Belgian woman for the date, opening the door when entering the premises, and letting her a hand when getting out of the taxi.   

Involved and curious about a woman

Your attention to Belgian ladies and interest in their life will be a great plus. These females are reluctant to open their hearts on the first date. 

However, you need solid and faithful connections when things get more private. Accept everything with an open heart, and be sincere.  

Romantic and amusing 

Although Belgian brides are very close mentally to reserved German girls, they are unique in their ability to be happy about simple things. If you can make her feel like a queen, present her with romantic trips, arrange dining in a particular place, she will be all yours.  

Where to meet Belgian Women in Belgium?

Belgium and its capital city Brussels are beautiful and romantic spots for meeting and dating Belgian women. 

Shopping malls, universities, sports gyms, regular sports exercises, and jogging are good points for encountering adorable western beauties for love and date. 

Moreover, do not avoid your friends’ and colleagues’ parties and gatherings. These are the best variants for being introduced to Belgian women with shared interests and views.   

Green zones 

Any season, parks and forests with lush vegetation are attractive to locals and foreigners for walking and having rest. Have some breath of fresh air and look for mesmerizing Belgian women around. You are sure to meet one for a pleasant chat. 

The Mini-Europe park is one of the most beautiful zones for it. It has a collection of miniature copies of European attractions. Acquaintance with nice Belgian girls and romantic rendezvous are good options there. 

Historical attractions and museums 

Ancient buildings, quirky, eye-catching architecture, and famous Flemish paintings are the spots to enjoy your journey and meet an intelligent Belgian woman. 

Visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium to enlarge your outlook. Take your opportunity for a pleasant encounter with a local female.

Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs

Entertainment establishments in Brussel and other cities of Belgium offer you a vivid menu alongside excellent music. Alternatively, have a quiet chat with a Belgian lady in a bar with lounge music. She will eagerly respond to your courteousness.     

The Music Village and L’Archiduc with jazz concerts, Delirium Café with beer parties, Zodiak nightclub with contemporary music and hilarious dances are famous among Belgian girls. 

Where to Meet Belgian Women Online?

The quantity of dating sites and matchmaking applications for those looking for a woman from another county is numerous. Many hot Belgian women use dating portals and websites to create their accounts and place their best pictures to attract a foreign groom.     

Alongside increasing possibilities, the number of threats is also significant. Frequently thieves use such applications for scamming. Being attracted by fake photos and promising information, foreign men gladly palace their financial data or send money, hence being deceived.  

Use a few simple tips to avoid these situations: 

  1. Register with reliable websites.
  2. Check references and positive reviews of happy couples.
  3. Contact only those Belgian women who provide genuine photos and complete information. Vivid and active dialogues indicate that an account of a Belgian bride is real. 
  4. Support or help-desk active 24/7 add utility to an application.
  5. A bright interface and well-developed filter options are also excellent for saving time.      

How to Date a Belgian Girl: 5 Tips

Dating Belgian women is easy. They are always amiable, making guests and foreigners feel comfortable. However, you will have success making a few simple steps to courting them. 

  • Make her laugh, tell jokes and be entertaining.
  • Avoid trivial compliments. Prize your Belgian girl, and emphasize her unique qualities.    
  • Be direct without rudeness; avoid ambiguity.
  • Gestures and physical contact are not prohibited but try to limit them. Light touches on the elbow will make you closer when dating a Belgian girl.
  • Punctuality is necessary. Always keep deadlines, timing, and your promises. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gender roles for Belgian women

Traditional family views and roles have remained intact for Belgian people for ages. Local ladies are pretty comfortable in families and professions, coping perfectly with their work and careers. 

Belgians ensure this balance by marrying and giving birth to their first child being in mature ages. They tie the knot only after achieving stability and success in their careers. Usually, this happens in their 30-s.     

Is there any language barrier with your Belgian woman?

Belgium is one of the European non-English speaking countries with a constantly increasing level of those who master English. The ratio of locals who know this foreign language is now higher than in Scandinavian countries. 

Most Belgian women are highly qualified professionals who use English in their work. That’s why they will speak the same language as you do. 

What are Belgian dishes which your Belgian woman will cook for you?   

Belgian food is very delicious, and its cuisine has traditional mouthwatering dishes.  

  • Belgian Soups. Crème soups are the distinctive feature of Belgian cuisine. Local people adore this dish, and Belgian girls are skilled in cooking them. 

You are sure to like a traditional Flemish chowder – Waterzooi. Cook a classic variant with fish broth. However, local cooks also add chicken.   

  • Liege Waffles. Belgium is famous for its desserts: tarts, muffins, ginger cookies, chocolate, and waffles. 

Liege Waffles are exclusively sweet. Belgian women bake them in round or oval form, adding sugar pearls. Waffles may be served with whipped cream, hot chocolate, and fruits.