They are charming, charismatic, and always look their best. Some even say that Slovak women are among the most beautiful in Europe. The number of pretty ladies here really rolls over. But the most interesting thing is that their character in an incredible way adorns their femininity and attractiveness.

What Are Slovakian Women Like?

Some might say that little is known about Slovak women. Well, we undertake to correct this oversight and acquaint you with one of the most incredible peoples in Europe and all over the world.

They have beautiful faces and bodies

Slovak women belong to the Slavic people, which are characterized by special prettiness, and regular features, and conquer men all over the world with their pleasant faces. Among the representatives of Slovakia there are both blonde-haired people and brown-haired women, as well as redheads, that is, you can certainly see a variety. Their figures are usually athletic and fit, which is due to the mountainous terrain of the country and an active lifestyle and recreation.

They are peaceful and reserved

Women in Slovakia are very calm, respectful of people and their needs, and not prone to conflicts of various kinds. They will not tell the person the uncomfortable truth to their face, but rather find a way to avoid further interaction. They prefer to solve everything peacefully and do not tolerate scandals.

They are open-minded and tolerant

Women in Slovakia think in modern trends and are free from stereotypes. They willingly make acquaintances and find friends among representatives of different spheres, cultures, and worldviews. They like to develop themselves, learn new things and broaden their horizons, so they are happy to respond to any initiatives that seem interesting to them.

They are always ready to help

Girls in Slovakia may not openly show emotions, but you can always count on them and be sure that they will help. They are very responsive, empathic, and good-natured, and will do everything in their power to make life easier – not only for relatives but sometimes even for those, they do not know.

They are smart and well-read

Young girls and women in Slovakia tend to be educated, read many books, learn languages ​​and broaden their horizons. This makes them smart and interesting personalities who not only decorate any company but also entertain it.

Do Slovakian Women Make Good Wives?

For women in Slovakia, the family is a priori in the first place – they can even leave a well-paid job to devote more time to the family. It may seem that women in Slovakia are not great housewives. It’s not true at all actually.

Concerning housekeeping, Slovak women just take a liberal position. They will never force anyone to urgent action, including themselves. It is much more important for them to spend time together and enjoy this time.

Women in Slovakia prefer active family holidays: picnics, cycling, hiking, playing together, and playing sports. Also, as a family, they like to travel or go to the cinema, cafés, museums, and entertainment centers.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

In her future husband, a Slovak girl, first, is searching for a friend, partner, and ally who will be by her side, take care of and support her and her children in a difficult situation. Thus, Slovak women are looking for reliable, stable men. At the same time, it will also be important for that her chosen one to share her values and worldview so that they can find a common language.

It is also essential for the Slovak bride that her darling treats her with respect, does not overstep the bounds, and is not overly patriarchal. Women in Slovakia prefer equal relationships and the absence of gender stereotypes in family roles.

Where to meet Slovakian Women in-country?

In Slovakia, women of all ages prefer to spend their spare time outside the home. Entertainment options for young unmarried girls are usually standard. Where is the easiest place to meet beauties in Slovakia?

On the ski slopes

If you don’t already know, Slovakia is a country of mountains and ski resorts. Many of the local girls prefer to travel around their country, namely, to conquer mountain peaks, or rather, slopes, on skis. It is in such places that a fateful acquaintance can happen, especially if you also love mountains and skiing. Or maybe you’re just about to fall in love.

The most popular ski resorts in Slovakia: Jasna, Tatranská Lomnica, Ružomberok, Smokovec, Strbske Pleso.

In cafés and restaurants

If you have not met anyone on skis, then you can catch up after skiing in a cozy, pleasant restaurant with a glass of mulled wine and delicious local dishes. However, you can get acquainted in a café not only at ski resorts – the picturesque cities of Slovakia, for example, the capital Bratislava, will also fit for this. You can choose themed cafés full of books to read or souvenirs to look at. In such places, it is especially easy to find a reason to meet.

Café in Bratislava: Urban House, Zeppelin café and souvenirs, Foxford, Milenium Café.

At the cinema

Interestingly, you can meet many sexy young Slovakian girls in cinemas. They like to go to watch the movie in the evening after work or on weekends, and for them, the film itself comes first, and not the ritual of going to the cinema. Therefore, quite often they can even go there alone. Isn’t this a great chance to brighten up her loneliness and go to the cinema together in the future?

Where to Meet Slovakian Women Online?

Many Slovak girls are quite progressive in their approach to the issue of finding their betrothed and approach this from a pragmatic point of view. Namely, they meet online. This is much more convenient than looking for a potential couple among a crowd of strangers.

On dating sites, you can see quite a few profiles of hot beauties, one of which has every chance of becoming your bride. Just imagine a situation where all the most beautiful Slovak singles gathered in one place, dreaming of meeting an imposing man like you. You just have to choose and understand if you are suitable for each other.

How to Date a Slovakian Girl: 4 Tips

The right steps taken at the beginning of a dating Slovakian girl will largely determine your future relationship. How to win the heart of a bride from Slovakia?

Give her a book

We have already mentioned that Slovak chicks not only have an excellent appearance but also are incredibly smart and well-read. You will win if you emphasize this property to your Slovak bride. By giving her a book, you will not only bring her joy with a good present but also, as it were, hint that you appreciated her erudition and horizons.

Go hiking or cycling with her

Slovak girls are quite active and sporty cuties. You will also have to keep up and show what you are capable of. Go rock climbing, race your bikes, or just take long walks through the surrounding forests. It will be incredibly romantic, and your hot Slovak girl will appreciate your sports training and active approach to life.

Celebrate the anniversary of your dating in a special way

Slovak women are still romantics and adventurers, so if you not only remember your anniversary but also give her a surprise that she will not be able to forget, consider that you have conquered her. What kind of surprise could it be? A hot air balloon flight, rafting, or a ticket to an extreme tour – all these will fit perfectly. Choose what you both can enjoy to the fullest – and act.

Respect her privacy

You should not control your Slovak bride in everything – trust her and respect her right to personal space and time. For Slovak girls, self-sufficient innately, the partner must leave her alone from time to time. For her, this is a source of resource, which she will later give you.


Is it true that Slovak women are reserved and unfriendly?

Due to the habit of not showing their emotions too brightly, someone may suspect Slovak ladies of coldness and gloom. They are kind, sympathetic, and always open to communication with strangers. Their external detachment is only the result of restraint and the ability to control themselves.

Is it true that Slovak women prefer not to get married?

Many modern women are not rushing to get married, but first, they want to live together and get to know their partners better. In Slovakia, women greatly honor the institution of marriage and quite often want to have a traditional wedding. However, sometimes newlyweds prefer a modest holiday and a bright honeymoon trip, this is already a matter of taste.

What is the standard of living in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a small country and often people don’t know much about it. Meanwhile, this is a country with quite picturesque nature and architecture, which has a unique history and quite a decent standard of living. Slovakia is considered a high-income advanced economy. In any case, people do not live impoverished there, and women do not marry for money.