Boasting 300 sunny days annually, Cyprus offers warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea, sandy beaches, and magnificent mountain views. Here, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born. 

All these facts make Cyprus a famous place for romantic couples and foreign singles looking for sincere relations. It is a home for thousands of gorgeous and lovely Cypriot women, able to make any person searching for love and marriage happy. 

Check a few important tips for dating Cypriot women. 

What are Cypriot Women Like?

Gorgeous look 

A Greek profile of Cypriot girls with a distinctive chin line and a straight nose makes them exquisite. The aristocratic look is their vital trait. 

Cypriot women are not very petit, unlike European girls. Island females are tanned; their skin is clean and fresh. Facial features are charming and bright. Cypriot ladies usually do not need much makeup to look stunning. 

Additional zest is in their open and loose outfits. The dresses of Cypriot girls are always sexy and elegant day and night. Males drool when local females stroll along the seaside, beaches, or in the streets.   

Traditional national traits

Peace of mind and calmness may be characteristic of many nations. However, Cypriot brides are an authentic example of serenity combined with ancient traditions. 

It is customary for this nation never to be in a hurry. Charming Cypriot women do not hustle if it goes about their families and relations. 

All Cypriote women and men are brought up in traditional families with customary views. You can rely on local people. A Cypriot girl always keeps her words if she promises something. 

Do Cypriot Women Make Good Wives?

Cypriot girls are brought up valuing families above all. They respect older relatives, take care of their houses, and are attentive moms.  

Husbands are almost sacred for Cypriot wives. Married females support their spouses in all their activities and provide wise advice. Being very independent and having a high level of self-esteem, Cypriot women still put men in the first place

Romance and sexuality are vital in the life Cypriots. They grant their spouses sincere feelings, love, and kindness in their intimate life.  

As homemakers, Cypriot wives are out of the question. They treat their homes carefully, doing all house chores themselves, cooking deliciously, and caring about kids.   

What Men Do Cypriot Women Prefer? 

Polite and courteous 

These traits will provide you with additional scores in the eyes of Cypriot women. The men in Cyprus usually lack these features. Valuing masculine image, they try to be brutal and even rude.

Local women turn their eyes towards male foreigners who demonstrate their chivalry: 

  • Give her a hand when getting out of a car or taxi. 
  • Hold on to the door when entering the house. 
  • Present a small gift dating your Cypriot woman. 

Respect her family and traditions 

Cypriots have robust ties among parents and younger generations. Even if your culture does not support strong connections with your relatives, Cypriot traditions value their kinships. The film My Big Fat Greek Wedding describes this perfectly. 

So try to be charming and attentive to her dears, demonstrate your best qualities and ability to recognize many new people. 

Share her interests 

Exciting everyday activity is the best way to make relations closer. Thus, you will also demonstrate to your Cypriot girl your respect and involvement.

Invite her to a concert, a theater play, or visit a museum. Going there as a couple will bring your Cypriot bride much pleasure.  

Where to Meet Cypriot Women in Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island country and European touristic center full of legends and valuable artifacts. The country offers vibrant rest or family vacations with beaches of golden sands, seaside with turquoise waters, and ancient mountains. 

Places for meeting gorgeous Cypriot brides are:  

  • vast seashores or municipalities with developed business infrastructure; 
  • tremendous financial and offshore centers.  


Larnaca is a second-large urban center in Cyprus. Its economic importance has grown in the last 40 years, with its large airport and seaport. 

Wise Cypriot women engaged in skilled jobs in the transport infrastructure, financial sector, or hospitality sphere may be met in the municipality.     

The most popular establishment with lovely food and excellent entertainment are Savino Rock Bar, Rebuke Lounge, and Alchemies. Come day or night to enjoy the atmosphere with your Cypriot bride. 


Paphos is the center of the western part of Cyprus. It is famous for its historical sightseeing. The main attractions to visit in the company of your Cypriot woman are The tombs of the Kings, a Byzantine castle with fine mosaics, and a legendary romantic place where goddess Aphrodite was born

Drop in Sapphire Bar And Diner, Oceanos Fish Tavern, Kings Restaurant for a snack or lovely music later after daytime entertainments. 

Coral Bay

There is a small settlement located close to Paphos. Coral Bay is one of the most romantic locations in Cyprus.

The soft sands and pure waters of its blue lagoon attract romantic tourists. Banana plantations, palms, and vineyards make it look like a paradise. Take a lovely boat or yacht voyage to this place with your Cyprus girl for your unforgettable impressions.  

Where to Meet Cypriot Women Online?

Explore the wide range of opportunities offered by online matchmaking services and dating sites to find a Cypriot bride. These platforms are elaborated for an easy and quick meeting of two lonely hearts. 

Pick up a few recommendations on using these web resources in the best way. 

  • Register with platforms with a high level of protection of your data. Many of them offer paid services and will use your financial details.  
  • Web sites for dating Cypriot brides with positive reviews and happy love stories increase your chances for success.
  • Check that profiles contain real photos and accurate information to avoid fraud. Top-rated dating services provide information cross-check for your convenience.

Tips for Your Successful Date

Be direct and self-assured. Local men hesitate to establish strong relations. Thus, potential Cypriot brides are eager to meet single foreign men who are open and determined. 

Demonstrate your feelings and matrimonial intentions. Family is the dream of every Cypriot woman. So, don’t be shy to say a word of love and sincere feelings. Meet her parents and tell them openly about your plans for the future, especially if it involves marriage.  

Be creative. Cypriot brides prefer active leisure. Plan your activities and vibrant parties. You will be guaranteed a hot night with your Cypriot love after vigorous time spending.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to meet your future in-laws

The first thing is not to come too early. The sluggish way of life on the island makes its inhabitants move without hustle. Thus, arriving too early, you may find the parents of your Cypriot bride unprepared. 

Bring a small gift to demonstrate your amiability. Desserts or a bottle of wine will be ok. 

Try to learn the names of all relatives in advance. It may be hard to keep in mind everybody on the spot.  

Is there any language barrier with your Cypriot woman? 

Greek is not precisely the language spoken in Cyprus, although Cypriot and Greek are very similar. 

If you speak neither of them, do not be embarrassed. Almost all tourist places, hotels, and restaurants have English inscriptions and English-speaking personnel. Besides, there is plenty of Russian doubling on the island. 

Your Cyprus bride will indeed speak English or any other foreign language. 

What kind of food do they eat in Cyprus?

Try local wines, dairy products, and seafood – they are exceptional. Any dining in Cyprus impresses greatly, especially supplemented with grilled olives or kohlrabi salad.

Chefs in tiny restaurants and your future Cypriot wife gladly prepare Louvia me laxana, a dish of black-eyed peas with chard, or fasolakia, beans with lamb cooked in red wine. It’s very delicious.