At first glance – snow queens, and upon closer acquaintance – fiery and passionate beauties. Finnish women can be a real discovery and thrill, especially those who love bright and pleasant surprises. Indeed, behind the mask of an impregnable woman lies a real fountain of energy that can warm you for many years.

What Are Finnish Women Like?

It is believed that Finnish women have exquisite beauty and an incredibly rich inner world. What are they like?

They have a cold and northern type of appearance

Most Finnish girls are blondes with blue eyes. Redheads and freckled are less common, as well as brown-haired women. Their physique is usually slender, and athletic – long strong legs, elastic buttocks, toned abs, and a neat bust. Among the Finns, tall women often come across, but extremely rarely – overweight ladies.

They are sincere and honest

If Finnish women say something, it means that this is what they think. If you are praised, then that is precisely what they think of you. And if a woman tells you that she doesn’t mind meeting with you again, then she will find time in her schedule and write it down in her calendar. Sincerity is one of the main national characteristics of the Finnish people, and this will definitely win you over with local girls.

It’s easy to be silent with them

Finnish women are not those who will talk a lot about nothing. They speak when they have something to say. Therefore, quiet moments in conversations are not considered awkward, and if you are too lazy or do not feel like talking, you can simply not do it. Thanks to this, Finnish women are very comfortable.

Their self-control is to be envied

Endurance, self-control, and calm benevolence – this is what characterizes a Finnish woman. It’s almost impossible to hear her raise her voice. At the same time, she is confident in herself and can always defend her point of view. It would never occur to anyone to call a Finnish woman weak.

They have a pronounced sense of humor

Finnish girls are very fond of having fun and joking. One of their cute features is that they like to joke, including about themselves, as well as about their country and people, which they really love. In general, Finnish cuties are willing to joke about everything, and if she laughs at you, she really likes you.

Do Finnish Women Make Good Wives?

Women in Finland are in no hurry to create a family and approach this matter with all responsibility, usually reaching at least 30 years of age, although there are exceptions. Having married, a woman tries to give birth to at least two children because she loves a large and friendly family. Finnish wife adores children and devotes herself to caring for them and their upbringing. At the same time, she also counts on the help of her husband. She also idolizes her husband and attempts to make him feel at home in maximum coziness and comfort.

Finish women love family holidays and small traditions. They often like to cook delicious meals and sit in the long winter evenings with the whole family, chatting or playing games. Finnish women also try to organize family leisure activities, especially hiking, picnics, and bike rides.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Finnish women strive to create a family with strong, reliable, self-confident men who are able not to lose their heads in the face of problems and take responsibility for their solutions. They appreciate when a man behaves sincerely, does not lie, adequately evaluates his actions, and reacts sensibly to the people around him. It is also important for a Finnish woman that her man be calm, balanced, stress-resistant, and able to protect his family.

At the same time, Finnish brides appreciate it when a man is not only her partner and lover but also a friend from whom you can expect support and respect in any situation. Finnish women favor gender equality and at least count on the help of their husbands in household chores and raising offspring.

Where to meet Finnish Women in-country?

Finland offers many opportunities for entertainment for young beauties and at the same time the chances of meeting them. Where are these fishing spots?

At the amusement park

Do not forget that Finland is the birthplace of Santa Claus and other winter fairy-tale creatures. This is an occasion to go to one of the theme parks and meet your love there.

The best amusement parks in Finland: Santa Claus Village, Vaski Adventure Island, Vaski Adventure Island, HopLop Kuopio

In the nightclub

Young Finnish girls just love the vibrant nightlife. Therefore, feel free to look for romantic meetings in the best nightclubs in the city. It is in such places that there is no trace of their external shyness and detachment, and the snow queens become hot beasts.

The most famous nightclubs in Helsinki: Crystal Show Club, Apollo Live Club, Milliklubi Bar & Disco, Kuudes linja

The most famous nightclubs in Tampere: Ilves Bar & Night, Viihdemaailma Ilona, VenueFL

On the skating rinks

Finnish girls are big fans of figure skating. They love to spend time on the rinks, circling on the ice, so feel free to go there to master this noble sport. If you don’t know how to ride, don’t worry, just ask one of the beautiful Finnish girls who work there as an instructor to teach you.

Where to Meet Finnish Women Online?

Finnish girls are the best to meet online. In the Internet space, they open up more easily and begin to trust people because in society with strangers they can sometimes behave modestly. But on special dating sites, you can see an incredible selection of potential brides, with whom it’s easier than ever to make acquaintances and unobtrusive conversation. After all, you know for sure that they have the same intentions as you: to find a person for a serious relationship and create a family.

How to Date a Finnish Girl: 4 Tips

Winning the heart of a Finnish girl is not as difficult as it seems – just be yourself, be unique and show interest in her and her country.

Ride along with the dogs

Finnish girls love winter activities, and they will be delighted if you offer her such a date option. Believe me, both of you will remember it for a long time!

Go to a sauna together

Nothing brings you closer than joint gatherings in a heated Finnish sauna, which hot Finnish beauties adore. Moreover, in this way, you will show again a tribute to the traditions of its people.

Dedicate a New Year’s fairy tale to her

Finland is steadily associated with winter holidays and children’s fairy tales on this topic. Your Finnish sweetheart will surely be pleased if you write a fairy tale about her – that she is your queen, whom you met in the endless expanses of snow, illuminated by the northern lights, having won her from Santa Claus himself. Your humorous Finnish girl will surely appreciate such a playfully romantic gesture. However, with the same success, you can dedicate a New Year’s song or poem to her. And if that’s too difficult, just give a sweater with reindeer or sing a Finnish polka. She will find it amusing.

Feel relaxed in everything

A Finnish girl wants you to feel comfortable around her. She doesn’t expect you to dress up, act prim, or be overly polite – the idea is that you should be casual. The more at ease you feel, the more Finnish girl will enjoy your company.


Is it true that Finnish women do not show initiative in dating?

Due to apparent modesty and isolation, one gets the impression that girls in Finland are not particularly disposed to communication and romantic relationships. This is nothing more than a myth because Finnish beauties can often become the initiators of dating and such relationships themselves. If they like a man, they, with all the sincerity inherent in their people, will say it directly and without hints.

Is it true that women in Finland drink a lot of alcohol?

This is also a stereotype. People think that because the country is cold and there is little sun, the local population is inclined to decorate the harsh climate with alcohol. Finnish women drink alcohol in minimal amounts and on rare occasions, and the rest of the time they devote to sports activities and a healthy lifestyle.

Is it true that Finnish women are not very attractive?

There is an opinion that European women – especially those who live in the north, do not have particularly pretty features. This is not true because Finnish girls are just pretty. They have incredibly interesting facial features, which, together with blond hair and blue eyes, even give them some kind of mystery and attract a male look.