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Why are Sweden Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Sweden brides are very good-looking

Despite the fact that there is a myth about Slavic women holding leadership in beauty, according to the recent surveys, European men concern Sweden chicks to be one of the most good-looking in the world as well as Norwegian ladies.

sweden girl

Northern beauty enchants European and American gentlemen with its magnificence and naturalness.

Typical beautiful Sweden women:

  • Have got straight fair hair, thick and well-groomed.
  • Are tall and graceful. Unlike petite Eastern cuties, pretty Sweden women have got tall height in combination with slim stature. This makes them look extremely attractive.
  • Are the owners of the thin waists. It is a very rare thing to see young women in Sweden suffering from excess weight.
  • Have got large and fit breasts.
  • Can boast of the regular facial features
  • Have got well-treated skin of a very fair color.
  • Have got the perfect white smiles.

All these features make Sweden brides highly popular with decent men worldwide.

Sweden brides are keen on sports

The most widespread of them in this country is the equestrian sport. But some Sweden girls are engaged in others: track-and-field, tennis, etc.

Sport influences both their characters and appearances in a good way. Due to doing sports, sexy Sweden women have got fit bodies and strong character.

Sweden brides have got good manners

Women of this nationality act like true ladies. They stick to the etiquette rules, never violate the law even in little things like throwing trash on the street or crossing the road in an inappropriate place. Also, they don’t like to boast, to talk too much without any issue, or to act rudely.

Sweden brides are reserved

This is both about their appearances and characters.

Talking about the look, sexy Sweden women always wear really stylish clothes but never put on defiant decollete or vulgar mini dresses.

Looking at the character of Sweden women we will see that they are not explosive, restraint, and aristocratically calm.

Sweden brides are very well-educated

This country is a leader in the quality of education and the number of people who have graduated from universities or colleges.

So, Sweden brides usually have broad horizons and prospective professions.

Sweden brides are hard to get

Being elusive makes Sweden ladies even more desirable for potential husbands from the USA and various European countries.

What are Sweden Wives Like?

Now that you’ve got a detailed description of Sweden singles let’s talk about how they behave being married.

sweden woman

Sweden wives are always young in spirit

As they are fond of throughout their childhood and youth, they manage to keep good health and activeness at any age. So, Sweden wives always enjoy life and make the most of it. And it doesn’t matter how old they are and how many children they have got. Women of this nationality are young in spirit despite everything.

Sweden wives successfully combine family lives with careers

Ladies from this country don’t support the classic patriarchal family model. They don’t believe that a man is the only one in the family who is to earn money and a woman is responsible only for household chores and kids raising. So, they won’t stay at home once they’ve got married. Women of this nationality continue their career paths after marriage.

Sweden wives share responsibilities with their husbands

Sweden wives prefer partner relations with their husbands. They believe that if both spouses work they should share all the responsibilities equally. So, they expect their husbands to take part in children’s upbringing and doing some of the housework.

Sweden wives like balance in everything

Sweden culture tells that there should be a middle ground in everything. And this will bring happiness to life. So, Sweden wives won’t require their husbands to be perfect. They won’t demand their husbands to make back-breaking efforts at work to get the best accommodation or the coolest cars and won’t spend all their spare time on cleaning every little spec dust in the house. But there is also no bias on another side. The people of this nationality don’t like to have too much rest too.

So, the lives with Sweden wives are balanced and the pace of it is moderate as they try to keep the middle way in everything.

Why are Sweden Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The main reason is that in Sweden, there are too many young men who prefer free relationships and are not going to marry. So, many women prefer foreigners who want to create a family, but not just to date for a whole life.

The Guide on Marrying a Sweden Woman

To marry a woman of this nationality you should successfully date her for a long time first. So, check out some useful pieces of advice on how to behave with Sweden women for marriage.

Tips on Dating a Sweden Girl

5 pieces of advice that will help you in Dating Sweden women:

  1. Find interesting topics to talk about. Sweden brides are very well-educated and interesting. So, don’t let Sweden brides be bored. Just telling compliments or general phrases won’t work. The communication should be really interesting and engaging.
  2. Don’t be too insistent. If you see that Sweden mail order brides you are writing to don’t express mutual liking stop imposing and choose some other women. Ladies from this country are free from stereotypes, so they don’t hide their liking if they feel it.
  3. Be punctual. The majority of the women of this nationality have got this character trait and like the men who have got it too. So, once you’ve decided to meet in real life don’t be late.
  4. Visit interesting places together. Despite looking very reserved these girls do not mind partying at clubs and bars. Also, they like cafes and restaurants, museums and exhibitions, interesting events, traveling.
  5. Don’t be afraid to discuss your relationships and the plans for the future. Sweden brides like to talk about everything directly.

Meeting Sweden Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

Women from this country don’t hurry to introduce their boyfriends to their parents. But earlier or later, it will happen. To feel more confident check out some tips:

  • Show good manners. Good manners are an important thing for Sweden people.
  • Be yourself. Avoid extra boasting or pretending to be the one you are not. Just behave in a natural way.
  • Discuss with her parents the plans for the wedding and common life with their daughter.
sweden brides

Sweden Wedding Customs and Laws

Despite the fact that Sweden is a country free of stereotypes and old-fashioned customs, still, there are some wedding traditions:

  1. First, Sweden brides and grooms should solve the housing issue, and then get married. People in this country never marry unless they’ve got their own accommodation.
  2. Grooms present three rings to Sweden brides. The first one — on the day of the engagement, the second one — at the wedding ceremony, and the third one — when a first baby is born.
  3. There is a dress code for the wedding ceremony. Dresses and veils of Sweden brides are white. For guests’ outfits, there are no strict requirements. The only rule that it is forbidden to wear black things because it is believed that this will bring unhappiness to the married life of the newlyweds.
  4. There is no large-scale celebration. Usually, only close relatives and best friends are invited.

Family Values and the Outlook on Kids’ Upbringing

Here are some peculiarities of Sweden mentality regarding the family and kids:

  • Sweden wives are against gender stereotypes. Classic patriarchal families are not for them. They are looking for equal life partners whom they will share responsibilities with and have a rest together too.
  • Sweden wives can spend much time separately from their husbands. But this doesn’t mean that there is no love between spouses. Women of this nationality just value personal boundaries and don’t see anything bad in having different interests, different friends, or even spending a vacation separately for each other. There is no need for women of this nationality to have everything common with their husbands.
  • Sweden wives expect their husbands to make a major contribution to kids’ upbringing. It’s not enough just to earn money for the kids’ needs. You should pay a lot of attention to the children and spend a lot of time with them.
  • Mothers of this nationality cultivate autonomy in their kids from early childhood. They teach kids to look after themselves and do some housework. So, they can stay at home alone for the bigger part of the day from 8-9 years old. Also, children are taught to making decisions by themselves. Sweden mothers don’t impose their views. Children decide by themselves what clothes they want to wear, what extracurricular activities they want to do, etc.


Will a language barrier prevent a man from relationships with Sweden Mail Order Brides?

There is a very high level of teaching English at schools and other educational institutions in Sweden. So, speaking this language fluently is something that goes without saying. All Sweden mail order brides don’t have any problems with English, so there won’t be any language barrier.

How long will it take from getting acquainted to marrying?

Usually, Sweden brides don’t hurry with marriage. They prefer dating for a longer time to get to know each other better. Getting married to the men whom Sweden brides know for just a few months is concerned to be weird in the culture of this country.

Do Sweden wives work after marriage?

Yes, they do. Sweden wives don’t give up their careers after marriage. But note that these women are not used to working too many hours a day. A working day in the country they come from lasts 6 hours. So, they won’t work for more. If you live in a country with a longer working day then a wife will most likely be engaged in a part-time job, or become a freelancer or individual entrepreneur.