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Why Are Croatian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Croatia is a relatively small Balkan country but it has a surprisingly high number of mail order brides. And the interesting thing about them is that they don’t stay single for too long, as the number of men who want to marry Croatian mail order brides is greater than the number of brides. Here are the three most common qualities of Croatian women for marriage.

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They are the perfect example of Balkan beauty

Some may consider putting the woman’s beauty first to be superficial, but we think it’s completely justified. You are marrying a woman whose face you are going to see day in and day out for decades, so it makes complete sense for you to want to enjoy it. Luckily, Croatian women are the epitome of Balkan beauty. Their olive skin is perfectly framed by their dark, sleek hair. Croatian brides have strong facial features that they make even more striking with the use of makeup. They often dress slightly provocatively, but only until they meet the man they want to marry.

They have a lot of dignity and self-respect

When you are together with a Croatian woman, you will never feel like she will accept anything just to be with you. Croatian brides know their self-worth and will never stay in a relationship where they don’t feel respected and valued. If you are searching for a bride who will be completely submissive and obedient, a Croatian mail order bride is definitely not for you. However, if your goal is to find an equal partner who understands you and wants to build a solid relationship, you should definitely go for a Croatian bride.

They are waiting for a man to take charge

Croatian women don’t have a lot of requirements for their potential husbands, but they definitely need to be able to become the leader in the family. You may think that the desire of Croatian brides for the man to take charge contradicts their desire for respect and equality in a relationship, but there is an easy explanation for it. There can only be one leader in the family, and Croatian girls believe men have more resources to master the role of the head of the household.

What Are Croatian Wives Like?

You can get a pretty good idea about Croatian girls from the first few dates, but experiencing the true Croatian character will require you to marry one of them. Here are a few reasons why having a Croatian wife is the greatest feeling in the world.

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They will provide you with all the support you need

Croatian wives believe that supporting their husbands is one of their main responsibilities as a wife. No matter what you are going through at work, you can always expect to come home and tell your wife everything, receiving unconditional support and a wise piece of advice in return. Croatian wives don’t judge you or pressure you into making decisions, but you will feel much more powerful after an honest conversation with your wife.

They are incomparable in the kitchen

Modern Croatian women may not want to do all the house chores by themselves and will probably want to share some of them with you, but there is one aspect of housework they will never give up. Cooking is not just a way for a Croatian wife to feed her family. It’s also her secret passion and something she is exceptionally good at. It will take you just one hearty Croatian meal to fall in love with your wife’s cooking talent.

Marriage to a Croatian wife will never get stale

Your marriage to a Croatian wife will ideally last for decades, and with a relationship that long, the loss of spark and passion seems almost inevitable. The good news is that Croatian women know the secret to a long-lasting marriage that feels as fresh and exciting as the honeymoon. From time to time, your Croatian wife will surprise you with a romantic weekend getaway or an impromptu massage session that will rekindle the fire between you.

Why Are Croatian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

For women, things in Croatia are not as bad as in some other foreign countries, which is why young Croatian women are not trying to escape their home country by marrying a man from overseas. However, Croatian girls are very ambitious and since there is always room for improvement, they will use every chance they have to improve their living conditions.

At the same time, the reasons for Croatian women becoming mail order brides are only partially practical. Croatian brides have a romanticized notion of Western men in their heads and they believe a Western husband will treat them just right. That is why a Croatian mail order bride will be far less interested in your finances and more focused on your personality and attitude. 

The Guide on Marrying a Croatian Women

Tips on dating a Croatian girl

Your relationship with a Croatian mail order bride will determine whether she is going to become your wife or will turn into your ex-girlfriend sooner than you expect. Here is how to date a Croatian woman with a maximum possibility of success.

  • Always be your true self. For you, it may be completely natural to try to look younger, more successful, and more sociable than you really are, but a Croatian bride will always be able to tell that you are faking something. Instead, she wants to see the real you.
  • Ask lots of questions. Croatian brides are very good listeners and you can talk to them for hours without noticing the time go by. However, your communication needs to be two-sided and she will be delighted to see your genuine interest in her.
  • Be assertive but value her opinions. Croatian women are completely fine with the man taking the reins in the relationship, but they hate it when the man makes the decisions without consulting them first. Don’t make this rookie mistake!
  • Get creative with date ideas. A typical Croatian woman already has some dating experience by the time she meets her future husband, so she may not be as impressed with classic restaurant or cinema dates as your relationship progresses.
  • Make your intentions clear. Croatian mail order brides only date foreigners who they can potentially marry. Even if you are not ready to pop the question right away, make sure your bride knows you are in for a long run and not just a casual fling.
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Meeting Croatian bride parents: 3 tips

Croatian girls won’t bring just any boyfriend to their family home to meet the parents, so if you received an invitation, take it as a sign of your Croatian bride’s attitude to you. Here is how you can make that first meeting an absolute success.

  • Turn on your most cheerful mood. Croatians are happy, fun, and affectionate people. During your visit, there will be a lot of laughter, hugging, kissing on the cheek, and a generally festive mood. You need to at least make an effort to match it.
  • Prepare to meet the extended family. When booking a ticket to Croatia, you may be thinking you will only meet your bride’s parents, but in reality, her grandparents, siblings, aunt, uncles, nephews, nieces, and other family members will want to meet you as well.
  • Bring gifts for everyone. For the mom and dad, it’s best to bring something from your home country that they have always wanted, and if you will meet other family members, you can buy flowers, wine, and sweets on the way to their home.

Croatian wedding customs and laws

Croatia is a mostly Catholic country, but not all weddings in the country observe the Catholic traditions — many brides prefer to have their wedding ceremony in a neutral location. Here are the most important wedding traditions in Croatia.

  • No engagement ring. When a man proposes marriage to a Croatian woman, he doesn’t gift her with an engagement ring. Instead, he presents a fruit, usually an apple, with a few coins pressed into it. If the bride accepts the fruit, it means she agrees to marry you.
  • Getting your bride. After getting ready on your wedding day, you will go to your bride’s home to take her to the venue. However, it doesn’t happen too easily, as you will be offered to buy out your bride and will even be offered some decoy brides as additional obstacles.
  • Rosemary pins. When entering the wedding venue, each guest will get a pin with a few rosemary twigs for good luck. The guests are expected to donate a small amount of money in return for the pins.
  • Dancing with the bride. In the middle of the wedding reception, the guests of the event will be given an opportunity to dance with the bride. Once again, they will be offered to make a small donation to the family’s fund.
  • Giving the gifts. Later in the reception, there will come a time when the guests give their gifts to the newlyweds one by one. In most cases, the gifts are envelopes filled with cash that will be used by the newly married couple to buy a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be the only one working in our family?

There is no universal answer to this question simply because Croatian women are very diverse. They are more career-oriented than their Eastern European counterparts, but they also won’t need a lot of convincing to leave their work to take care of the family full-time. However, your financial situation needs to be good enough for that to happen.

Do Croatian women want to have children right away?

No, even though motherhood is always on the mind of a Croatian bride and these women eventually make fantastic mothers, they prefer to wait for a little while before having kids even when they are happily married. However, since Croatian women typically get married young, they have many childbirth years ahead of them.

Will I have to constantly deal with my Croatian in-laws?

There is nothing more important in Croatian society than family ties and your Croatian bride will likely have a very strong connection to her parents. Since they want the best for their daughter, they will try to give you regular marriage advice, but if you don’t want them to be too involved, all you need to do is talk to them sincerely.