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Why Are Irish Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

There are relatively few Irish mail order brides on the international dating scene, at least compared to many other European brides. However, they attract a lot of attention from Western men who want to meet their perfect partner. Here is why your ideal match can be an Irish bride.

Their look is uniquely beautiful

If you’ve never been to Ireland, you are probably convinced that all women there are pale, freckled, and have bright red hair. This stereotype is definitely rooted in reality, as Ireland has more redheaded beauties than any other country in the world. However, Irish brides can be very diverse. There are plenty of dark-haired and blonde Irish women and they can come with all kinds of features, personal styles, and ways of highlighting their beauty.

They are smart and witty

Talking to an Irish bride is entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Irish brides are known for their sense of humor and they will always be able to make you laugh even when they barely know you. On top of that, Irish mail order brides are incredibly smart. They are highly educated, well-read, and know so much about everything in the world that you can listen to them talk for hours and still be surprised at their intelligence.

They have a fascinating lifestyle

An Irish bride isn’t someone who only wants to spend her free time in one specific way. These women enjoy all kinds of activities, especially in the company of someone they love. An Irish mail order bride will gladly accept your invitation to do anything, but she will also make her own suggestions. Dating Irish women means always doing the things you never thought were for you and yet loving every second of them.

They are loyal to their core

The loyalty of Irish brides cannot be overestimated. They may take longer to fall in love than some other foreign brides, but when they love someone, they expect the relationship to last forever. You can fully trust your Irish bride and always assume her intentions are pure. Irish mail order wives can sacrifice a lot to be with the man they love and they surely won’t let it all go to waste.

What Are Irish Wives Like?

You should feel absolutely lucky if you happen to date an Irish bride, but if you get to marry her, consider yourself the luckiest man on the planet. These are just a few reasons why Irish wives are so amazing.

They make lovely mothers

An Irish woman isn’t eager to have children just for the sake of procreating. To her, children are a product of love and the next logical step for a couple in love. The decision to have kids is a serious one for Irish wives and they make sure to prepare well for this moment. Irish women are naturally warm and affectionate, which are the top 2 requirements for a good mother.

They prefer openly talking about things

When you are married to an Irish wife, you will never be in a situation where she is obviously angry with you but won’t tell you why. Irish wives are big believers in talking and resolving any issues in a civilized, open-minded way. Whenever you two are going through a disagreement, a simple discussion will help you put things back on track.

They are creative and talented cooks

Cooking isn’t just a chore for Irish mail order wives. It’s a fun, relaxing activity and they love to cook whenever possible even when they are completely busy with work. Moreover, Irish wives are not the type of home cooks who just stick with several signature recipes and are afraid to venture beyond that. They will always try new flavors and techniques to the delight of their families.

Why Are Irish Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Ireland is a small but unique country. It has everything women need to grow personally and professionally, including good education and career opportunities, excellent healthcare, respect for women, and a safe environment. That is why the reasons for Irish women marrying foreign men are not practical or financially motivated.

Irish mail order brides are simply attracted to certain features of foreign men that they can’t find in men in their own country. These features include willingness to settle down and support the family, desire to spend the rest of their lives with one woman, and ability to take responsibility for his loved ones. So even if marriage to a foreign man involves moving to a foreign country, Irish mail order wives are prepared to do it for love.

The Guide On Marrying An Irish Women

Tips on dating an Irish girl

Your end goal is probably to find a good Irish woman for marriage, but you should expect any Irish brides to agree to marry you before they truly get to know you. That is why you will probably spend a few months or even years dating Irish brides, and here is how to get the most out of the relationship.

  • Don’t be too serious. Irish women want romance and big emotions, but they also want to have fun with the man they like. You shouldn’t be serious 100% of the time, otherwise you risk looking desperate and try-hard in front of her and her friends.
  • Compliment not just her looks, but also her mind. Being attracted to an Irish bride physically is completely understandable, but it’s impossible to build a strong relationship based on looks alone. You also need to be visibly in love with her personality.
  • Ask her what she wants to do for the date. When you are dating an Irish mail order bride in Ireland, you shouldn’t pretend like you know all the best spots and activities. Let your girlfriend be your guide and show you a brand new side of Ireland.
  • Keep it cool with the alcohol. Many foreign men who come to Ireland believe that they can finally get a strong drinking partner in an Irish bride. However, while Irish brides definitely can tolerate alcohol better than many other women in the world, they also hate it when men don’t know their limits and act embarrassing when drunk.
  • Only make promises when you’re sure you can deliver. An Irish bride is not someone who will push you into a lifelong commitment after you’ve just met, but she also needs to know you have long-term plans involving her and won’t disappear at any moment.

Meeting Irish bride parents: 3 tips

Irish mail order brides are rather independent and usually move out of the family home after they graduate, but they are still very close to their parents. Your meeting with the parents of your Irish bride will happen sooner or later, and here are 3 ways to impress them without trying too hard.

  • Avoid mentioning the stereotypes. Irish people are the kind of people who can have a good laugh about their country, but they absolutely cannot stand it when foreigners are dismissive about Ireland. This is particularly true for the many stereotypes you may have heard about the country.
  • Bring something nice for everyone. As a boyfriend and potential husband to an Irish bride, you will definitely meet the extended family, not just the parents. Ask your woman in advance what kind of gifts everyone would like and then go the extra mile to get good presents for everyone.
  • Take part in family activities. The parents of your Irish mail order probably have a very active lifestyle — in fact, this is where she gets it from. So when you’re visiting them in Ireland, you’ll have a chance to experience the Irish way of living and you should definitely take this chance.

Irish wedding customs and laws

An Irish wedding in the 21st century looks almost identical to an Irish wedding a few centuries ago, except for the fashion and the decor. There are dozens of fascinating traditions surrounding an Irish wedding, and here are 5 most important ones.

  • Aitin’ the Gander. This is one of those wedding traditions that you thought were part of folklore but are still widely used today. After the couple announces their engagement, they and their parents gather for a dinner featuring a whole goose to discuss the details of the wedding and even the way the couple will take care of their elderly parents.
  • Locking the door. Irish grooms used to be known for getting cold feet and sometimes escaping from their own weddings. To prevent that from happening, one of their friends would lock the church doors behind them to prevent the groom from getting away.
  • Claddagh rings. Irish newlyweds don’t exchange standard wedding bands like many couples around the world. Instead, they wear Claddagh rings that have a heart, a crown, and two palms. In fact, Irish brides and grooms often wear the same ring even when they are single and then simply change its placement when they get married.
  • Tying the knot. “Tying the knot” is a metaphor for most people in the world, but it has a literal meaning in Ireland. At the end of the official wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom will have their hands tied together by a symbolic ribbon or rope as a symbol of unity.
  • Traditional Irish reception. A wedding reception in Ireland is often the most entertaining event of the year in the community. There is a lot of bagpipe music, traditional dancing, games, and, of course, classic Irish treats: corned beef, cabbage, soda bread, whiskey, and Guinness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Irish brides prepared to spend the rest of their lives with one man?

Absolutely! In fact, nothing makes them happier than meeting their ideal match and spending decades with him by their side. At the same time, Irish brides won’t be with just anyone — they want someone who values them and genuinely wants to make them happy. As long as it’s true, you should never worry about your Irish bride’s fidelity.

Does my sense of humor matter to an Irish bride?

It definitely does. Irish mail order brides don’t like it when things get too serious and even when they are going through some problems, they still like to use humor to lift the mood. So if your sense of humor is completely different from your bride’s or if you don’t consider yourself to be a fun person at all, your relationship can eventually run into some difficulties.

Are Irish mail order brides jealous?

No, they are not! Irish women are not possessive. They value honesty and loyalty, but they won’t prevent you from having female friends or co-workers like many other people around the world will do. An Irish bride is someone who won’t snoop in your phone or make a scene out of nothing due to jealousy. However, this is only true when you are absolutely honest with your bride.