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Why Are British Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

British women may not be the first ones you imagine when thinking about foreign women for marriage. But the truth is that British mail order brides occupy a very special niche on the international dating scene. There are numerous fans of British women for marriage, and these three facts will turn you into one as well.

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They always look their best

There is a common belief that British women are not prettiest ones on the planet and are actually rather bland-looking. And while the features of a typical British bride are not as striking as those of a Latin or Asian mail order bride, British women do their best to look presentable and polished every time they go out. They enhance their subtle facial features with the help of makeup and they are no strangers to provocative, tight-fitting outfits when they want to make a lasting impression on someone.

They make fascinating conversation partners

The first time you meet a British bride online or in person, you will likely spend hours talking to her without noticing any of it go by. The amazing thing about British women is that they can freely talk about anything. There will be no language barrier between you, which is always a plus for a stimulating conversation. Moreover, British girls are well-educated and well-read in addition to being familiar with modern culture, which makes talking to them so fascinating and engrossing.

They want to be married just once

British women find the divorce statistics of their home country heartbreaking and they don’t want to join them due to a failed marriage. They achieve it in two main ways. First, they are very careful about choosing the right partner — they never agree to get married on a whim and need to spend some time dating the man before agreeing to marry him. Second, they are prepared to put as much work as needed into the marriage to make it last, while divorce is the very last option they will choose.

What Are British Wives Like?

British women are super popular among foreign men for dating, but they are even more coveted as women for marriage. Here are some of the advantages of British wives you need to take into account when choosing a woman to marry.

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Their life revolves around their family

Any British mail order bride you meet likely has a very active and eventful life. Young British women work, travel, see their friends, indulge in their favorite hobbies, and go shopping. However, none of those things will take a top priority when a British woman gets married. For a British wife, her family is something that is always on her mind and only when her family is taken care of, she will consider doing something else.

They are loyal and appreciative

When a British woman chooses a husband, she chooses not only the father of her future children or a financial provider for a family. Most importantly, she chooses a partner for life who she will support and cherish no matter what. British women are also highly appreciative and will be very thankful when you do something for them, so your efforts won’t go unnoticed by your British wife.

Their cooking skills are second to none

British wives may not spend every minute of their time washing and cleaning because they have more interesting things to do, but the one house chore that will always find a place in their busy schedules is cooking. Many British girls grew up in families where mothers didn’t do a lot of cooking and the whole family ate frozen meals, so now they are focused on rectifying that. Your British wife will likely have the cooking talent of a skilled chef, and more importantly, she will be happy to use them.

Why Are British Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The important thing to remember here is that Great Britain is not some desolate, poor, failing country that women are actively fleeing. British mail order brides are not escaping the dire conditions in their home country because no matter how many problems Great Britain may currently have, British women still have it better than many other foreign mail order brides.

There are two main reasons why British girls decide to become mail order brides to foreigners. First, they are very ambitious and believe that life can be even more professionally and personally fulfilling overseas. Second, they heard a lot of nice things about the respectful and romantic nature of foreign guys and they want to experience it themselves. That is why you should not worry about your British bride’s calculated and pragmatic reasoning behind choosing you as her husband.

The Guide on Marrying a British Woman

Tips on dating a British girl

British women are a joy to date and will expose you to a completely new side of romance. If everything goes well during your dating period, you will be enjoying married life with a British wife sooner than you hope, and here is how to make sure your dreams come true.

  • Combine classic romance with modern dating. British girls love classic dates in restaurants followed by a romantic night walk or a late night cinema visit. However, they also enjoy modern ways to spend time with their partner, so it’s best to combine both.
  • Find mutual tastes and experiences. The background of your British mail order bride is likely not that different from your own and you can easily find many things to talk about that unite you, whether it’s a vacation at the same tourist spot or the same movie you saw as kids.
  • Show your sensitive side. British women love men who have multifaceted personalities and aren’t just focused on being manly all the time. If you were touched by a story you heard or you feed homeless animals in your free time, it’s going to make you much more interesting to your British bride.
  • Get creative with gifts. It’s fine to show up to the first date with a British girl carrying a bouquet of roses or a cute plush toy, but after that, she will need you to get more inventive with gift ideas.
  • Demonstrate your sense of humor. A sense of humor is one of the signature features of a British bride and something you will enjoy day in and day out. These women are fluent in sarcasm and deadpan humor, so make sure to show her that you understand and love it.
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Meeting British bride parents: 3 tips

British women have an extremely strong connection to their parents and many of them even live in their family home prior to marriage. That is why your British mail order bride will want to introduce you to her parents as soon as possible, and here is what you can to guarantee the success of the first meeting.

  • Ask lots of questions. During your first visit to your potential British in-laws, you will be bombarded with questions about your life, family history, and work. Show your own interest in their family by asking a lot of questions as well.
  • Keep things neutral with your girlfriend. Most British parents have a positive attitude to their daughter’s private life, but they definitely don’t want to see you kissing or being too affectionate. It’s also best not to have loud arguments with your girlfriend around her parents.
  • Watch your manners. The portrayal of older British people as old-fashioned and stuffy is not entirely true, but those people do value their manners. Brush up on your knowledge of etiquette and make sure you are pleasant to be around.

British wedding customs and laws

A British wedding is a combination of centuries-old traditions and modern trends that add some spice to an event that can otherwise be a little stodgy. These are the five British wedding customs that will always be present at your own nuptials with a British bride.

  • A church wedding is very likely. In Great Britain, churches are some of the only places where a couple can get married, so even if you and your British mail order bride are not overly religious, you will still need to go to church on your big day.
  • Pre-wedding parties. Like many other Western cultures, Great Britain has a tradition of brides and grooms celebrating with their friends on the night before the wedding. It’s called a stag do and a hen party and it’s going to leave you with some of the best memories of your life.
  • Good luck charm. For centuries, British brides have attached a good luck charm, usually a horseshoe, to the bottom of their wedding gowns. Many of them also choose to add a horseshoe to their wedding bouquet.
  • Rainy morning. The day of any other bride can be easily ruined when it’s raining during the wedding, but British brides are a happy exception. These women are so used to bad weather that they have come to consider rain on a wedding day as a symbol of luck in marriage.
  • Two wedding cakes. The traditional British wedding reception will have a variety of delicacies served to the guests, including two wedding cakes: the groom’s chocolate cake and the bride’s cake with dried fruits and nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum acceptable age gap for British brides?

The important truth to know about British brides is that they are not that excited by men of their own age. They often find them immature and not successful enough to date or marry. However, when a man is 5 or more years older, British women feel very comfortable in a relationship and can easily marry a man who is 15 or 20 years older if he has a youthful spirit.

Do British girls swear a lot?

There is a popular myth that British girls are masters of profanity and cannot say a few words without swearing. There is no denying the fact that British women speak foul language fluently, but they know when to use and when not to use it. They can easily tone down their behavior around a man they like in case he doesn’t like profanity.

Can British women be faithful to just one man?

Absolutely! British girls flirt a lot before finding their ideal partner, but when it happens, they won’t even look in the direction of other men. British women are extremely faithful and have no problem with staying with one man until the end of times. That is why you shouldn’t worry about your British bride violating your trust.