Men from all over the world are fond of Russian girls. Those who like to travel and have seen the ladies from a lot of different countries admit that they have never met more attractive women than Russian ones.

What are the features that make these ladies so impressive? And why are modern Russian girls so beautiful? Find the answers to these questions below!

Russian Women’s Main Features That Impress Foreigners

Why are thousands of foreigners fond of Russian ladies? Here are some reasons why these women are so attractive.

Prevailing Slavic Type of Appearance

The majority of ladies in Russia have a Slavic type of appearance. The features that characterize them are:

  1. Blond or light brown hair.
  2. Fair skin.
  3. Gray, blue, or green eyes.
  4. Regular and soft facial features.
  5. Statuesque body with alluring curves.

These features make Russian women very attractive. It is especially true about the fourth and the fifth ones from the list you can see above. Men subconsciously perceive these features as very seductive, since women that have them are ideal for procreation.

Amazing Diversity

The blondes with fair skin and light eyes are not the only type of girls you can find in Russia. This country is full of ladies for all tastes:

  • dark-eyed brunettes;
  • redheads with freckles;
  • brown-haired tan beauties.

Such diversity amazes men because it is not typical for any other country. In other countries, there is one type of women’s appearance, and girls, whose look is different from it, are extremely rare. Unlike other countries, in Russia, there are a lot of girls who are different from the Slavic appearance type, which is still prevalent but not the only one in this country.

That is why once foreign men come to Russia, they get excited by the diversity of local women. And everyone can find the lady of his taste among such an abundance of girls of different types.

Eye-Catching Style

Russian women are fond of looking attractive. They like to see their beautiful reflection in a mirror and receive admiring glances and compliments. That is why they often wear bright stylish clothes.

A typical Russian lady doesn’t need a special reason to dress up. She wears expressive clothes and accessories every day to look gorgeous all the time.

Moreover, Russian women like bright make-up. They use a lot of cosmetics to emphasize the beauty of their faces and make them more expressive.

Thanks to this love for standing out from the crowd, Russian girls’ beauty never goes unnoticed. It easily draws attention and is difficult to forget.

3 Reasons Why Russian Women Are So Beautiful

The features that make ladies from this country so attractive are listed above. But why are these very features typical to Russian ladies? Where do they originate from? They come from the past and are caused by the peculiarities of the history and culture of Russia.

  1. The Mixing of Blood

Because of the rich and ornate Russian history, the blood of various ancient nationalities has been mixed in modern Russian girls.

From the 13th century till the 15th century, the eastern part of present-day central Russia was under the authority of the Mongols. In the 16th — 17th centuries, some western lands of modern Russia were a part of the Commonwealth (the state which arose as a result of the merger of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania). In the 19th century, there was a protracted conflict between the Russian Empire and the native population of the North Caucasus.

All these historical events contributed to the mixing of blood of different nationalities. In addition to the main genetic line, Slavic, many girls with Tatar, Polish, Lithuanian, and Caucasian genes live in Russia. This causes an amazing diversity of girls with different appearance types in modern Russia.

  1. Absence of the Inquisition in Medieval Times

The Inquisition actively hunted witches in medieval times in Western-European countries. And they considered the most beautiful girls to be the witches. There was a belief that these ladies are so good-looking due to witchcraft and friendship with the devil.

Therefore, impressive beauties were often executed. And the beauty gene pool in Western Europe has shrunk significantly because of that.

In Russia, there was no inquisition. Therefore, all the most beautiful girls left offspring. And these are their descendants that the whole world admires nowadays.

  1. Attaching Great Importance to Look

It is customary for Russian people to consider appearance as a reflection of social status. The look and style are very important. There is even a saying: “Vstrechajut po odezhke” (literal translation: The one is met by their clothes) which means that the first thing others assess in a person is their look and style. Such a peculiarity of the local mindset makes Russian women extremely well-groomed and fashionable and, thus, very attractive.


Russian women are so beautiful thanks to the nuances of the history of their home country and the peculiarities of their mindset.

First of all, they excite foreigners with their diversity. This is because the blood of several nationalities has mixed in them.

Also, they preserved amazing beauty thanks to the absence of the Inquisition in Medieval times in Russia. Unlike Western Europe, where it exterminated the majority of beautiful women, in Russia, all of them left offspring.

And, finally, Russian women attach great importance to their appearance because it is considered a reflection of social status. Therefore, they always look resplendent and eye-catching.

All these features make Russian women unique and irresistible. So, thousands of foreigners are fond of them and consider them to be the most beautiful ladies in the world.