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Do you like girls of Slavic appearance? How about dating a Latvian woman? They are somewhat similar to Russians and Europeans, but they have something that separates them. Didn’t you consider Latvian brides as excellent wives? It’s time to fix it, and share some usefull insigts about Latvian girls .

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Why Latvian Mail Order Brides Are So Popular?

If women from Russia have long been the objects of the sighing of men, the increased attention to Latvian girls has become not a long-standing phenomenon. This is due to the fact that many platforms that offer the opportunity to meet girls online have identified Latvian brides to be completely similar to Russian. Today, the leading dating brands are creating niche sites with exclusively Latvian chicks. The emergence of such sites showed men from all over the world that beautiful girls shouldn’t be from Russia exclusively  – there are a lot of them in Latvia as well.

Yes, Baltic girls have many similarities with Russian women, but their appearance is different. Most Latvians have a stately figure, do not use bright makeup, and attract with their neatness and modesty. By the way, it’s very rare to meet an overweight Latvian woman.

We can say that girls from Latvia are a perfect balance between Russians and Europeans. They have a brighter appearance than Europeans and more natural beauty than Russians. The same applies to their character. If Russian beauties often have a stormy character, and Europeans are calmer, then girls from the Baltic countries are between these two types of characters.

As you can see, girls from the Baltic are really interesting and are worth the attention of those men who like girls of Slavic appearance. Next, you will learn almost everything about these Baltic beauties.

What Are Latvian Wives Like?  

  • Latvian mail order brides have a very beautiful appearance. When you start looking at the profiles, you will notice that all women from this country are slim. It is not uncommon to find blondes with amazing and deep eye color. Every woman’s appearance has something warm and soft.
  • They are very neat. If you look at the profiles of the girls, you will notice one similarity in each. This is absolute perfection in appearance. A distinctive feature of their mentality is complete accuracy in everything, especially in appearance. You will never see a Latvian girl in a wrinkled blouse, even at home.
  • The beautiful Latvian women love relaxation. This is not about being lazy. It’s just that their everyday life is so full of hassle and work that they want to create a vacation in which they can simply enjoy communication with their loved ones and children. They believe that a year of hard work should end with a good rest. Therefore, if you love to travel, such a lady will become a faithful companion who will help make your vacation amazing.
  • Latvian brides are purposeful. This is another feature that unites women of this nationality. A Latvian mail order bride can achieve anything if she has designated this as her goal.
  • Their character is often referred to as “flint”. Indeed, Baltic girls can look very tough, but this is only at first glance. When it comes to love, they become soft. For a beloved man, they open up like a rose, but others can be frightened with thorns.

Why Latvian Brides Are Looking for a Foreign Husband?  

It is very interesting that pretty Latvian women do suffer from a shortage of local men. As is typical for many European countries, mortality among men is very high, and this applies to middle age.

Also, Latvian brides are more emotionally stable. They get higher education and reach career heights, while most Latvian men become depressed and prone to drunkenness and gambling addiction. Now the reason why Latvian brides want to find a man from another country is obvious, isn’t it? Foreign men seem to be more promising partners for happy family life.

The Guide on Marrying a Latvian Woman

Further, you will find everything that will help you win the bride and find out what kind of wives they are.

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Tips on Dating Latvian Girl

As you already understood, Latvian brides have many similarities with girls from Russia. However, they have several national differences, and in dealing with them, you need to take into account their peculiarities of mentality. Below you will find the top 4 tips to dating Latvian women.

  • Be attentive. If you have already started communication with a girl and you like her, then you should be attentive during communication. The point is that the care of a man and his ability to notice the details is very significant for girls. So don’t forget to ask how her day went and what she did.
  • Be polite. Despite all the modernity of Latvian singles, they pay attention to the behavior of men, and this applies to online communication. Therefore, if you want the girl to continue to communicate with you, do not use vulgar jokes or a lot of swear words.
  • Be romantic. Latvian brides are just like everyone else, and romance is very important for them. Everything about romance will help you here. Send romantic emoticons, make sincere compliments, and treat the bride with a gift.
  • Be yourself. Latvian brides don’t like “actors”. Therefore, you should not pretend to be a completely different person during communication. Remember, your goal is to find a partner for a happy life, and the key to such conditions is openness and acceptance of each other.

Meeting Latvian Bride Parents: 3 Tips

When you’ve made the decision to get to know your bride’s family, some tips will come in handy:

  1. Avoid hot and provocative topics. For example, not all families are religious, as can be mistakenly found on the Internet. However, this does not mean that it is worth discussing religion when meeting with the bride’s parents. It is best to choose neutral topics of conversation and be sure to observe courtesy and all standards of decency.
  2. Pay attention to your appearance. As mentioned earlier, the Latvian people are very attentive to neatness. So try to look neat and decent. It is unnecessary to wear a suit, but a shirt with trousers will be a good option. And of course, do not forget that all clothes must be ironed.
  3. Bring gifts. If you want to be taken seriously, then depending on the meeting place, you need to choose the appropriate presents. For example, if the meeting takes place at home, then bring a cake or dessert. It will not be superfluous to please your bride and her mother with flowers. Such gestures will not go unnoticed and will certainly win over the bride’s parents to you.

Latvian Wedding Customs and Laws  

Now let’s talk about Latvian wedding customs. Here are the main things you need to know if you find Latvian women for marriage:

  • It has long been customary to celebrate weddings in the fall with an emphasis on the new moon or full moon. According to the old tradition of the country, this period promises a happy and prosperous family life.
  • Women in Latvia keep their wedding dresses as a sign of family hearth.
  • It is customary in Latvia to visit 7 different bridges on the wedding day. This tradition promises the couple a happy family life in love and prosperity. It is vital that on the last bridge the groom must carry his bride in his arms.
  • It will be right to organize a magnificent feast and invite many guests. Often, such festivities drag on for several days. However, this is not the main condition. Most Latvian brides strive to celebrate the wedding modestly, but always with elements of romance and the traditions described above.
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Latvian Wives and Children

It is interesting that despite all the conservatism of Latvian ladies, they will never hide their attitude towards children. It is considered normal to praise the child and show love in front of people.

Also, be prepared for the fact that your Latvian wife will be very child-caring striving to provide her kids with the best possible. But it will also be difficult to do without rigor in upbringing, especially when the child grows up. Latvian brides will not allow their children to behave non-culturally and make noise in public places. There is no doubt that Latvian brides are excellent mothers and they know the wisdom of how to raise children.

FAQ About Latvian Wives

Still have some specific questions about Latvian brides? We know the answers! 

How does a Latvian bride feel about cooking?

The good news is that sexy Latvian women are excellent housewives. However, this is not about the fact that they are ready to sit at home and do only household chores. They will go to work and at the same time delight their beloved man with delicious dishes and perfect cleanliness in the house. However, just like European women, they will not refuse to dine in a restaurant from time to time, and for this, they do not need a special reason. As already mentioned, they have a balance between Russian girls and Europeans.

What do Latvian brides expect from a man?

Like all women, regardless of nationality, Latvian beauties want attention, love, and respect from their chosen one. It is vital for them to feel love and protection. Most women are faced with indifference from men and with the fact that they have to cope with all the issues and problems on their own. Therefore, first of all, they expect love, attention, and support from their soulmate.

Does a man’s financial situation matter for Latvian brides?

A very important fact is that hot Latvian women do not choose men just because of their financial status. The main thing is that men are not lazy and not tied to the sofa. Therefore, the opinion that women from Latvia are mercantile is erroneous.