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Though Serbia is a Slavic country, its inhabitants are quite different from other Slavs. Serbian brides are not as popular as Russian or Ukrainian ones, so foreign men know less about them. But with the help of this guide, you can learn more about the unique features of Serbian girls and decide whether it is a good idea for you to meet Serbian women. If you understand that a lady from this country could make a good match for you, get some tips on how to attract and date women of Serbia.

5 Features of Serbian Brides That Foreign Men Appreciate the Most

They Are Good-Looking

Beautiful Serbian girls attract men with their long hair, regular facial features, and sporty bodies without any excess weight. Sexy Serbian women are as beautiful as all the other Slavic ladies. But they are quite different in their style of clothing. Most of them prefer casual outfits to flashy ones. Also, they rarely put on bright makeup. Unlike, for example, Russian girls, Slavic women don’t like to dress up without a special occasion.

They Are Open, Emotional, And Outspoken

The sincerity of Serbian brides makes them pleasant to deal with. Ladies of this nationality don’t tend to hide their emotions and feelings. They express their attitudes and thoughts openly, which makes them easy to find a common ground with.

They Are Plain

Serbian brides don’t like grandstanding. They usually act naturally and never show off. This makes them very pleasant to communicate with. If you are not fond of pretending, a Serbian lady would make a perfect match for you.

They Are Friendly

Serbian brides are open to new acquaintances. They are not shy to meet new people and don’t mind communicating with foreigners because they respect other cultures and don’t mind learning more about them.

They Are Family-Oriented

Serbian ladies believe that every person has to start a family earlier or later. This is considered to be an important and compulsory stage of life. Being single at a mature age is considered to be bad.

What Are Serbian Wives Like: 3 Main Advantages

Serbian Wives Are Loving And Loyal

Women of this nationality are monogamists. If a lady from Serbia falls in love with someone, she never flirts with other men and doesn’t cheat on her life partner. Also, she surrounds her soulmate with love and care, so that he never feels alone.

Serbian Wives Are Good Mothers

Ladies from Serbia are very sensible mothers. They combine love and care with strictness if it is needed. They ensure the healthy and happy living of their kids and teach them to be self-sufficient and independent.

Serbian Wives Are Hospitable And Sociable

It is typical for women of this nationality not to wall off the rest of the world after getting married. They keep leading an active social life with a lot of connections. And they are always glad to invite the friends of their family to their place for dinner.

What Kind of Men Do Serbian Brides Like?

Serbian brides are family-oriented and believe that every lady must start a family earlier or later. But they are not the type of women who are ready to marry any man just in order not to be alone. They are very attentive and sensible while choosing their life partners. Most of them like the following kind of men:

  • Understanding. Mutual understanding is considered to be the key to becoming a happy couple. Thus, a lady from Serbia can fall in love only with a man who sees eye to eye with her.
  • Helpful. Serbian brides believe that life partners should always support each other. They like men who can help them when they are in need. And these women are ready to support their boyfriends when they ask for this as well.
  • With common interests. Serbian brides believe that it is compulsory to be able to spend time together interestingly with a boyfriend. Thus, they, most often, choose men with common hobbies.

Why Are There So Many Serbian Mail Order Brides on the Web?

Numerous Serbian singles dream of finding foreign soulmates. The reason for this is that women of Serbia are fond of Western European and American men. They consider them as people with more progressive views.

Serbian chicks are very glad to meet plain, sincere, active, and modern Western men with a good sense of humor. They go crazy about the guys of this type and consider them to be the best life partners.

How to Start Dating Serbian Girls Online?

Modern technologies give men the unique chance to find Serbian women for marriage without even having to go out of the home. A lot of pretty Serbian girls are waiting for you online on international dating platforms. How to get started? To meet Serbian women online, do just 3 steps.

  1. Choose a Good Website

Check out the reviews on independent platforms and feedback from ex-users, and get registered on the platform for free to assess its functionality and usability.

  1. Make Your Profile Attractive to Serbian Mail Order Brides

Ladies of this nationality are looking for true soulmates who see eye to eye with them. That is why it is important not just to add photos showing that you are handsome but also some pictures that show your hobbies and lifestyle. For example, if you like to travel, add some photos from your trips. Or if you are a sporty man, add some photos from the gym.

Moreover, don’t forget to fill in the essential information about yourself and write some details about your outlook on life and lifestyle preferences. To make it easier for ladies to understand that you match each other, specify your thoughts about the future family you dream to have.

  1. Find the Girls You Like And Contact Them

Don’t just write to all hot Serbian girls whose appearance you like. While choosing the ladies to start a dialogue with, consider their hobbies and style of life. Make sure that you have some common interests and convictions. And choose the topic that is interesting to both of you for a conversation to get the lady interested in communication with you.

How to Maintain a Good Relationship: 6 Tips on Dating a Serbian Woman

Don’t Show Off

Serbian brides don’t like men who pretend to be better than they really are. Arrogance and grandstanding are scorned in this country. Thus, just feel free to show your real personality. This will help you find a true soulmate and not to lose the girl you like because of trying to seem better.

Keep in Touch Uninterruptedly

Serbian brides are very open and gregarious. They believe that two people can become closer only after numerous hours of talking to each other. So, it is better never to interrupt the dialogue with a lady you like for a while. Or else she will conclude that you are no longer interested in her and will find another man to communicate with. If you know that you are going to be offline for a couple of days due to some good reasons, warn your conversationalist about this in advance, or else she will get offended.

Always Listen to Her When She is Talking to You

Not listening to someone talking is considered to be very rude. Therefore, every time you have a voice or video call, listen to her attentively and show this by giving your opinions on what she has said.

Don’t Give Her Hints on Sex Too Soon

Serbian brides are not easy to get. They prefer to get to know each other well and understand whether you are really compatible before getting down to intimate life. If you show a lady that you are interested only in getting her in bed as soon as possible, she will, most likely, stop communicating with you.

Discuss The Common Future

Serbian brides are very sensible while choosing life partners. Each of them wants to understand whether she can be happy together with a particular man before getting a relationship to a more serious stage. Therefore, you need to discuss your plans for the future to make sure that you both want to have a family of the same kind.

Support Her When She Needs

Serbian brides believe that mutual help is an essential thing that makes people closer to each other. So, support her in every way you can if she asks for this.


How Are Roles And Duties Shared in Serbian Families?

Serbian brides have rather progressive views on s family structure. Most of them are not planning to be housewives. They keep on working after getting married and share household chores equally with their husbands or hire housekeepers if a family can afford this.

How Many Children Do Serbian Women Usually Have?

Serbian brides don’t dream of large families. The majority of couples have only 1 kid. They believe that having only 1 child lets a mother and a father be perfect parents because they can pay as much attention to their child as he/she needs.

What Outlook on Child-Rearing Do Serbian Wives Have?

They believe a balance between care and cultivating independence in kids to be very important. Serbian mothers don’t tend to be over-protective and give much freedom to their children, encouraging them to make decisions on their own.