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Why Are Greek Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

The number of Greek mail order wives on international dating sites increases every year, and so does the number of men who want to marry Greek brides. So what is the secret of their popularity? In the eyes of foreign men, it’s the combination of the following qualities.

Their beauty is one-of-a-kind

The appearance of Greek mail order brides is nearly impossible to categorize, but at the same time, it stayed nearly the same for centuries. Greek women are tall and lean. They are not very curvy, but they know how to look even more attractive thanks to their fashion sense. The facial features of Greek brides look like a beautiful sculpture by the most skillful artist. They have beautiful lips and eyes, and their hair wonderfully frames their flawless faces.

They have a healthy lifestyle

A Greek mail order wife is someone who starts her morning with a run and a healthy breakfast, then has an equally healthy lunch, and goes to the gym or a walk in a park after work. Greek brides are not the biggest fans of alcohol and they absolutely cannot stand smoking. If your lifestyle is far from being healthy, a Greek mail order bride will change it for the better and make you fall in love with her way of living.

They can talk about anything

Once you spend even a couple of minutes talking to a Greek bride, you will realize that you’ve never met a better conversation partner. But what exactly makes Greek brides so gifted at communication? In our experience, it’s the combination of several things: their ability to find an approach to any person, their incredible intelligence, and their wonderful sense of humor. Greek mail order brides will make you want to spend every minute talking to them.

What Are Greek Wives Like?

Greek mail order brides make popular dating partners, but they are even more popular as wives. Getting a Greek wife means a lot of wonderful things for your present and future, and here are the three biggest reasons to choose Greek women for marriage.

They fully focus on their families

A typical Greek bride has lots of interests and aspects of life where she is extremely successful, but all of those things move to the back burner when a Greek woman gets what she really wants — a happy, loving family. Greek wives are never too busy for their loved ones and you can count on your wife to always be there for you and the kids you’ll have in the future.

They always know the next fun thing to do

Greek brides have an active lifestyle and they are not willing to give it up once they get married and start a family. However, from the moment they become wives and mothers, their activities always include their families. Having a Greek wife means never having to spend an idle evening at home — she will always find the right thing for the whole family to enjoy.

They have no problem with the chores

Greek mail order wives are not homebodies, but they understand the importance of a clean and comfortable home. They will use every free moment they have to make the house a better place for everyone. Greek wives are particularly famous for their cooking skills. Your Greek wife will likely assume 100% of the cooking duties in your new family and you will love every second of it.

Why Are Greek Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

You may have heard some negative things about the economy in Greece, but don’t for a second think that Greek mail order brides are only considering marriage to a foreigner for financial reasons. It’s true that they want financial comfort and stability for themselves and their future children, but they are perfectly capable of achieving it on their own.

The main reason why Greek women for marriage choose foreign husbands is because they simply find them to be more attractive than men in their own country. And that includes not only physical attraction, although that’s an important factor, but also the attraction to the men’s personality traits. Plus, Greek brides are intrigued by life abroad and are ready to experience it in person.

The Guide On Marrying A Greek Woman

Tips on dating a Greek girl

If you’re here to know more about Greek women for marriage, you should know that a Greek bride will only agree to marry someone when she knows him well. The ideal scenario is when you meet online and then date for a few months offline. Here is how to make the most out of that time.

  • Make her feel special. Greek women love attention and are not ashamed about it. When you are dating a Greek woman, she should be the number one person on your mind. From unexpected gifts and flowers to calling her every day, she should know you care about her.
  • Let her into her world. Greek brides are ready to completely open up to a man they like, but they expect you to do the same. If you are visibly secretive and don’t tell your bride a lot about you, she is going to decide that you are not that interested in her.
  • Ask her to show you Greece. When you are dating a Greek mail order bride in her home country, you’re in luck because you get to experience not only the lovely personality of your bride, but also get to know Greece the way you’d never known it on your own.
  • Talk about the things that matter. A relationship with a Greek mail order bride should have substance and a future in order for her to trust you. Don’t just talk about sweet nothings — discuss the way you will be as a family.
  • Prove you’re not like other guys. One of the reasons why Greek brides look for foreign men is that they don’t find local guys to be as ambitious, respectful, and generous as they’d like. So your job is to show that you are different from them.

Meeting Greek bride parents: 3 tips

A visit to Greece to meet your Greek mail order bride in person automatically means you will also get to meet her parents. Keep in mind that they are warm, cordial people who will be genuinely delighted to welcome you in their home, and here is how you can make that first meeting even better.

  • Look your best. Greek people are meticulous about their appearance. Both men and women in Greece are dressed to the nines even when they are not going anywhere. That is why they will expect you to at least look presentable.
  • Get thoughtful gifts for everyone. Greeks are the type of people who will never go to another person’s house without getting something for everyone who lives there. You are also expected to get presents for the parents and other members of the family.
  • Be respectful towards their country. Greece has its problems, but they can only be discussed by native Greeks. Even if you hear your future in-laws joking about their country, it doesn’t mean you can do the same.

Greek wedding customs and laws

When you are a foreigner planning a wedding to a Greek bride, she will happily include the traditions from your home country into the ceremony. However, Greeks also value their own wedding customs a lot, and here are the ones you will see at every wedding in Greece.

  • The wedding sponsors. One of the key personalities at every Greek wedding is the wedding sponsor, although most couples prefer to have two. These are not just friends — these are new members of your family who will even baptize your first child, so choose wisely!
  • Celebrations begin early. A typical Greek wedding takes place on a Saturday or Sunday, but the actual celebrations begin a few days before that. Everyone in the community visits the parental home of the bride to congratulate them, and on Thursday, the female members of the family will gather to prepare the marital bed.
  • Leaving the church. As soon as the new wife and husband exit the church, their friends and family members will throw handfuls of rice towards them. At this point, someone will also hand out the wedding favors to the guests, which usually consist of an odd number of candied almonds.
  • Traditional Greek menu. Greek brides and grooms have different tastes and may choose to serve all kinds of dishes to their guests. However, some dishes, such as lamb stew, cheese pastries, and baklava, will always find a place on a Greek wedding table.
  • Dancing separately. The bride and the groom will perform two separate dances with their bridesmaids and groomsmen respectively. These dances are called Kalamatiano and Zembekiko, and in many modern weddings, most guests prefer to ignore the gender restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Greek mail order brides fluent in English?

The situation with English is a rather interesting one in Greece. On one hand, only around ⅓ of the country’s population is fluent in English. On the other hand, this ⅓ mostly consists of young people, especially Greek women. They learn English in school and use it to enjoy their favorite Western shows and movies, so they can successfully communicate with foreigners in English.

Does an age difference matter to Greek mail order wives?

Young Greek women often consider themselves to be mature for their age. They usually find their peers to be not suitable for dating for various reasons, but older men are much more attractive to them. On average, a Greek bride is totally fine with an age gap of up to 10 years, but there are many Greek mail order wives who want to date and marry men with an even bigger age difference.

What are some of the relationship deal breakers for Greek brides?

A Greek woman doesn’t approach potential partners with a list of must-have qualities and is generally open-minded about who to date or marry. However, a Greek bride will never be with someone who is rude, both to her and to others. Greek mail order brides also can’t stand stingy, controlling, and dismissive men. Other than that, Greek girls can accept any imperfections in a man if he’s prepared to do the same for her.