The Internet is full of scammers. They even entered dating sites to take advantage of the feelings of gullible honest men. Therefore, you need to be careful while looking for a future wife online. Here is a short instruction that explains how Russian dating scammers work in 2022, how to recognize them, and how to avoid being fooled by them.

How Do Scammers Work?

The most widespread scheme of Russian dating scammers in 2022 is to:

  • Create fake accounts on international dating sites. A scammer uses stolen photos or even just digitally generated pictures of women’s faces. Thus, the profile doesn’t belong to a real woman who wants to marry a foreigner.
  • Meet men and earn their trust. A “woman” acts as if she is interested in a relationship with you.
  • Ask money for false reasons. The one who is hiding behind the photos of a non-existent beautiful lady thinks of a pitiful story about sudden financial problems. But after you send your money to a “lady”, the scammer will never contact you again, and that’s it.

The Signs that May Indicate a Scam

The pattern described above looks plain and obvious, but a lot of men take this bait and get fooled. How not to become one of those unlucky guys? Be careful about the signs that may indicate a scam:

  • A lady doesn’t send you any new photos except those that are uploaded to her profile. This may mean that the pictures in her account don’t belong to her.
  • A girl never sends a voice message and always refuses to have a video call. This may be the sign that there is no real lady behind the profile. Its creator may even be not a woman at all.
  • A lady starts asking for money too soon. You have just got acquainted, and she asks persistent questions about your financial status and begins to ask for money within a few days after the start of communication. Of course, sometimes, honest girls may have financial problems and be forced to ask for help from their new foreign boyfriends. However, in most cases, such rapid developments related to money are a sign of fraud.

How to Avoid Scam?

The following precautionary measures can help you protect yourself from fraud:

  • Select a credible dating site. This is essential because trustworthy websites verify their new members before making them visible to other users. Thus, you may be sure that every profile is created by a real woman. We have compiled a list of reliable international dating sites where thousands of Western men have already found their Russian girlfriends. You can choose one of them to be sure of your safety.
  • Ask a lady for more photos. But be careful not to let her think that you hint at nudes and get offended.
  • Have a video call with a girl. But do not be too persistent and do not call a woman without prior warning. A lady may be busy, not prepared for you to see her, or just not in the right mood to talk. That is why it is better to set up a time for a video call in advance. But if a lady does her best to avoid a video call or misses more than three video meetings because of the reasons that seem false, this is a very bad sign.
  • Do not send large sums of money before you fully trust a woman. Of course, you can support your beloved lady if you understand that she is your destiny. But take your time and get to know each other well first.