Russian women are extremely beautiful and well-groomed. Moreover, they are so positive, tender, passionate, and caring that thousands of men dream of having them as girlfriends. But for many foreigners, it seems that winning the heart of a Russian lady is an impossible task. However, this is easier than many men think. Here are the ways to make a Russian girl fall in love.


The first essential thing is to say beautiful words to the lady you like. Russian women like this very much. Therefore, to melt the heart of a chick from this country, compliment her and make declarations of love for her frequently.

Compliments should be personalized and original. Just saying that a girl is beautiful is not enough because women from Russia look so eye-catching that they are used to being admired by plenty of men.

It is a good idea to compliment something particular, for example, her best features: eyes, smile, hair, clothes, makeup, etc. In this way, you will show that you are attentive and that you like the particular girl whom you communicate with but not all Russian ladies in general.

Also, it is great if you compliment the woman’s virtues. Russian girls like it when men notice not only their amazing look but also their inner beauty. Telling how interesting, intelligent, and nice a girl is, will help you ingratiate with her.


Physical expressions of love are very important for Russian women because they are passionate and sensual. But this doesn’t mean that you should get a girl into bed in the first days of acquaintance. In the early stages of your relationship, show your feelings with hugs and gentle kisses. Also, hold a girl’s hand every time you walk together. All this will help you feel each other and become closer to each other.

Spending Time Together

Russian girls are active and positive. They like parties, visiting interesting places, traveling, and other ways to spend time interestingly. If you join a lady in this, you will get closer to her and increase your chances of winning her love.

But don’t wait for a woman to be the first to offer you to go somewhere together. It is not customary in Russia for girls to take initiative in dating. Thus, you always need to be the first to ask a lady out. Learn her interests and preferences, and choose the place that she is going to like to get unforgettable emotions.

Not only the quality of the time spent together matters but also the amount of it. Russian ladies are very sociable and don’t like to be alone. Therefore, meet her as often as possible. If you spend time together rarely, a woman will feel abandoned and will, most likely, find another guy who is more attentive to her.


Russian ladies believe gifts to be the obligatory element of a romantic relationship. They consider gifts to be expressions of love and care. Also, they believe that giving presents is a way of showing that a man is ready for family life: to become the head of a family and provide for it.

Here are some good ideas for presents for Russian women:

  • Romantic gifts. This is something beautiful and cute that will help you make a girl happy. For example, flowers, sweets, stuffed toys, etc.
  • Practical presents. This is something a lady can use in her everyday life like clothes, gadgets, etc.
  • Something related to her hobbies. For instance, paints and brushes for a girl who is fond of art or books for a lady who likes reading.


Gentle and feminine Russian women like strong and caring men. They consider their boyfriends as future heads of their families. To show that you are the right person to date and marry, show your love not only with words but with actions as well: support a lady in every way you can and help her every time she asks for this.


Winning the heart of a Russian woman requires a complex approach. Use all the available instruments:

  • words: compliments and declarations of love;
  • physical expressions of love;
  • presents;
  • supporting your girlfriend and taking care of her.

The combination of all these methods will melt the heart of any girl earlier or later. It will make her love, respect, and appreciate you.