Do you want to find a Russian bride but are still hesitating whether to join a mail order brides service or not because you don’t know how much the process of finding a foreign wife costs? Below, you will find the average expenses related to searching for a Russian mail order bride, dating her, and marrying her.

Chargeable Features of the Mail Order Brides Site

Mail order brides websites create a convenient and safe environment for international dating. They do everything possible to unite the hearts of Western bachelors and Russian single ladies:

  • gather a huge database of brides in their catalogs;
  • have all the needed features for a quick search of a match and uninterrupted communication with her;
  • support their members at every stage of dating, not leaving them alone with the difficulties they may face throughout international long-distance relationships.

Obviously, maintaining the functioning of such huge and well-thought-out Internet portals with experienced specialists working for them requires a lot of finance. Thus, mail order brides sites cannot be completely free.

All online international marriage agencies have chargeable features and services. And the exact prices vary from site to site.

Joining the website to assess its usability and functionality is usually free. Also, the basic search features are free. Meanwhile, means of communication are typically chargeable.

Their prices start from:

  • $2 for 5 minutes of a text chat;
  • $4 for a long message that can reach up to 6000 characters;
  • $4 per minute of a video call.

In total, communication with brides costs on average $200 per month. 


Presents are an integral element of courtship, especially when it comes to winning the heart of a Russian woman. People from this country worship traditional family values and gender roles. So, local ladies believe that gifts are the best way for men to express their love for their beloved girls.

Giving presents is possible not only when you meet each other in person. Before this, you can use gift delivery. Many good mail order brides sites offer such a service. They help Western men choose and purchase bouquets or other gifts in Russian shops online and deliver them to their beloved ladies.

The prices of presents vary greatly, and the sum that you spend on them depends only on your generosity. On average, the total price of gifts is within $100 — $500 per month.

Travel Costs

Earlier or later, you are going to have a desire to meet each other in person. For this, you need either to travel to Russia or to invite a girl to the country you live in. In both cases, all expenditures are going to be on you.

If you travel to Russia, it is obvious that you pay for all your expenditures by yourself. And even if you invite a lady to the country you live in, due to the peculiarities of the local mindset, the majority of Russian girls expect their foreign boyfriends to cover all their travel costs.

Expenditures related to traveling to meet each other, consist of three parts: flight, accommodation, and food.


The cost of airline tickets depends on several factors:

  • flight distance and number of transfers (the further the country you live in from Russia is the more expensive the tickets are);
  • level of comfort (it is up to you whether to choose either an economy or business class);
  • airline company;
  • date of departure and return;
  • place of purchase.

On average, the round-trip ticket to one of the biggest Russian cities from London is $500-$700. The price of a journey to Russia from the USA starts from $500 if you find a special offer and reaches $1000-$2000 without any discounts. And the cost of an airline ticket from Canada to Russia is $800-$900.


Hotels and apartments are not quite expensive in Russia, especially if you are not going to select a luxury option. It is possible to find a good room in Moscow for $50-$60 per night. One night in one of the best hotels in the city center costs in the range of $80-$120. As for other cities, the prices are even lower there.


It is not expensive in Russia either. The prices of the most widespread food in Moscow are:

  • milk — $1 per liter;
  • bread — 0,5 per a loaf;
  • meat — $4 — $7 per kilogram;
  • fruit and vegetables — $1 — $2 per kilogram.

If you are not going to cook by yourself, you can visit a local café. A meal in an average-price one costs about $10. Therefore, you will need $30 per day for food.

Dating Expenditures

The sum of money every man spends on courtship varies greatly depending on his budget, generosity, and his girlfriend’s preferences. The average prices of entertainment in Moscow are:

  • Dinner in an average-priced restaurant — $20 — $40 per person.
  • A ticket to the cinema — $5 — $10.
  • A ticket to a concert — from $20 — $50 to $100 — $300 depending on the performer and the location of the seat.
  • Shopping in fine-quality shops: $40 — $50 per dress, $80 — $120 per a pair of shoes.

In total, $400 — $500 is enough for basic entertainment in Moscow. In smaller cities, prices may be even lower. But, of course, you can spend much more money on entertainment if you wish to impress your beloved lady.

Relocation of a Bride

You need to pay for legal issues like getting a visa for your bride (this costs from $1200), as well as an airline ticket for a lady.

Conclusion: The Total Cost of Getting a Russian Mail Order Bride

The expenditures vary depending on:

  • the durability of dating;
  • the price of gifts;
  • the number of trips to meet each other in person.

All in all, Western men usually spend from $5000 up to $35000 to get their Russian mail order brides.