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What do you associate with Macedonia? Fabulous nature with picturesque lakes and gorgeous forests. But what about local women? Have you ever thought that they can make a good match for Western men? The high popularity of Macedonian mail order brides proves that they can. Read more details about ladies of this nationality and see for yourself!

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What Are Macedonian Women Like?

Not all Western men know much about pretty Macedonian girls. But those who have ever met them are eager to get girlfriends and wives of this nationality. What features make them so attractive to foreign men?

Exotic beauty

Sexy Macedonian women make men worldwide fall in love with them from first sight. They charm the representatives of the opposite sex with their exotic look: shiny brunette hair, tan skin, and entrancing big eyes (they are most often hazel, but sometimes green). Once you meet Macedonian women you immediately become delighted with their gorgeous exotic beauty.

Friendliness and tolerance

These are national character traits of Macedonian women. They are always open to new acquaintances and make new friends easily. Additionally, they are very kind to other people and are tolerant of their weak points. They do not criticize others and accept them for who they are. So, a man can feel relaxed and forget about controlling every step and action when a Macedonian woman is around.

Calm and relaxed nature

Never to hurry is a part of Macedonian mentality. People of this nationality cannot stand the fuss. They prefer a moderate pace of life. And this is about all aspects of life including work, leisure, and relationships. Many men consider such a calm nature as a plus because they are tired of the bustle and crazy life pace. Only together with Macedonian women they can relax and slow down.


Macedonian women always stay positive and like to have fun. They may seem too calm because of their love for a deliberate pace of life. But this is far from being true. Girls of this nationality never miss an opportunity to spend time in an interesting and fun way. They are not homebodies. They like to go to parties, eat out, meet friends, and do other interesting activities.

Hot temper

Macedonian women may seem cold due to their calm and unhasty character. But they are not really like this. Though they are very hasteless and restrained in everyday life, they are nothing like this when it comes to sex. They are very hot in bed. That is why girlfriends of this nationality are so sought after by men from all around the world.

Do Macedonian Women Make Good Wives?

They are significantly different from Western women. And this very peculiarity makes them so attractive for Western men who do not want to marry ladies from the countries they live in. Here are more details about the features that make Macedonian women so popular with potential husbands from abroad.

They have traditional family values

Such a view of life has been a thing of the past for Western ladies for a long time. But for Macedonian women, this is a still relevant philosophy.

Macedonian wives still believe in traditional family values. A typical woman of this nationality perceives her husband as a head of a family. So, a Western man may be sure that his spouse of this nationality will definitely respect him. This is the main advantage of Macedonian wives compared to Western women.

They love children

Macedonian mail order brides are extremely popular with men who dream of a large happy family. Wives of this nationality do not mind having several kids. Moreover, they love them all equally. This allows keeping harmony in the family and good relationships between all siblings.

They are great housewives

Someone could say that being a housewife does not require having any talent or knowledge. But this is far from being true. This can be seen in the example of Western women. Most of them are focused on their careers and do not pay much attention to housekeeping.

But Macedonian wives are the complete opposite. They believe keeping a family hearth to be their calling. This is the main business of their life, so they deploy a lot of time and effort to it.

So, the homes of Macedonian wives are always clean and cozy. Husbands and kids are always fed with tasty and various cuisine. And the free time of all the family is always organized in an interesting and fun way.

hot macedonian girl

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Macedonian women do not judge people by their appearance or age. These parameters usually do not matter for them. A much more crucial aspect is character. If you can boast of the features listed below you can easily conquer the hearts of beautiful Macedonian girls:

  • Responsible. Ladies of this nationality are fond of responsible men as there are few of them among locals.
  • Relaxed. If you know how to relax, have a good rest, and have fun, you will quickly get on the same page with a Macedonian woman.
  • Financially stable. This is a crucial parameter for Macedonian mail order brides. And not because they are gold diggers, but because they expect their husbands to be the main breadwinners for a wife and kids. And these women will assume all household chores in their turn.

Where to Meet Macedonian Women in Macedonia?

Going to this country is a great idea. You can combine pleasure with favor. Enjoy wonderful nature and meet friendly girls, one of whom can become your wife in the future.

Here are the largest cities for you to choose out of:

  • Skopje, the capital of the country.
  • Bitola, a cozy town in the southwest of the country.
  • Kumanovo, a picturesque town with two rivers in the northeast of the country.

The most popular clubs of each city are:

  • Skopje: Epicentar, Iridium77, Avenue, Minus Eden, Sektor 909.
  • Bitola: Raschekor, Davidoff, Hush.
  • Kumanovo: Revolution, Space, Versus.

Where to Meet Macedonian Women Online?

Macedonia is a very beautiful country with gorgeous nature and friendly girls. But far from all men are ready for a continuous flight and tiring long search for a future wife abroad. Additionally, a language barrier can be more difficult to overcome while trying to meet Macedonian women offline.

So, to get acquainted with the girls of this nationality online is even a greater idea than going to Macedonia in search of a future wife. But dating sites and apps popular with Western men are not commonly known to Macedonian girls. So what to do if you are eager to find a wife of this particular nationality? There is a great way out! A lot of singles are looking for their destiny on Macedonian mail order brides services. These online platforms are created especially for bringing Macedonian mail order brides and Western men together. They are extremely popular in Macedonia as plenty of women are obsessed with the idea of finding foreign husbands. 

Moreover, online platforms of this kind provide a convenient and safe environment for starting and developing international relationships. They have plenty of verified profiles and a wide range of features for keeping in touch.

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How to Date a Macedonian Girl: 6 Tips

International dating may seem to be complicated, but this is not really so if you take into account the peculiarities of your foreign girlfriend’s mentality. Here are some universal recommendations for foreigners that want to succeed in dating Macedonian women:

  1. Take your time. It is about everything. Macedonian women do not like to hurry. Living at a deliberate pace is a part of the Macedonian mentality. Therefore, if you hurry, you will not coincide in the life pace with your girlfriend. Thus, you will not be compatible with her. So, try to adapt to her pace of life. Do not be too fast while building relationships and do not rush while you are spending time together.
  2. Be yourself. Macedonian women cannot stand hypocrisy. They feel other people pretending and do not trust such persons. So, act naturally to find a common ground with the girl of this nationality.
  3. Do not be shy to express your feelings. Hot Macedonian women do not like cold men. If you behave too restrained and modest a lady will take you as not very interested in her personality. Not to mislead her, never miss an opportunity to show your feelings to her: compliment her, be gentle and helpful, make surprises, and give presents to her. She will appreciate all this and show reciprocal feelings to you soon.
  4. Show that you are ready for starting a family. This is very important for Macedonian mail order brides. The girls that are looking for foreign husbands do not want to waste their time communicating with men who are not ready for a family. So, show her that you can take care of her, that you are financially stable and can provide for a family, that you love kids and do not mind having them, etc.
  5. Discuss your future married life. Not to be disappointed with your common life in the future, discuss everything in advance. Do not be afraid to talk about serious issues: where you are going to live together, what family budget you will have and in what way you want to manage it, how many children you want to have in your life and when you will be ready for them, etc. Discussing all these topics will help you to prevent misunderstandings in the future. So, while making a final decision whether one of the Macedonian mail order brides is a good match for you take into account not only feelings but also compatibility in the questions listed above.
  6. Relax together. Macedonian women like a calm and relaxing pastime. Thus, it will be tiring and boring for her if you are always serious and tense. Pay even more attention to common rest than to discussing serious issues of your future life together. This will make you closer emotionally and will make the moment she falls in love with you sooner.


Can a language barrier prevent me from meeting Macedonian girls?

The official languages of this country are Macedonian and Albanian. As for English, this is one of the most popular foreign languages. Locals learn it at schools and universities.

But, of course, it is not logical to expect all Macedonian ladies to speak English fluently.  Therefore, some misunderstandings caused by poor English can spoil your communication. Though there can be some kind of a language barrier, it is very easy to solve this problem. While you are getting to know each other, you can use online services or professional translators’ services. And when a lady is ready to move to the country you live in she will do her best to improve her level of English. True love can conquer all! 

Do Macedonian women work after marriage?

Beautiful Macedonian women have traditional family views. They believe that a man should be a breadwinner for the family. And a woman should protect a family hearth.

So, the majority of Macedonian women are not eager to work after getting married. Most of them prefer being housewives.

What do Macedonian women think about sharing household chores?

Macedonian wives expect their husbands to be completely responsible for a family budget and provide for a family on their own. For it to be fair, they assume the overall responsibility for housekeeping. So, Macedonian wives do not expect their husbands to share household chores with them. Your task is only to earn money for the family while housekeeping is only her responsibility.