Thousands of foreigners marry Hungarian brides every year. What makes these girls so special that their suitors are ready to travel for kilometers to meet Hungarian women in person, to overcome language and cultural barriers, and to deal with the legal issues of international marriage? Are foreign husbands satisfied with their Hungarian wives? How to win the heart of a Hungarian lady and date her in the right way? Find the answers to all these questions in this very guide!

What Makes Hungarian Brides Irresistible: 5 Undeniable Advantages

They Are Beautiful

Hungarian girls are extremely lovely and admirable. Most of them have regular facial features, pronounced cheekbones, and straight noses. Long hair is fashionable in this country, so few women have short haircuts. Many beautiful Hungarian girls are tall, which makes them even more eye-catching. Moreover, the women of Hungary are not prone to obesity. They are usually slim or sporty.

They Are Stylish And Well-Groomed

Pretty Hungarian women like to visit beauty and SPA salons, which helps them maintain their beauty. As for the style of clothing, Hungarian girls usually prefer casual outfits. They dress up only for parties and celebrations. But they are very picky while choosing their casual attires. Young Hungarian ladies are fond of brand clothes that let them look stylish in their everyday life.

They Are Self-Sufficient

Independence is one of the most highly rated character traits in Hungary. Local people, including women, are rather self-contained. Many of them study to get a prestigious profession or have their favorite jobs where they get self-realization. Also, all Hungarian brides have a lot of interests and hobbies, as well as many friends, so they can always find interesting ways to spend leisure time.

They Are Well-Educated

A high level of education is worshiped in this country. The majority of locals from decent families strive to get a post-secondary education, which is considered to be a sign of high social status and intelligence.

They Are Straightforward

Speaking directly about everything is typical for Hungarian brides. They openly express their attitudes and don’t like to lead somebody on. This makes these girls easy to make friends with.

4 Features of Hungarian Wives That Make Their Husbands Happy

They Are Loving but Not Too Attached to Their Husbands

Hungarian wives are perfect at finding a balance between love and independence. They are affectionate and caring, but they understand that everyone has personal boundaries. Thus, they are not intrusive and don’t mind spending some time separately from their spouses. For example, the desire of a husband to go out with his friends without his wife is not a catastrophe for a Hungarian lady.

They Are Wise And Helpful

Hungarian wives make reliable and supportive life partners for their husbands. They can give valuable advice when a spouse is experiencing difficulties or comfort him when he is upset. This helps to maintain a strong psychological connection between the spouses.

They Still Respect Traditional Family Values

Although Hungarians have rather progressive views, traditional family values still matter to them. A husband is considered to be the head of a family. And many Hungarian ladies prefer a family to a career. A lot of them become housewives after getting married.

They Are Sociable And Hospitable

Hungarian brides are rather friendly, and they keep being like this after becoming wives. They often receive guests and treat them well. Also, they like to go out with friends. The couple may have both common friends and their own ones. Hungarians don’t mind their spouses going out with friends without their wives/husbands.

What Features Do Hungarian Brides Like About Men?

Hungarian chicks imagine their perfect suitors like this:

  • Well-groomed. Pretty Hungarian girls like good-looking men. Physical parameters matter less than the style of clothing and neatness. Thus, to be attractive to Hungarian brides make sure to wear presentable clothes and accessories, and have a nice haircut.
  • Financially stable. Hungarian brides consider a man as the future head of a family. He must be able to provide for his future wife and kids. That is why financial status matters to sexy Hungarian girls.
  • Broad-minded. Hungarian brides have a good education and many interests. And they are looking for men whom it is interesting to communicate with.
  • Responsible. This is important if a lady is looking for a man for a serious relationship. He should be psychologically mature and ready to take responsibility for the family.

The age gap is usually not a problem for Hungarian brides. On the contrary, many of them appreciate the advantages of older men. They consider them to be more responsible and financially stable and, thus, more appropriate for the family.

How to Meet Hungarian Girls Online: a Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose the Convenient And Safe Place

A lot of Hungarian singles can be found on mail order brides services. These are online marriage agencies that help foreign men find Hungarian women for marriage and keep in touch with them. There is quite a large choice of these websites on the Internet. To find the right one, consider the reviews on independent resources, the quality of customer support, and the possibility to get registered for free to see the service from the inside.

  1. Make Your Profile Attractive to Hungarian Mail Order Brides

Keep in mind that hot Hungarian girls are fond of successful men. Thus, photos in brand clothes or with your house or car will help you draw the attention of young Hungarian mail order brides. Also, it is good to write a few words about your education and career achievements to become even more attractive to Hungarian brides.

  1. Find the Girls Who Reciprocate You

This will bring you halfway to success. Luckily, Hungarian brides are straightforward and don’t lead on men whom they don’t like. If you feel that the girl is interested in communicating with you, keep on writing to her. But if you see that a woman is indifferent to you, do not bother her with numerous messages she doesn’t reply to.

  1. Develop a Closer Relationship with One of the Girls

If your goal is a serious relationship, it is better to choose one lady out of several girls with whom you have a reciprocal liking. Leading on a few women is not what true gentlemen do. The recommendations on the further development of a relationship with the lady of your choice can be found below.

5 Tips on Dating Hungarian Women: How to Get a Hungarian Lady Attached to You

Discuss Common Interests

This will help you establish and maintain a psychological connection with a lady. Talk about common hobbies and leisure activities that both of you like.

Be Sincere about Your Intentions

If you are eager to develop a serious relationship and get married, there is no need to hide your intentions. Hungarian brides like it when men speak directly about their plans.

Talk about the Future Family Life

To understand whether you are likely to make a happy couple, discuss how you both imagine your future life together. Don’t be too romantic and feel free to talk about down-to-earth issues like family budget management, the issue of housing, and so on.

Don’t Try to Limit Her Freedom

Hungarian brides are rather self-sufficient and like to spend time separately from their life partners sometimes. Don’t try to forbid your beloved lady to do this because she may take it as a disrespect for her.

Be Fully Responsible for the Financial Side of Dating

Traditional family values have a great impact on the mentality of Hungarian brides. They consider their boyfriends as the future heads of the family and breadwinners. Therefore, a man must show his readiness and ability to provide for the future wife by covering all the bills at dates.

Hungarian Wedding Traditions: 3 Things You Need to Know Before You Propose

Here are 3 most interesting and important Hungarian wedding traditions:

  1. Engagement party. There is a tradition to throw a party for relatives and friends and propose to a beloved lady during it.
  2. Cutting wedding cake together at the wedding. It symbolizes that the couple will do everything together in their married life.
  3. Fake kidnapping of a bride. The bride is “kidnapped”, and a groom is forced to accomplish the tasks given by “kidnappers” to win his beloved back.


Do Hungarian Brides Go on a Wedding Trip with Their Grooms?

The tradition of having a wedding trip is rather widespread in Hungary. Newlyweds go to a warm resort country to spend a honeymoon there.

How Many Children Is It Typical for Hungarian Wives to Have?

Most families in Hungary have 1 or 2 children.

Are Hungarian Wives Good Cooks?

They are very good at cooking. This is especially true about the national dishes, such as:

  • stuffed chicken;
  • Töltött paprika (stuffed peppers);
  • vegetable salads;
  • Gulyás (stewed meat with vegetables);
  • Halászlé (a traditional fish soup);
  • strudel;
  • pancakes.

Also, Hungarian wives are fast learners and master cooking many other dishes quickly.