Thousands of US and Western European men date Slavic ladies. And even more foreign guys dream of having them as life partners. They believe that girls from Slavic countries make the best girlfriends. Is this the truth or a myth?

It is difficult to give a precise answer to this question because every man has his own unique image of an ideal girlfriend. But the fact that Slavic ladies have multiple features that their life partners highly appreciate is undisputable. Below, you can find the list of the main qualities that make these girls so attractive.


Slavic ladies are considered one of the most good-looking in the world. Moreover, they are extremely diverse. Women for every taste can be found in Slavic countries. Among them, there are:

  • girls with any hair color: blonde, brunette, or ginger;
  • statuesque tall women and fragile short girls;
  • elegant ladies with refined oval faces and pronounced cheekbones and cuties with lovely round faces and adorable chubby cheeks;
  • slender girls with dainty bodies, magnificent athletic ladies, and sexy plump women with seductive large breasts and buttocks.

Slavic girls are so beautiful because of the mixture of the bloods of several nationalities in them. Historically, Slavic lands were often conquered by others, for example, Tatars or the Commonwealth (the union of Poland and Lithuania). The representatives of these nationalities often married Slavic girls and left mixed offsprings. This brought some diversity to the Slavic gene pool.

Slavic ladies are not only naturally beautiful but also extremely well-groomed and eye-catching. They like to visit beauty salons to maintain the good condition of their hair and skin. Many of them also attend the gym to keep fit and healthy.

Moreover, they don’t need a special occasion to dress up. Slavic women always look as if they were going to a party. Many of them wear bright stylish outfits and expressive makeup every day.

All this helps them attract the amazed glances of men. Thousands of guys dream to have these beauties by their side and admire their exciting appearance every day.


Girls from Slavic countries are very positive. They enjoy every moment of their lives and disregard small disruptions. Also, they have a good sense of humor and know how to charge others with their positive vibes. These ladies are fond of parties as well. They never miss the chance to have fun and socialize in a big joyful company.


Slavic girls are very talkative and friendly. Though they may seem rather cold at first glance, it turns out that they are not like that at all with closer contact.

It is not customary in post-Soviet countries to smile for no reason or to have small talks with strangers. This is why many foreigners consider local ladies unapproachable and closed when they come to these countries.

But once they attend a local party at least once, they change their mind radically. There, they find out that Slavic women are always glad to meet new people and are extremely amiable and gregarious.


Those who have Slavic girlfriends never get bored. These ladies have numerous interests and hobbies. Also, the majority of these women lead an active lifestyle.

They visit some interesting places or travel every time they have a day off or a vacation. Moreover, these girls have plenty of social connections and communicate with many people.

All this makes them fascinating conversationalists. It is always pleasant to communicate with Slavic women and spend time together with them.


Many Western men dream of gentle and soft girlfriends but the majority of strong and independent women from their native countries are not like that at all. That is why they are fond of tender Slavic girls. These ladies are so gentle that make men desire to take care of them and protect them from everything.

Moreover, the femininity of these girls is expressed in their unwillingness to take leadership in a relationship. Slavic women entrust the role of the head to their boyfriends and expect them to take initiative and make important decisions. This attracts strong, decisive, and successful men to these elegant women.


The affection of a Slavic lady who has fallen in love doesn’t have limits. Ladies from post-Soviet countries express their feelings for their boyfriends every minute they spend together.

Also, Slavic girls are very hot and good in bed. They are torrid, gentle, and ready for experiments.


The myth that Slavic girls are easy to get and tend to cheat on their boyfriends is far from being true. In fact, these ladies are very loyal and devoted. Though they receive a lot of attention from other men thanks to their impressive appearance, they don’t succumb to the temptation and remain faithful to their life partners whom they truly love.


Slavic ladies don’t judge men by their appearance, age, or nationality. Also, they are ready to ignore some shortcomings of their life partners for the sake of true love.

While dating or living a family life with Slavic women, it is quite easy to find a compromise regarding any issue. In difficult situations, these girls don’t tend to argue for a long time or stubbornly stand their ground. They are understanding and willing to compromise to maintain a warm relationship with a boyfriend or a happy marriage with a husband.


Slavic girls are fragile, so they expect men to take care of them, support them, and help them solve their problems if it is needed. But they are not selfish. In their turn, they give as much warmth and care as they receive in the way they can do this.

They always take interest in their boyfriends’ life and mood, so that they never feel lonely. Also, they do their best to support their life partners morally when they are in trouble and to cheer them up when they are in low spirits.

Men can enjoy the care of their Slavic girlfriends to the full when they begin to live together with them. They believe that the best ways a woman can show her love for a life partner are to do all the household chores with great inspiration and conscientiousness and to do everything possible for a man to be comfortable at home.


Slavic girls have several features that attract men to them. The most common of them are:

  • beauty;
  • positivity;
  • sociability;
  • activeness;
  • femininity;
  • passion;
  • loyalty;
  • tolerance;
  • care.

Some of these characteristics are not quite typical for US and Western European women, for example, femininity. Thus, many Western men believe that Russian ladies can make better girlfriends than their compatriots.

But, of course, every man has a unique individual image of a perfect girlfriend. So, it is up to you whether a lady who has the above-listed features could make an ideal match for you or not.