Hot French girls enchant men with their breathtaking charm, style, and charisma. Thousands of foreign men dream of getting girlfriends or even wives from France. And from this very guide, you can find out how to get closer to fulfilling this dream.

What Attracts Foreign Men to French Brides?

What is the secret of the attractiveness of French brides? Here are 5 features that charm both local and foreign men.

French Chicks Are Beautiful

French brides are very adorable and enchanting. Most of them are fragile and graceful. This helps them win men’s hearts. One more typical distinctive feature of French brides is brunette shiny hair. Many men are fond of it.

Women of France Are Fashionable And Well-Groomed

Looking stylish and neat is very important to French brides. They choose the attire thoroughly by making sure that all the pieces of their outfits match each other. They consider fashion trends and quality even while choosing casual clothes. Women of France also pay much attention to choosing footwear. Most of them prefer high-heeled shoes of the finest quality.

As for accessories, they make sure that their bag is of fine quality and matches the shoes and the rest of the outfit. And, finally, sexy French girls complement their image with good perfumes. All this allows French brides to look dazzling every day.

French Girls Are Polite

Good manners are a must for every decent citizen of France. Women from this country always act like true ladies. They are well-bred and suave.

Beautiful French Women Are Modest And Reserved

These are rather rare qualities for modern girls. But ladies of this nationality have still preserved them. And this makes them unique and very attractive to men who are not fond of frivolous chicks.

Pretty French Girls Are Well-Educated And Creative

Parents from this country do whatever it takes to provide the best possible education to their children. Therefore, French brides from decent families are very smart, well-educated, and broad-minded. 

Also, many women of this nationality are fond of arts, music, literature, or cinematography. A lot of them not only admire beautiful pieces of art by other authors but also create their own ones. Many French girls have a talent for writing poetry, prose or songs, singing, or painting. Such creative and sensitive personalities are extremely attractive to romantic men.

3 Main Advantages of French Wives

Some foreign men not just date girls of this nationality but find French women for marriage. But is it a good idea to marry a lady from this country? Here are 3 arguments that prove that it really is.

French Wives Care about a Family Reputation

If you are a serious man for whom reputation matters, you will never regret marrying a French lady. Wives from this country always act politely and suavely. They know how to act and speak properly in public, so they never make their husbands ashamed of them.

French Wives Are Wonderful Cooks

They consider cooking not just as an everyday duty but as an art. And as the ladies of this nationality are very creative, they are excellent at cooking as well. They often use the secret special recipes they inherited from their grandmothers. Also, they are good at learning how to cook new modern dishes and can experiment with the recipes by improving them on their own.

French Wives Are Caring

Despite the influence of modern views that appreciate individualism, French ladies still preserved such a rare character trait as thoughtfulness. They value family very much and take good care of their husbands and kids.

The Typical Structure of a French Family: What Kind of Family French Brides Dream to Have

A typical family in this country consists of a wife, a husband, and one or two kids. Very large families with three or more children are very rare in France.

French wives pay very much attention to their families. They run the household and take care of the happiness and well-being of all the family members. Husbands are expected to be breadwinners whose main responsibility is to earn money for the family. Some women keep on working after getting married, but they choose the jobs that are possible to combine with performing the roles of a mother, a wife, and a housekeeper diligently.

It is very common for families in this country to have pets. Many French wives adore cute animals so much that they insist on having 2-3 or even more pets. Many families have both dogs and cats. They believe pets to be good companions to humans and to be useful for cultivating responsibility for others in children.

What Do French Singles Consider While Choosing Their Future Husbands?

French brides thoroughly assess all men’s qualities while looking for their life partners. They consider the following parameters:

  • Personality. Such character traits as high intelligence and politeness charm French brides. They are fond of men who act courteously and are interesting to communicate with.
  • Financial status. It means quite a lot to French brides. People from this country value a comfortable standard of living. Moreover, local ladies consider husbands to be the main breadwinners in the family. That is why they pay attention to how much a man earns, what kind of apartment and car he has, and other parameters that show financial status.
  • Readiness for family. French women are good at setting goals and are not shy to talk about their intentions directly. If a French woman is looking for a future husband, she will not waste her time on inappropriate men who are not ready to start a family soon.

French ladies are tolerant of the age gap. Many of them even prefer older men to younger guys because they understand that wisdom, financial stability, and responsibility come with age.

4 Tips on Dating French Women

Before you meet French girls, learn some tips on how to communicate with them and court them to feel more confident while dating a French woman.

Share Your Cultural Experience

This is a great way to start an engaging dialogue and keep the lady you like interested in you. Tell about the traditions of your native country and the lifestyle that locals usually prefer. This will be interesting to a French woman because all of them are always glad to learn something new and broaden their horizons.

Keep in mind also that French ladies are very proud of their native culture, and it flatters them when foreigners take interest in it. Be sure to ask her about the local customs, traditions, and arts.

Adore Your Lady

French brides do whatever it takes to look resplendent every day. And they need to receive appreciation for their efforts. Compliment your lady to let her know that you value her awesome appearance.

Do Not Try to Force a Relationship

French brides are rather sensible. They don’t like to rush while building relationships. Thus, don’t try to develop a relationship too fast. Be patient and move on to a more serious stage only when you see that the lady is really ready for this.

Talk About the Future

French brides can’t stand uncertainty. They need to know what a relationship is going to lead to. If you want to start a family, feel free to tell your girlfriend about your intentions. Also, discuss what kind of family you both dream to have. Imagine it in full detail: how many children you want to have, what pets you would like to have, where you are going to live together, how you will share responsibilities and spend free time together. Talking about all these issues will help you understand whether you want the same things and, thus, can make a happy couple.

3 Crucial French Wedding Traditions

The most important things you need to be ready for are:

  1. Having a wedding ceremony in the bride’s hometown.
  2. Organizing 2 ceremonies: the first one at the city hall and the second one at a church.
  3. Serving 2 meals to guests: a light one right after the ceremony and a large feast with a lot of dishes and a wedding cake at night.


Why Are There Many French Mail Order Brides on the Web?

A lot of ladies from this country don’t want to limit themselves only to considering local men. They believe that the wider the choice is the higher chances of the successful outcome they have. So, they are eager to meet foreigners and don’t mind marrying soulmates from other countries if they feel that they are compatible.

Do French Women Speak English?

Well-educated French brides are usually good at English. But they also appreciate foreigners who know some phrases in French. They take it as a respect for their native culture. Thus, take a few French lessons before you meet French girls. They will be fond of it.

Do French Women Keep in Touch With Other Relatives, Except for Their Husbands And Kids?

French women value family connections and don’t neglect to keep in touch with both close and distant relatives. They are especially attached to their parents. French wives invite their parents to a family dinner not only on holidays but also without any special occasion.