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Have you always dreamt of a perfect wife who ideally combines four roles in one person: a passionate lover, a nice housekeeper, a caring mother for children, and a loyal friend? Then pay your attention to Bosnian mail order brides.

They make perfect spouses for foreign men. And they do not even have to make a great effort to get a Bosnian mail order bride. As there are not enough single men in Bosnia, women from this country are eager to find foreign spouses.

So, you have extremely high chances of becoming a lucky husband of a hot Bosnian girl. Just learn more about fascinating women of this nationality and do not be afraid to try your luck!

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What Are Bosnian Women Like?

If you have never met girls of this nationality you may wonder why Bosnian mail order brides are so sought after. But there is no secret in their high popularity. The reasons are quite obvious.

They are Charming

Pretty Bosnian women immediately attract men’s attention with their great looks. They are elegant and dainty. Passionate eyes, sparkling smiles, and slim refined bodies — due to all these features, men worldwide cannot help themselves from falling in love with beautiful Bosnian women.

They are Attractive

Not only beauty makes Bosnian girls hard to resist but also their demeanor does. Body language and manners of sexy Bosnian women attract men without words. That is why male tourists from around the world are astonished by alluring local women. Many of them come back home from Bosnia not only with unforgettable impressions from a trip but also with new brides!

They are Well-groomed

There is high competition among Bosnian women as there are not enough local men for all of them. Therefore, girls of this nationality do their best to look even more impressive than they naturally do. The majority of them are regular at beauty salons and stylish showrooms.

So, women in Bosnia are really gorgeous. They never go outside without a carefully polished image (elegant clothes, nice shoes, and fancy accessories), expressive make-up, and a perfect hair-do.

They are Passionate

Just look at Bosnian women, and you will immediately guess that they are hot. And their appearance is not deceiving. Girls of this nationality are really sexy and very good in bed. Thus, Bosnian wives are not only great housekeepers and nice mothers of common children, but also passionate lovers. Intimate life with a spouse of this nationality is diverse and sensual even after years of married life.

They are Energetic

Bosnian women cannot stand staying put. They have a lot of vital energy and know how to use it properly. Bosnian ladies are rather ambitious and try hard to achieve their goals related to education and career.

Also, they like sports, an active pastime, and traveling. Thus, it is not boring to date or to live together with a girl of this nationality. She knows how to make a dreary life more diverse and bright. She always has ideas of how to have fun together with the whole family.

They are Strong

Bosnian women are very strong-willed. They know how to cope with any life’s challenges on their own. But if they have a stronger man around they turn into gentle and loving ladies. They are fond of romantic evenings and never miss an opportunity to express their feelings to their soulmates.

Do Bosnian Women Make Good Wives?

You already know that ladies of this nationality can make great girlfriends: beautiful, passionate, and active. But what to expect from them after marriage? What kind of wives do they make?

Bosnian mail order brides are extremely popular with men worldwide as they combine four roles in one person.

Passionate Lovers

Bosnian women are good at sex not only in the first months of dating but even after years of married life. Thus, their husbands never cheat on them as they are completely satisfied with their intimate life with their spouses.

Brilliant Cooks

Bosnian wives believe cooking to be not only a daily necessity but also an interesting hobby. They like to cook tasty dishes and do it really well.

Fish and a variety of marine products are very popular with women of this nationality, as well as vegetables and sweets. Additionally, Bosnian women can make incredibly delicious coffee.

Loving Mothers

Bosnian women cultivate the right life views and the character traits necessary for a successful life in their children. They teach their kids to make their own decisions, to be self-sufficient and independent. They only give valuable advice and help their children but do not impose their views on kids and never make important decisions instead of them.

Loyal Friends

Bosnian wives believe their men to be not only breadwinners and fathers of common children. They also expect them to be true friends. So, Bosnian wives do their best to contribute to this friendship.

Women of this nationality never lie or cheat on their husbands. They do everything possible not to lose common interests over years and always keep being close to each other.

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What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Bosnian mail order brides do not even hide their desire to marry a foreigner and leave their homeland forever. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, there are not enough men in Bosnia. Though local men are good, caring, and responsible, far from all Bosnian brides are lucky to get one. So, girls who have not managed to find a soulmate in the native country look for their destiny from abroad.

And secondly, moving abroad gives more career opportunities. So, women who have graduated from universities and have got a decent level of education are eager to move to the countries where they will have more chances to succeed in their careers.

So, if you are a foreigner, you have high chances of winning the heart of a Bosnian woman. Girls of this nationality are fond of foreign men regardless of their age and appearance.

And if you additionally have some favorable character traits, you have almost 100% guarantee to marry one of the beautiful Bosnian mail order brides. Here are the features of men that are the most highly appreciated by Bosnian women:

  • Considerate. It is easy for real gentlemen to attract Bosnian mail order brides. Girls of this nationality are fond of beautiful courtship and romantic evenings. So, be romantic, gentle, and caring, and a Bosnian lady will fall in love with you in no time.
  • Generous. Bosnian women do not like stingy men. It is not compulsory to buy very expensive presents. But flowers, surprises, and visiting beautiful and romantic places together are must-haves while dating Bosnian women.

If you have got these character traits you have almost a 100% guarantee of winning the heart of a Bosnian bride.

Where to Meet Bosnian Women in Bosnia?

Though Bosnia is not the best destination for tourism, some courageous men can take chances and go there to try to find a future wife. The largest towns of this country are:

  • Sarajevo;
  • Zenica.

Though these are the biggest towns in the country, they are not very large. So, a week is more than enough to visit all popular places. You will find more details about each of the big Bosnian towns below.


This is the capital of Bosnia. So, the most beautiful and ambitious women in Bosnia live here.

What are the best places to meet Bosnian girls ready for new acquaintances? Of course, nightclubs. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Underground Club;
  • Silver & Smoke Club;
  • Club XL;
  • Rupa;
  • Trezor;
  • Mystique Club;
  • Club Tropics.

But some men do not like noisy parties and do not want to meet women who are fond of dancing and drinking alcohol. If you are one of them, look for quieter places for meeting more calm and intelligent girls. For example, go to one of the local parks: Veliki, Forest Park Mojmilo, Betanija, or Vrelo Bosne.


This is a town placed on the Bosna River. This is not a noisy huge city, but as for Bosnia, it is quite large. Its population is more than 100 thousand people.

There are few nightclubs and they are rather small. But it does not make local girls less hot and beautiful. On the contrary, they are even more ready for acquaintances with foreigners than ladies from the capital as there is an even stronger deficit of local men in a smaller town.

Here is the list of local nightclubs where you can meet cheerful and positive Bosnian girls:

  • Tica MC Clubhouse;
  • Ekor Club;
  • Castello;
  • Millenium;
  • Majestic Restaurant & Night Club.

If you are against parties, you can choose one of the local parks or squares as a more appropriate place for meeting a girl for serious relationships.

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Where to Meet Bosnian Women Online?

Bosnia is not the most interesting country for tourists. There are no big cities. Even the capital is quite small and dull. Therefore, few men are ready to go to this country especially to meet girls. Moreover, there are no guarantees that you will get acquainted with a future wife during a short trip to Bosnia. Sometimes, even a few months are not enough to find an appropriate woman. So, if you are not ready to spend much time in this unremarkable country, meet Bosnian women online.

But what websites or apps to choose for finding a girl of this nationality? You will not find Bosnian women on dating platforms popular in the USA. Ladies of this nationality who are looking for foreign husbands can be found only on Bosnian mail order brides services. They are rather popular with ladies of this nationality as many of them dream of finding spouses from abroad.

How to Date a Bosnian Girl: 4 Tips

Dating a Bosnian woman is not a challenge. These women are fond of foreign men, so you do not have to make too much effort to conquer a lady of this nationality. If a Bosnian bride sees that you love her she will show reciprocal feelings immediately.

But, of course, you should express your feelings properly to get reciprocity. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. Compliment her. Bosnian brides know that they are beautiful and do their best to be well-groomed and look really gorgeous. But they often lack compliments. As there are fewer men than women in Bosnia, they are spoiled by a wide choice of beautiful girls around and are not very generous with compliments. So, if you compliment a Bosnian lady you will immediately win her heart.
  2. Be romantic. Bosnian brides are fond of romance. Dinners at cozy places with a romantic atmosphere, large bouquets, and beautiful words should be in the arsenal of a man who has decided to conquer a lady of this nationality.
  3. Take care of her. You will show her that she can let herself be a bit weaker when you are around. This is the best way to make a good impression on her.
  4. Give presents to her. The price of presents does not matter. But what is important for surprises is to be romantic and frequent.


Should I Worry About a Language Barrier?

To be honest, there can be such a problem as a language barrier. Far from all Bosnian women have fluent English. Their mother language is Bosnian.

But true love, modern technologies, and professional translators can help you cope with this difficulty. And language barrier will not prevent you from arranging your personal life successfully together with a Bosnian lady. 

How to Start a Conversation with a Bosnian Woman?

As Bosnian mail order brides dream of foreign husbands, there is no need to be extra original to attract the attention of the girl of this nationality. Standard phrases will be absolutely enough for starting a conversation. Just say Hi and ask her about her day or compliment her. You will receive a response even to a trite message in 90% of cases.

Are Bosnian Women Ready to Move Abroad to Foreign Husbands?

Yes, they are. Moreover, they even dream of moving to a bigger and more interesting country with more career opportunities.