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Many Western men are eager to get Slavic men. And the first nationalities that come to mind are Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians. We often unjustly forget about Polish brides. But they also have many advantages and are appropriate for marriage with Western men. In some aspects, they are even better than other Slavic girls as the matches for Western men. Let’s discuss their strong points for you to decide if you would like to start selecting the future wife among Polish mail order brides.

Why are Polish Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays: 6 Reasons to Choose them

We don’t know why Polish ladies are less popular than Russian and Ukrainian ones, but their advantages are obvious. Here are them.

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Polish brides look fabulous by nature

They can boast of the typical Slavic appearance. Since ancient times, Polish brides have fascinated princes and kings with their stunning beauty. And their modern descents continue enchanting men from all parts of the world by their wonderful appearance. Here is a portrait of a typical Polish woman:

  • Has got a subtle constitution.
  • Is tall and slim.
  • Has long legs attracting the eyes of men.
  • Has symmetrical facial features.
  • Has captivating eyes of light colors: blue, green, olive, or grey. Very seldom they are light hazel.
  • Has fair hair. There are both Polish girls with curly and straight hair types. Also, women of this nationality rarely do short haircuts. Usually, they can boast of long and thick hair they are proud of.
  • Has graceful manners. It adds even more attractiveness to their image.

Agree that it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with pretty Polish women.

Polish brides love naturalness in the image

These beauties always wear makeup and don’t even go to the supermarket without putting cosmetics on. But this fact doesn’t come to the front. Polish chicks can do makeup that looks very natural. They don’t like bright colors or putting too many cosmetics on their faces. They only highlight their natural beauty with light makeup.

Talking about clothes, they prefer casual, sport, or classic style. Most of the women in Poland wear jeans and plain shirts, or strict classic dresses, or office suits. You will never see the woman of this nationality in bright dresses or mini skirts.

But such plainness in looks doesn’t make girls from this country less attractive. They believe that beauty is not in makeup or clothes, but in their natural features: face, hair, figure, manners.

Polish brides love themselves

There is a saying that nobody will love you until you don’t love yourself. Maybe this is the reason why men are delighted by Polish girls. These ladies love themselves very much. And this is shown in everything:

  • they like to take care of themselves: visit cosmetologists, do different useful procedures;
  • they’ve got strong personal boundaries;
  • they are capable of defending their interests, etc.

Polish brides are prideful

Maybe for a man who is unsure of himself, this can be a big disadvantage. Beautiful Polish women are very self-assured. They are not for those who want to get a humble wife like a Filipino one. Polish women are for those who want to get not just a woman for household chores and a mother of the children but a full-value life partner and a best friend.

Polish brides are active and have great ambitions

Sometimes it seems that they are superwomen. They can combine studying, work, traveling, many hobbies, and keeping in touch with a wide circle of various friends. Most of them are eager to build outstanding careers. And such a strong character attracts successful men to hot Polish women.

Polish brides are closer to Western culture than any other Slavic women

Poland is a country included in the European Union. That’s why the outlook on life is more progressive here. So, Polish brides will find common ground with Western men easier than other Slavic girls.

This is obvious that these girls are fabulous being singles, but what are Polish wives like? Let’s talk about the main traits of Polish wives.

What are Polish Wives Like: 3 Main Peculiarities that Make them Great Life Partners

Polish mail order brides are not the type of passive women depending on their husbands in every sphere of life. They’ve got the following traits that make them full-value life partners.

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Polish wives are self-sufficient

They’ve got their own interests and a circle of friends and acquaintances. So, Polish wives are interesting to their spouses not only as women but also as friends and conversationalists.

Polish wives are independent

Polish wives are capable of making decisions by themselves. They’ve got their own opinion on every issue. So, husbands can communicate with them as equal partners. Polish wives will never become dependent and spineless housewives interested only in cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children.

Polish wives don’t lose their activeness after marriage

These are not the type of women who become mothers hens once they marry someone. Polish wives still have their own ambitions and do their best to combine the family with building a career. They like active hobbies and often motivate husbands and children to join them in this. Polish wives are not boring and fussy. They are interesting and active.

Why are Polish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Why are many Polish singles in search of husbands from abroad? Here are the three most widespread answers to this question:

  • The Western mentality is very close to them. Polish mail order brides are eager to find a like-minded person in the face of a husband. So, they prefer Western men whose mentality is modern and progressive, free of stereotypes.
  • Many Polish mail order brides see their future in the developed European countries or in the USA. They know that there are even more career opportunities there than in Poland and don’t want to miss the chance to change their lives for the better. So, many Polish brides don’t see any sense in starting relationships with local men, because they don’t believe in love at a distance in case of moving from Poland.
  • Many women don’t like arrogance. And this is the character trait inherent to many local men. That’s why a lot of Polish brides like foreigners more.

The Guide on Marrying a Polish Woman: How to Win the Heart  of The Prideful Sweetheart

Dating Polish women will take some effort. These are not the girls from third world countries who would be in the seventh heaven if a decent foreigner pays his attention to them. To be noticed by a proud Polish woman you should work much harder. You need to prove that you really love her and you are really appropriate for married life together with her.

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9 Tips on Dating a Polish Girl: How not to Fail

Try to stick to these pieces of advice:

  1. Never be late. Polish brides are punctual and like boyfriends with the same character traits. There is even such an unusual peculiarity of behavior. If you are late for 15 minutes and don’t contact her with the message or call with the reasons for such a delay she just doesn’t wait for you any longer and goes away.
  2. Order Polish national dish in the restaurant. Women from this country like it very much when men take interest in the culture of their motherland including the national cuisine. One of the tastiest Polish dishes is vareniki.
  3. Try to order the same quantity of food and drinks as her when you are in a cafe or restaurant. For people of this nationality, it is believed to be bad form when one person eats and drinks a lot and another one just sits with one cup of tea for the whole evening.
  4. Invite her to the cinema. Women in this country like to attend this place not only for watching a certain movie but just for spending time in the romantic environment together with their boyfriends. But don’t make it on the first date. You should be close emotionally for such dates.
  5. Never present yellow flowers for her. Polish brides believe them to be the sign of insincerity.
  6. Never talk bad about Poland. People from this country are very patriotic. So, a woman of this nationality will never perceive as a good match a man who disrespects her motherland.
  7. Discuss the issue of payment for the dates in advance. Some Polish brides believe that a man should pay for everything because he is the future head of the family. But others perceive it as disrespect to females when a man pays for them. So, to avoid misunderstandings, find out her attendance to this issue from the very beginning of relationships. 
  8. Keep the middle ground in the level of closeness. Polish brides usually don’t hurry with sex with their new boyfriends. This will happen once she sees that you are a good candidate for the role of a husband. But don’t be too cold because she can think that she doesn’t attract you physically. Kisses are acceptable from the first date.
  9. Take interest in her hobbies, career, and plans. Polish brides are usually very interesting personalities. They are used to communicating with the men as equals. And they like it very much when a man is interested in her life and shares some of her opinions, plans, etc.

Meeting Polish Bride’s Parents

Here is what you should do for the successful getting acquainted:

  1. Take interest in the Polish Bride’s parents: what they do for a living, how they spend free time, etc.
  2. Tell everything they want to know about you.
  3. Tell about your common plans for a life together with their daughter.
  4. Discuss the wedding.
  5. Show interest and respect for Polish culture.

These five tips are very easy. Just be yourself, and everything will be OK.

Polish Wedding Customs and Laws

Authentic traditions are in the past. Nowadays Polish brides are oriented to Western culture. So, they won’t insist on sticking to any traditions unusual for husbands. The only peculiarity is that the thing that is thrown by Polish brides to their unmarried girlfriends is not a bouquet, but a bridal veil. Also, they’ve got a special taste for wedding dresses. Polish brides often choose dresses of beige, champagne, or gold colors instead of classic and boring white.

FAQ: What Else We Haven’t Told about Polish Brides

As a conclusion of the article, we give you the answers to the three most frequently asked questions about Polish brides.

Are Polish Mail Order Brides Ready to Move to their Husbands Motherlands?

In most cases, they are. Poland is a developed country with good job opportunities, but many women will move to even more developed countries with pleasure. 

Will a language barrier interfere with the communication with Polish Mail Order Brides?

People in this country fluently speak Polish. Also, they can understand languages that are alike, such as Russian. What about English, not all Polish brides know it. In this country, only those who are eager to work abroad learn the English language seriously. So, if a girl speaks English you can be sure that she is very well educated. And in any case, nothing can interfere with true love. You can use online translation services if a woman’s English is not enough for a fluent conversation.

Where to Meet Polish Girls?

Of course, you can visit Poland, where you will see a lot of sexy Polish girls on the streets and in the clubs. But it can be difficult to get acquainted with them in real life because of their prideful character and a language barrier. So, we recommend you to get registered on one of the specialized mail order brides services where you will meet many Polish women for marriage. There you have fewer chances to be spurned by a prideful beautiful girl you like.

How to get acquainted 

How to get acquainted with Polish Mail Order Brides in the Right Way?

Don’t overwhelm her with compliments from the very beginning. It will just seem strange for her and will be perceived as if you haven’t got any serious intentions. Instead of this, start a conversation with some standard phrases like “Hi! How are you?” and then find some interesting topics to talk about.

Men of what nationality do Polish brides prefer?

Statistics say that they marry men from England, France, and Italy most often. But a man from any country has chances if he has managed to win the heart of a certain woman.