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Why Are Norwegian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

There may not be as many Norwegian women for marriage on the international dating scene as there are some other European women, but Norwegian brides easily stand out from the rest. There are many amazing things about Norwegian mail order brides, and here are the top 5 to know about.

They are very attractive

A typical Norwegian woman looks like a mythical Nordic goddess. These women are tall and athletic, but they are still unmistakably feminine. Most Norwegian brides have light skin and blonde hair, but lately, the appearance of women in Norway has been getting more diverse. So now you can meet both completely naturally beautiful Norwegian mail order brides and Norwegian women who have more exotic features and like to experiment with their looks.

They are excellent conversation partners

Even before you develop a romantic attraction to a Norwegian bride, you will realize that you can talk to her for hours and still be as excited as ever. Norwegian girls are smart, well-read, and highly educated. On top of that, they are open-minded, sociable, and have a fantastic sense of humor. You can discuss anything from politics to art with your Norwegian mail order bride and always find something new to talk about.

They have a fascinating lifestyle

Unlike some foreign women, Norwegian brides don’t just spend their time waiting for the right man to come along. Romance and relationships are important to them, but they also have plenty of things to enjoy besides dating. A Norwegian woman is someone who has a few hobbies, a thriving social life, and knows how to entertain yourself or the people close to her — for example, her partner.

They won’t make you doubt their feelings

One of the greatest things about Norwegian mail order brides is that they are fully open about their emotions, feelings, and plans. A Norwegian woman won’t keep you in the dark. Instead, she will let you know how she feels about you. She won’t play with your feelings, and she also expects the same in return. Dating Norwegian women is very easy, mainly because they don’t want to make things more complicated for you.

What Are Norwegian Wives Like?

Norwegian women for marriage are coveted by men in every corner of the globe, but what exactly makes them so irresistible? Marrying a Norwegian woman should make you feel like the luckiest man in the world, and here is why.

They have the right priorities

You can often hear that Norwegian women are too invested in their careers and far less invested in family life. However, that’s not true at all. Norwegian ladies may value their work life, but once they get married, let alone have children, their priorities shift. A Norwegian wife will always think of her family first and of her work life and other commitments second.

They make great mothers

One of the reasons why Norwegian wives are so popular is that they shine not just as wives, but also as mothers. A Norwegian wife doesn’t want to have a lot of kids. She wants just one or two, but she will make sure that each child gets as much love and attention as possible. At the same time, Norwegian women don’t forget about their place as a wife when they become mothers.

They have a smart approach to housework

A Norwegian wife is not someone who will spend hours in the kitchen or around the house cooking, cleaning, and doing everything in between. Norwegian wives know a ton of quick and delicious recipes to make cooking easier, and when it’s time to clean the family home, she would rather request the help of her husband and do everything twice as fast.

Why Are Norwegian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

If there is one thing everyone knows about Norway besides its gorgeous scenery, it’s that it’s one of the most financially stable, successful countries in the world with equal opportunities for everyone. Young Norwegian women are more than satisfied with the life they have in their home country and they are not using marriage to a foreign man as a chance for a better life.

The desire of Norwegian mail order brides to be with Western men is a combination of two things. One, it’s their sheer attraction to Western guys, both in terms of appearance and in terms of what they stand for. Two, it’s their natural curiosity and belief that with the right partner by their side, they can achieve even more in a foreign country.

The Guide On Marrying A Norwegian Woman

Tips on dating a Norwegian girl

Norwegian mail order brides may be actively looking for a husband, but they will never marry someone unless they spend some time with him and are absolutely confident that he’s a good match. Here is how to make the most out of your time dating a Norwegian bride.

  • Keep things cool at first. There is no need to make your relationship utterly romantic when it’s only beginning. There should be a personal connection and a lot of shared interests, while romance will come with time.
  • Her friends should like you. Norwegian women value their social connections very much. If her friends don’t like you, she will be less likely to view you as a romantic partner. So not only should you spend time with them, but you also need to get them to adore you.
  • Don’t bring up the issue of paying more than once. Most Norwegian brides prefer to pay for their own part of the check, but the situation can go both ways. All you need to do is ask her how she wants to deal with the check on the first date and then never return to this question again.
  • Give your bride plenty of freedom. A Norwegian mail order bride can be deeply in love with someone and still not want to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with him. Your bride will have her own interests and aspirations, and that is something you need to accept.
  • Make sure your relationship has direction. When your relationship begins casually and you hang out a lot as buddies, it’s easy to lose the sense of direction. That is why you should always remember your ultimate goal — marriage — and work towards it.

Meeting Norwegian bride parents: 3 tips

Most Norwegian mail order brides are rather independent and live away from their parents. So if you get an invitation to meet your bride’s parents, you know that things are serious between you two. Here is how to make the right impression on your future in-laws when visiting Norway.

  • Act casual and be yourself. Norwegians like to be on the same level as the younger generation, so there is no need to try to seem more successful or more confident than you are. Treat them as the parents of your close friend, not your boss.
  • Don’t emphasize your material wealth. It’s simply not in the nature of Norwegian people to boast about material possessions or financial status. All they need to know is that you and their daughter will live comfortably, but they don’t need to know the exact price of your house or your car.
  • Express admiration for their country. Norwegians are incredibly patriotic and they enjoy sharing their love for Norway with others. While you’re visiting, make sure to talk about how much you like Norway and how you are looking forward to seeing more of it.

Norwegian wedding customs and laws

Norway and its women are incredibly modern in many aspects, but it’s also a country of traditions and beliefs that are several centuries old. A classic Norwegian wedding is one of the instances where you will see dozens of Norwegian traditions, and here are the top 5.

  • The wedding procession. The bride and the groom will be accompanied by a lot of people on their way to the wedding venue. The procession will be headed by a violinist, the bride and the groom come next, and every other guest follows.
  • The choice of a wedding ceremony. In Norway, church and civil weddings are equally popular, but lately, young Norwegian couples prefer to get married at the city hall. Still, if you and your bride are religious, you may choose one of the beautiful Norwegian churches for your ceremony.
  • The toastmaster. A typical Norwegian wedding is smaller than a US one, but there will still be dozens of guests. To make sure everyone gets a chance to greet the newlyweds and say his well-wishes, couples hire a toastmaster. He will be responsible for the entertainment during the event.
  • Several wedding cakes. Norwegians are not extravagant when it comes to weddings, but the one aspect they don’t mind going all-in for is the wedding cake. In fact, most weddings have more than one cake: a Kransekake, a tower-shaped collection of pastries, an almond cake, a chocolate cake, a cheesecake, you name it.
  • Partying until morning. The wedding dinner itself lasts for a couple of hours, but then comes the fun part of the reception, where everyone dances and mingles. There will even be food served after midnight to help the guests stay energetic before going home in the early morning hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important are the man’s finances to a Norwegian bride?

Most Norwegian brides work hard to achieve a certain level of financial comfort and they certainly don’t want to downgrade their living conditions when they get married. So it’s important for the man to have a steady job and to be comfortable financially. However, Norwegian mail order brides are not after a luxury lifestyle, so you don’t have to be extra rich to charm them.

What kind of gift will impress my Norwegian mail order bride?

Norwegian women for marriage don’t usually expect gifts unless there is a special occasion, but they will be delighted to get one as a surprise from you. Flowers are always a good option, as are books. However, if you want to truly impress your bride, give her a new experience instead of a material gift: anything from a cooking class to a skydiving session will do!

Is there a chance my Norwegian wife will never go back to work?

This is highly unlikely. Norwegian women are famously career-oriented and ambitious. They typically achieve a lot by the time they get married and have children, and they are definitely not ready to give it all up for marriage. A Norwegian wife will take a break from work when she gives birth to your children, but she will be back in the saddle shortly after that.