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Foreign women always seem more attractive and mysterious, and there is some truth in this. There is a different culture, a different appearance, and a different attitude to life. All this attracts men, and Russians often become objects of such interest. In this article, you will learn everything about the sites that help to find Russian brides.

Russia has a huge territory and is famous for its beauties. Now just imagine how many Russian brides for marriage there are. Today there are no barriers to starting a relationship with a girl from Russia, so let’s begin this fascinating journey to the world of Russian dating right now.

Russian Mail Order Brides Services: What Are They? 

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Perhaps, there are no men in the world who do not know that real beauties live in Russia. Moreover, a lot of foreigners prefer to choose girls from Russia to make them their wives. Would you like to see such a beauty next to you without the necessity to make a long way to Russia? The good news is that you don’t even need to leave your home for this.

Today, you can easily meet girls over the Internet and then transfer your communication into real life. To do this, you need to find a platform that will have a base of Russian women who want to get married or at least start some relations with a foreign guy.

As for the ways of finding the perfect fit platform, we are going to explain it a little later. Now it is important to explain how such sites work. All you have to do is select a niche site that has a database of Russian brides. Then you should create your profile, check the platform’s pricing policy,  pay a little fee for the services, and write to the girl who will interest you the most.

Now you know how such sites work and what to expect from them. Below you will find out even more about the platforms that offer dating services.

What Services May You Expect from Russian Brides Sites? 

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Above, you learned about the basic principle of the work of platforms that provide Russian mail order bride services. Next, let’s talk about the basic services that can be found on almost all sites. Here are the main ones:

  • Free registration. Most of the top-notch sites offer free registration. This feature provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the way everything works and decide whether to stay here or not.
  • Free Profile Viewing. Often, users can view girls’ profiles for free. However, some videos should be paid for, however, such videos allow you to take a closer look at the girls.
  • Presence of filters for search. When you have clear requirements for a potential bride, there are no obstacles to set filters. By adding the necessary search parameters, you can find profiles of such girls that will match your wishes.
  • Communication tools. Modern dating platforms offer several communication options. You can talk with girls in real-time instant chat just like in popular social networks. Then you can communicate using video chat. The platforms also offer communication through letters that will be sent to Russian brides at their email address. The advantage of this type of communication is that you can write a long letter. Another common service is a call with a potential Russian bride order.
  • Gifts. You can please your darling with both virtual and real gifts. You can send your girlfriend flowers, a soft toy, and even jewelry. In just a few days, the gift will be delivered to your bride, even if there is a whole ocean between you.
  • Real meeting. When your relationship reaches such a level that you want to see your beauty in real life, you can order such a service on the website. A comfortable and, what is more importantly, a safe trip to Russia will be organized for you. There you can meet with your chosen one to finally make sure that this is your soulmate.
  • Fraud Protection. Dating sites are a tidbit for scammers. For this reason, most sites pay special attention to ensuring that members of their platform do not encounter scammers. That is why various measures are being developed to identify fraudsters and fight them.

How Russian Mail Order Services Differ from Other Russian Dating Sites?

Why is it worth paying attention to a specific Russian mail order bride site in such an abyss of other offers? First of all, mail order platforms guarantee safe communication with real members and privacy policy.

This platform offers all of the above, which means that you do not need to doubt that real Russian mail order wives are communicating with you or worry that your money will be automatically debited from your card. Everything here is legal, there is a transparent pricing policy and reliable transactions. And of course, it is worth noting that here you have all the necessary communication tools to find a woman who will make all your dreams come true in the shortest possible time.

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What Benefits Do I Get by Using Such a Service?   

Still in doubt, whether this platform is what you need? Take a look at the main benefits of communication within this site:

  • As you already understood, you have an opportunity to meet women from Russia. Here you will not encounter scammers but will enjoy communicating with real Russian women.
  • Taking into account a large number of beautiful and unique girls, the chances of finding the girl of your dreams are multiplied. Here you can use the search parameters to find those women that most closely match your desires.
  • The platform is designed in such a way that you will have all the tools for comfortable communication at your fingertips. If you have any difficulties, then the support service will help you quickly.
  • What is more, you will not face a language barrier, since most Russian mail order wives have a good knowledge of English, which will be sufficient to communicate comfortably. However, if the girl does not know the language, then, you can always use the services of an interpreter within the platform.
  • The platform offers a transparent payment system for services. That is, you do not need to make a monthly payment. You control how much money you can and want to spend. This means that each service costs a certain number of credits, and each credit has a cash equivalent. You can make a payment at any time convenient for you, and you will instantly have credits after payment.
  • When your relationship reaches the level to meet in real life, the platform will arrange a safe meeting. This will once again protect you from scammers. The platform will help you with flights, accommodation, and meetings with a girl. Each meeting will be held in the presence of an interpreter so that there are no communication problems.
  • You will be able to please your online girlfriend with gifts in real life. The platform offers a gift service. So you can order a gift or flower delivery service, and in just a few days, your bride will send you a photo with a gift.
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What to Consider When Choosing Russian Mail Order Brides Service    

Let’s talk about how to make the right choice in the Internet space and safely find your Russian wife. Here is the list of the most important criteria for reliable and high-quality sites:

  • No monthly fees: It is much more convenient to use those sites that offer payment for services using credits. So you can control all expenses yourself and understand where your money is going. Basically, all top sites offer such a system.
  • The base of real girls: Almost all sites tell eloquently that they have the largest base of brides. However, in practice, for many sites, half of such a database is not relevant. Therefore, pay attention to the possibility of free registration so that you can check how many girls are online.
  • Privacy and Anti-Fraud Policy: Protecting your personal information should be your top priority when it comes to these types of sites. Often, many users are faced with the fact that during registration on a specific site they are redirected to a completely different one. See in advance if there is a privacy policy, and also read what the platform promises regarding fraudulent activities.


Do you still have questions regarding the sites that allow you to find a bride? Below you will find answers to questions that you may have.                  

Are Russian Brides Real? 

russian girl

This is the most popular question among men who want to get a wife from Russia. The correct answer is as follows. They are real if you are dealing with the safe dating website, like the one you are staying with right now. The site administration is very attentive about the selection of candidates. The point is that in order for girls to become members of the platform, they need to meet personally with representatives of the site, provide their passport data, and, of course, tell about themselves. Only this approach guarantees that you will communicate with real girls, and not scammers.

Are Russian Mail Order Brides Legal?

The work of this platform is legal, which means that you will not face scammers. Payment for all services is transparent, there are several payment options for services. It is also worth noting that the site provides a privacy policy. And girls are also real because in order to become participants they need to confirm their identity. Thus, this is a legal place that provides opportunities for comfortable and safe communication for those who seek to find their soulmate.

How can I protect myself from a scam?

There are a number of actions that, if fraudulent activities are detected, will help you protect yourself. It should be noted that the above approach eliminates the possibility of fraudsters, however, the platform provides the following recommendations:

  1. Never share your personal data. This applies to social media profiles and phone and credit card numbers. Communication within the platform eliminates all risks, however, any actions outside the dating website are under the complete responsibility of the user.
  2. In case of detection of suspicious activities and accounts, you should immediately inform the site administration about it.

How much does it cost to find a Russian wife? 

As for the amount of money you need to find a wife, it is very difficult to give a definite answer. It is vital to understand that it will take someone only a week to meet the destined girl, while someone will need a month to make sure that he needs this particular woman.

Therefore, the final amount will depend on many factors, and the key will be the amount of time for communication. Remember that you pay only when you need to communicate.

Do mail-order bride services guarantee that I find a wife?  

Service for finding a wife does not have the same effect as Cupid’s arrows. However, in this place, you have all the chances that you will find the Russian wife you have dreamed of for so long. How long it takes, as you understand, will depend on you. However, with such a wide choice of girlfriends, you definitely can find a suitable wife for yourself.