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👰‍♀️ Average Age of a Slovenian Bride 27 Y/O
🤑 Average Cost of a Slovenian Bride $1600-$5200
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Why Are Slovenian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Slovenian women for marriage are often overlooked since there are so many other European mail order brides. But a Slovenian bride is perfect if you are looking for someone who shares your Western values but still has that signature European charm, and here is everything you need to know about them.

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They are naturally pretty

A Slovenian mail order bride is the embodiment of European beauty. Her best features are her light-brown hair and her even-toned skin that looks perfect in the sun. Slovenian girls don’t have the most contrasting facial features, but they are beautiful just the way they are and don’t need heavy makeup to prove it. Most Slovenian women have a medium height and moderately curvy figures. What’s even better is that the combination of genetics and a healthy lifestyle allows Slovenian women to look as good in their forties as they do in their twenties.

They can talk about anything

Before you begin talking to a Slovenian mail order bride, you will probably think that her knowledge of English is limited and she is not as well-read as you’d want. However, this is where Slovenian brides will prove you wrong. They are not only well-educated and have read more books than you can imagine, but they are also fluent in English. On top of that, many Slovenian women also speak the languages of neighboring countries. 

They freely express their feelings

When you are dating a Slovenian mail order bride, you will never need to guess what she is thinking at any given moment, as she will happily share her thoughts and emotions. Slovenian women consider honesty to be one of the most important aspects of a happy relationship, which is why they will openly talk to you when they are unhappy about something and also find it very easy to express their love and adoration.

What Are Slovenian Wives Like?

Marrying a Slovenian woman seems like a long path to happiness, but once you know more about these women, you will want to do it even more. Here are three reasons why you will never regret having a Slovenian wife as your life partner.

slovenian mail order bride

They take excellent care of their families

Slovenian women have a lot on their plate with work, hobbies, social life, and self-development. However, none of those things will ever be important to a Slovenian wife as the well-being of her family. When her husband or children require her attention, she won’t hesitate to drop everything to be with the people who need her the most.

They maintain an active lifestyle

Unlike some other foreign brides, Slovenian wives don’t consider marriage to be a reason for abandoning everything they have loved before. Even after the wedding, your Slovenian wife will likely keep her hobbies and her active view of life. And if you not only accept them but also try to love them as well, it will make the love between you and your Slovenian wife even stronger.

They are rightfully proud of their cooking skills

Slovenian women believe that the dining table is the centre of the universe for their families. When the whole family is gathered at the table, Slovenian wives feel content and happy. They are naturally gifted cooks who effortlessly master foreign cuisines and intricate cooking techniques. Additionally, they are always trying to get better at what they do, and soon you won’t be able to remember what life was like before you met your Slovenian wife.

Why Are Slovenian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Slovenia may not be the wealthiest country in Europe, but it’s far from being the most troubled one. That is why Slovenian girls are pretty comfortable living in their home state and don’t just begin looking for a foreign husband to marry for financial gain, security, or other issues with living standards. To them, marriage to a foreigner is a way to broaden their horizons, get more opportunities, and experience the coveted Western men’s qualities that they’ve heard so much about.

The Guide on Marrying a Slovenian Woman

Tips on dating a Slovenian girl

Slovenian women are very forward-thinking and will never agree to meet a man without getting to know him first. Dating is the most effective way for your Slovenian mail order bride to know the real you and to strengthen the bond between you, and here is how to achieve that.

  • Show her that you value her opinions. Slovenian women hate it when men display toxic masculinity and attempt to make all of the decisions without consulting the woman first. Always make sure that your Slovenian bride agrees to your suggestions.
  • Don’t just focus on restaurant dates. Sitting across from each other at a restaurant table is a great way to spend one or two first dates, but after that, you will need something more creative. A picnic in the park or a hike outside of the city may be easy ways to impress your Slovenian mail order bride.
  • Give small but thoughtful gifts. There is no Slovenian girl who is completely indifferent to gifts, but it’s important to give the right ones. A Slovenian woman will hardly be impressed by a giant teddy bear or 1-meter roses, but a cute mug or beautiful earrings will definitely delight her.
  • Try to get close to her friends. Your Slovenian brides probably cannot live without her social circle, and those are the people that know everything about her and have a huge influence on her opinions. You should do your best to get them to like you.
  • Learn to enjoy the things she likes. A typical Slovenian woman has an active outlook and dozens of hobbies. If your scope of interests is not that wide, you should let her take the lead and show you her favorite things that you may love as well.
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Meeting Slovenian bride parents: 3 tips

With Slovenian mail order brides, it’s usually very easy to know where you’re standing because they are so open about their feelings. However, if you are having doubts over your bride’s attitude to you, getting an invitation to meet her parents is a definitive sign that she wants to be with you. Here is how to make that first meeting a guaranteed success.

  • Take cues from them. Older Slovenian people can be very different based on where they live and their family background. Start on a neutral note and follow their cues: if they are very formal, act formally around them, and if they are hugging you and insisting on being called by their first names, you can let your guard down and have fun.
  • Compliment the food and ask for seconds. In 100% cases, your first meeting will be accompanied by the family dinner, and you should definitely remember that the parents of your Slovenian bride put a lot of effort into the food. That is why you should be generous with compliments and ask for seconds whenever possible.
  • Use whatever knowledge of Slovenia you have. During your first visit, you will probably learn more about Slovenia than ever before, but your future in-laws will be delighted to see that you came prepared and already know some things about Slovenia and a few phrases in their native language.

Slovenian wedding customs and laws

A wedding is one of the most anticipated days in the life of a Slovenian family and it’s often celebrated by the whole community or village. Since you are going to be the second most important person at your own wedding, it’s best to learn about the Slovenian wedding traditions beforehand:

  • Two wedding ceremonies. Most Slovenian brides insist on having a Catholic church wedding, but it’s not going to be legal unless the couple also gets married at the civil registry. Ideally, the two ceremonies should take place on the same day.
  • Morning games. You and your bride will spend the night before the wedding apart, so the first thing to do in the morning is to go to the bride’s home. There you will be met with the first set of activities meant to entertain the guests such as picking the food products from an improvised market that your bride would also pick.
  • Kidnapping the bride. Once you go through the first set of obstacles, you will encounter another one. You will be told that your bride was kidnapped and the only way to retrieve her is to pay the ransom with cash or home appliances.
  • Throwing the rice. While leaving the church, the couple will be showered with rice by the guests. Slovenians believe that the number of rice grains left in the hair of the newlyweds by the end of the day corresponds with the number of children they will have.
  • Stealing the bouquet. Closer to the end of the reception, someone will try to steal the bride’s bouquet and then make her pay the ransom. This Slovenian wedding tradition mostly concerns your bride, but you will be the one who will pay, so you should both be alert throughout the reception.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the attitude of Slovenian brides to smoking and drinking?

Young Slovenian women hardly ever smoke because they are well aware of the health risks that come with smoking. However, women of Slovenia are quite impartial towards wine. Slovenia is known as the land of wine connoisseurs and while your Slovenian bride may not be interested in other types of alcohol, she will introduce you to the finest wines her country has to offer.

How many kids do Slovenian women want?

In the past, Slovenian women dreamt of big families with four or five children. However, with time, they became more realistic and now typically want just two kids. To them, it’s the ideal number of children in the family that allows you to experience the joy of parenthood without being exhausted all the time.

Will my Slovenian wife want to split the chores?

In most cases, yes. Slovenian women often work even after getting married and having children, so they consider it perfectly fair to entrust at least some of the household duties to their husbands. And when the chores are done twice as fast thanks to your help, your Slovenian wife won’t be tired and irritated and will be able to spend quality time with you more often.