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👰‍♀️ Average Age of a German Bride 28 Y/O
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Why are German Mail Order Brides So Sought After Nowadays?

German brides like natural beauty

Pretty German women believe that their natural bodies are fine without any artificial improvements. Furthermore, they are always busy and often in a hurry. So, a typical lady from this country would better sleep for one more hour or have a little rest then do make-up or visit beauty salons. These women just don’t want to waste their time and effort on such things. And they are not shy to show their photos without any makeup and filters. So, there is no risk that a girl in a photo and a woman you will see next to you every day will turn out to be two different people because of the difference in appearance. Beautiful German women always look natural and stay themselves.

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German brides are restrained

Women of this nationality are not used to show their emotions very expressively. Also, they don’t like to talk too much. So, German brides are perfect for those men who feel that they couldn’t put up with the character of a loud talkative woman if they would have to deal with her every day.

German brides are self-contained

German brides attract men due to being interesting conversationalists. They always have something interesting to tell. No wonder! Because they’ve got very rich lives with many hobbies, friends, and career achievements.

German brides are straightforward

German brides don’t lead men around the nose. They usually tell everything honestly and directly without hints that can be misunderstood.

German brides are conscious

These women never look for future husbands just because they are bored or for monetary purposes. Ladies of this nationality start to look for life partners only when they understand that they are ready for married life.

German brides are experienced lovers

German chicks start being sexually active rather early, since being teenagers. So, till the time they reach the age they are ready for marriage they usually have already got a rich sexual experience. So, hot German women don’t disappoint their husbands in bed.

Four Character Traits of Typical German Wives 

The spouses appreciate the women of this nationality because they have got the following features.

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German wives are independent

They keep on building careers, being engaged in some hobbies, and communicating with friends. German wives don’t settle at homes after marriage.

These women can make decisions by themselves and don’t like it when someone tells them how to live and what to do.

Sometimes, they are even against having a common budget with a husband preferring to manage their own incomes by themselves.

German wives are rational

Women from this country are not the type of ladies who make decisions under the influence of emotions. They thoroughly think over the matter and consider all the pros and cons before coming to the final solution.

German wives like a comfortable living

They do their best to make living as comfortable as possible. And this is not about the accommodation, but also about going out and traveling. German wives prefer to go out to places that are cozy and travel only in a comfortable way.

German wives combine all the important elements of life

German women believe that to be happy they should have a full life. There should be everything:

  • career;
  • hobbies and interests for spending spare time with pleasure;
  • friends;
  • family.

And they won’t ever sacrifice one sphere of life for another. For example, a German lady won’t give up her successful career for the sake of a family.

Why are German Brides Looking for the Spouses from Abroad?

Despite the fact that in the population of this country, there are more males than females, many women in Germany are looking for life partners from abroad. And here are the two main reasons for this:

  1. The desire to get married officially. There are many men in Germany that prefer living together without getting married. So, German singles who are eager to have the full-value wedding ceremony and get married officially don’t mind tying their lives to foreign spouses.
  2. The desire to get married before 30. According to the German mentality, it is a bad thing to create a family at a young age. The majority of couples get married and start thinking of the children only after 30. So, German girls who want to found a family at a younger age often prefer getting married to foreigners and moving to other countries where young couples are more acceptable.

The Guide on Marrying a German Woman

Read further, and you will find out a lot of interesting things: tips on dating, meeting parents, wedding customs, the peculiarities of family values.

Five Tips on Dating a German Girl

Dating German women can be a bit difficult because of the peculiarities of the mentality of this nationality. So, we share with you five pieces of advice that will make it easier:

  1. Don’t be too caring or persistent. A woman can take it as violating her personal boundaries and disrespectful attitude.
  2. Don’t express your feelings in public places. It is not appropriate for German brides. So, leave the hugs and kisses for a more private setting.
  3. Discuss it in advance who will pay in cafes, restaurants, etc. Many German brides prefer sharing the bills. And some of them can even get offended and take it to be disrespectful for them if you pay for them. There are few girls who would like a man to pay for her.
  4. Choose beautiful wrappings for the presents. German brides believe it to be impolite to give a present without a beautiful wrapping.
  5. Talk about everything directly and honestly. German brides don’t like hints. They prefer discussing everything directly.

Meeting German Bride’s Parents: 3 Tips

Take into account German mentality:

  • Talk directly and honestly.
  • Prove that you are a good match for a woman (tell about your career achievements, property, etc).
  • Be restraint and don’t show a lot of emotions.

German Wedding Customs and Laws

The most interesting of them are:

  • Breaking the old tableware. On the eve of the wedding, a bride and a groom invite their friends who are to bring some dishware. They throw and break it all together in front of the house.
  • Buying wedding shoes for coins. There should be no paper banknotes in the sum of money given for the wedding shoes. This symbolizes the thrift in the future family.
  • Planting the rose bush. Newlyweds do this together on the day of the wedding.
  • Sawing a log. Right after the ceremony, newlyweds saw a log with a two-way saw. This symbolizes that a wife and a husband will solve all the problems together.
  • Forfeits. Newlyweds write the little papers with the names of some little things (for example, tea, chocolate, etc) in advance. Then, at the celebration, they hand them out to guests. And each person should send the thing that is written on a paper to newlyweds every day during the honeymoon.

Family Values and the Outlook on Kids’ Upbringing

Here are the things that are peculiar to the people of this nationality:

  • The opinion about the family budget can vary. Many German women prefer not to have a common budget. They believe that both spouses have the right to manage their own incomes as they wish. But others of them don’t mind having a common family budget. And also, there is a third group of German wives, the ones who prefer housekeeping to work. And they, of course, expect their husbands to supply families with finances.
  • German wives are very conscious of the issue of kids. They pay much attention to contraception and pregnancy planning. They never give birth to children just because of the unexpected pregnancy. They have got a very conscious and rational approach to the issue of having or not having kids and how many of them to have.
  • Child’s thoughts and opinions matter to parents of this nationality. The people from Germany never ignore the inner world of their children and try hard to keep the emotional closeness with them. Also, they teach their kids to make their own decisions and take them into account.
  • There is a peculiar approach to children’s diets. Usually, German wives don’t make their kids eat something. And they don’t limit the time of meals strictly. Usually, children are free to eat anything at any time they like. The only exception is sweets and everything that contains sugar. There are very strict limits on such products for children. Mothers of this nationality make their children cut down on sugar in their diets. And some women forbid it to eat sweets at all, especially for small kids.
  • There are no strong family ties once children grow up. It is not about the German mentality to keep strong family ties throughout the whole life. Young men and women start to live separately from their parents since they reach full age. Usually, they move to the hostels provided by colleges or universities. And when they graduate they rent accommodations until they buy their own ones. And there is no tradition to call parents too often or come to their place frequently. Some families gather all together only for celebrating Christmas and other important holidays.


Can a Language Barrier Spoil the Communication with German Mail Order Brides?

The majority of German mail order brides have mastered English on a level enough for communicating with potential life partners. They have learnt this language at schools, colleges, and universities. So, there will not be any problems with a language barrier.

Are German Mail Order Brides Ready to Move from their Motherland?

Germany is a very developed country with good economics. So, some of the German mail order brides would like to stay in their motherland and invite their husbands to this country. But, of course, there is a big number of German ladies who are ready to move to the country their future husbands live in. But the only condition is that this country should be not less developed than Germany and there should be good career opportunities for women.

Do German wives usually work?

Everyone in the whole world knows that women of this nationality are career climbers. So, the majority of the ladies from this country work after getting married. Of course, there is a little percentage of the ones who are eager to be housewives. But there are few such German brides.