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Iceland is a country with outstanding gorgeous nature. Many people dream to visit this pearl of the Atlantic Ocean. But is it only nature that makes this country so attractive to tourists?

For men from all around the world, local women are also very appealing. They look rather exotic and extremely beautiful.

Do you want to know whether it is possible for a foreigner to succeed in dating Icelandic women? Read further, and you will learn how to do this.

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What Are Icelandic Women Like?

If you have never met an Icelandic woman, learn some details about a typical lady of this nationality to decide whether dating an Icelandic girl is a good idea for you.

They Look Gorgeous

The appearance of beautiful Icelandic women is really incredible. A typical lady of this nationality has the following features:

  • tall and slim body;
  • long blond hair;
  • very fair skin;
  • blue eyes.

Due to these features, pretty Icelandic women look like angels that have just come down from heaven. It is difficult not to fall in love with such an incredible lady.

They are Optimistic

You will never hear Icelandic women complaining or grumbling. These are very optimistic personalities that never get upset over the small things. Moreover, they do not give up even when they face serious life challenges.

Thus, communicating with Icelandic ladies never becomes tiring or burdensome. These women do not complain about every problem. On the contrary, they always stay in high spirits and can share their positiveness with you.

They Behave Reservedly

Icelandic women are not shy. They are very self-sufficient and self-conscious. But showing off and defiance are not typical for them. They always act in a restrained way. This seems very attractive for men who are tired of arrogant and vulgar chicks.

They are Rational

Due to their reserved behavior, Icelandic women may seem too cold. But this is not true. These ladies are very loving and affectionate towards their soulmates. They just need more time to fall in love with a man than hot southern chicks do. Unlike them, Icelandic women hardly ever fall in love at first sight. They need to get to know a man well and only then make a decision whether to start a relationship with him. It is possible to say that Icelandic ladies rely not on feelings and emotions but on common sense. And this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Relationships based on rational sense but not swift feelings and hormonal surges last much longer.

They are Intelligent and Interesting Personalities

Fabulous Icelandic girls fascinate men not only with gorgeous appearance but also with sharp wit and broad outlook. You will never get bored communicating with a lady of this nationality. She will always find interesting topics to discuss, amazing places to visit together, and exciting activities to do together.

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Do Icelandic Women Make Good Wives?

Icelandic mail order brides have been gaining more and more popularity in recent times. And foreign husbands choose them thanks to the following qualities.

Icelandic Wives are Calm

Loud sorting things out is not typical for the ladies of this nationality. They rarely act out of emotions. As they have a practical and rational mindset they are used to solving all problems or misunderstandings in a rational and calm way. Therefore, you can discuss any important issue with an Islandic wife without extra emotions and quickly come to a mutually beneficial decision.

Icelandic Wives are Loyal

These wise and sensible women prefer staying faithful to their husbands. They do not see any sense in cheating on their spouses. These are not the kind of women who can ditch a husband whom they have lived many years with for a light affair.

Icelandic Wives Do Not Mind Contributing to Family Budget

Icelandic women are very ambitious and emancipated. They rarely become housewives. They believe such a role to be boring and pointless. Therefore, Icelandic wives usually keep on building careers after getting married. So, they do not expect their husbands to be the only breadwinners for the family. Icelandic wives participate in earning for the family budget as well.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Many local men prefer marrying foreign women, so there are not enough bachelors for all single Icelandic women. Therefore, they are forced to look for foreign spouses as well. Thus, if you are a foreigner, you have already got high chances of winning the heart of an Icelandic girl.

However, the chances will be even higher if you are:

  • Intelligent. Icelandic mail order brides want their husbands to be interesting conversationalists. Therefore, show her that you have a broad mindset and a lot of interesting things to discuss to conquer her faster.
  • Calm. Icelandic women do not like overly emotional people. They are more used to discussing everything rationally than to talking the language of feelings.
  • Sensible. Ladies of this nationality always think carefully before making decisions. If you follow the same strategy, you are more likely to make a happy couple.
  • Successful and ambitious. As Icelandic women are strong and often have good careers they want to have equal men around. If you have the same level of education or work in a similar area you have more chances to receive reciprocal attention from Icelandic mail order brides.

Where to Meet Icelandic Women in Iceland?

Visiting Iceland as a tourist, do not miss an opportunity to meet beautiful local girls. The largest number of them live in the capital of this country, Reykjavik. So, if meeting girls is your main goal this city is your destination.

What places to visit in order to meet hot Icelandic girls favorably disposed towards getting acquainted with foreigners? Trying to make a conversation just on the street is not the best idea. So, you should not forget to visit the most popular local nightclubs and bars:

  • Austur, the most commonly visited by local youth nightclub with a spacious dance floor and a wide range of tasty cocktails you can treat local ladies to.
  • Pablo Discobar, an interesting bar in the Latin American style with traditional Latin American cuisine and incendiary music.
  • Dillon Whiskey Bar, a good bar with a cozy atmosphere, an impressive choice of strong drinks (more than 170 sorts of whiskey are available), and frequent performances of famous DJs.

Also, it is possible to get acquainted with some friendly girls at local parks:

  • Einarsgarður, a small cozy park for perfect calm rest.
  • Hljómskálagarður, a beautiful place near the city center.
  • Klambratún, a picturesque place with a city center view, a spacious playground, a disc golf course, an art museum, and a cafe.
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Where to Meet Icelandic Women Online?

If going to Iceland is not a part of your plans for the nearest future, the only way to get a girlfriend of this nationality is to meet her online. And the specialized Icelandic mail order brides services can help you with this. There, you will find plenty of hot Icelandic girls looking for their foreign husbands. Joining one of such websites or apps you get a unique opportunity to choose out of the hundreds of sexy Islandic women who strive for starting serious relationships with foreign men.

How to Date an Icelandic Girl: 9 Tips

The crucial rule of international dating is taking into account the cultural gap. Here are some recommendations of how to get on the same page with an Islandic woman:  

  1. Do not be too persistent. Icelandic women do not like too insistent men. So, do not impose. Act softly and gradually. Do not expect her to show reciprocal feelings immediately. Give her some time to get to know you better and to make a decision whether relationships between you and her are possible.
  2. Do not invade her privacy. Icelandic women do not like people who disrespect their personal space. Therefore, do not try to become close to her in the short term. Even if you are already in a relationship, leave some personal space for her. Do not try to occupy all her free time and be always together.
  3. Respect her. This is very important for Icelandic women. They cut all ties with the people who do not respect them.
  4. Do not be afraid if she takes initiative. Ladies of this nationality are very independent, self-confident, and courageous. Additionally, they are for equal rights of men and women. Therefore, they do not see anything bad in taking initiative by girls. So, do not be afraid if Icelandic mail order brides write to you first. This is absolutely normal for women of this nationality.
  5. Do not be pessimistic. Icelandic women do not like men who easily give up and are always complaining. They take being pessimistic as a weakness. So, if you do not want your Icelandic girlfriend to think that you are weaker than she is, try to stay positive in any situation.
  6. Always find new interesting topics for conversations. Icelandic women are very intelligent and many-sided. And they expect their soulmates to be like this as well. So, if you cannot find new topics to discuss, an Icelandic bride will quickly lose interest in you. 
  7. Share your thoughts, plans, and feelings with her. Icelandic mail order brides are eager to find real soulmates. Thus, if you share thoughts, feelings, and plans for the future, it will help you to become closer to each other.
  8. Visit interesting places and travel together. The majority of Icelandic women are fond of traveling and discovering something new. So, do not miss an opportunity to make your Islandic bride happier.
  9. Show that you love children. It is very important for Icelandic wives that a father pays as much attention to common kids as a mother does. So, if you show her that you know how to get along with children and that you are ready to have your own ones, your chances of marrying an Icelandic woman will significantly increase.


Should I Worry About a Language Barrier with Icelandic Women?

There is no reason to worry about a language barrier. Iceland is a country of very well-educated people. Therefore, almost the whole population speaks English fluently. So, Icelandic mail order brides can understand you perfectly and keep any conversation in English going.

How Do Icelandic Wives Share Duties with Their Spouses?

Icelandic women are rather feminist. Therefore, most of them are not ready to assume all household chores. They prefer sharing duties with their husbands equally. So, if you want to marry one of the beautiful Icelandic mail order brides get ready to assume some household chores.

What Do Icelandic Women Think of Kids Upbringing?

Ladies of this nationality are very conscious about their children’s upbringing. They do everything possible for them to be happy and to become successful in the future. They pay much attention to education and cultivating the right life values in their kids.

Moreover, they believe that both parents should participate in children’s upbringing actively. Thus, you should be ready to spend much time together with your children and pay much attention to their education.

As for the number of kids, Icelandic wives usually prefer having 1-2 children. They rarely dream of a large family as they understand that it is very difficult to pay equal attention to all siblings. Also, having many kids is believed to be an obstacle to a successful career.