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👰‍♀️ Average Age of an Estonian Bride 27 Y/O
🤑 Average Cost of an Estonian Bride $1200-$7200
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Why Estonian Mail Order Brides are So Popular Nowadays?

Brides from Estonia are unique. These pretty women are highly motivated for a family life, passionate and zealous. Prior to drowning deeper in the relation with Estonian mail order brides, keep in mind the following.

Quick facts about Estonian women 

  • These women for marriage are introverted. They are reserved and may even keep silent on your first rendezvous!
  • They prefer older men for marriage being prudent in this question.
  • Beautiful Estonian girls adore their county, way of life and society. Mocking or laughing about Estonia and its inhabitants is unforgivable. 

Therefore, if you Ok with it, you may start your unforgettable investigation of Estonian women for marriage. 

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Why are Estonian mail order brides popular among foreign husbands? 

The secret lies in combining their natural beauty and thriving for happy marriage as well as in their openness to different cultures.

Estonian beauties

Baltic girls are beautiful. They are slim, long-legged, long-haired, have pretty face traits, big blue eyes and a well-shaped mouth. It is a well-known fact that Estonians have the biggest number of fashion models per capita. They are elegant and always correctly made-up. 

Nice personal traits

Estonian ladies are a treasure depositary of the best personal traits and have perfect characters.

They are friendly. However, do not expect a girl will demonstrate her good attitude to you on your first date or will start flirting, as they are modest and reserved. Nevertheless, Estonian mail order brides respect other cultures and are polite. 

Educated and diligent  

Almost all Estonian citizens undergo high school education, which is quite progressive. Around 30% of them enter universities, thus a great number of Estonian mail order brides have good education. Estonian brides are intelligent, clever and make their own living as they make one of the most hard-working and diligent nations among European countries. 

Traditional and modern conventions 

Unlike many Slavic and Scandinavian nations, Estonian women for marriage have a traditionally respectful attitude toward their parents, spouses, kids placing family interests above anything else. At the same time, they work actively on their career development. 

Estonian beauties are not very religious. Only 5% of the population are cultivating Christianity actively. However, their upbringing and a way of life are highly moral. 

What are Estonian Wives Like?

Unlike many western women, Estonian wives cope with both home duties and working tasks in the best way, because they are industrial and hard working. 

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They are perfectionists and their conventional belief is that the family is in the first place. They cope with caring children, cooking, cleaning and do not demand your help in slicing vegetables or doing your laundry. However, they do expect you to take care about men’s issues, such as reparation, gardening, grass removal, and performing traditional masculine duties.  

Mothers teach their daughters the family values, cooking, coping with kids, and taking care of husbands. Elderly parents are also watched up by daughters.

Reserved nature and modesty differ Estonian brides from women of other countries. Their family life is shut to any stranger. Despite amiability, these women do not talk about their families, and won’t invite you to their home if you have just been acquainted. Only good friends are introduced to Estonian girls’ parents. However, after getting closer, you will have the best reception ever.  

Why Estonian Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Estonia is not a rich country, being a part of European Union its citizens are accustomed to work hard to make their living better. However, it is quite a rare occasion that Estonian brides are looking for husbands because of the money.

Estonian women are rather industrious, usually work full time and are well-paid. They are an active workforce of the European labor market. Prudency is among their natural features. They reasonably consider that marrying a wealthy foreigner from a rich county will be advantageous for them. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why Estonian women for marriage are looking for husbands abroad.

Estonian ladies are curious and intelligent. They like to broaden their outlook by meeting new people, visiting new countries, learning new cultures. A foreign spouse is a good decision for this. 

Another fact that matters is that Estonian men, being surrounded by active and self-confident women, are lazy in creating new families. They demonstrate little effort in conquering these gorgeous hot women, take no initiative in making strong relationships. Preferring to act fast, Estonian women take advantage of the specialized marriage resources to meet men from other countries with similar views and marriage intentions. 

The Guide on Marrying Estonian Women

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Tips on dating an Estonian girl

Conservative and traditional, Estonian girls expect you to take initiative in dating. This differs them from western independent feminists.

  1. Chivalry is greatly welcomed by Estonian mail order brides. Think ahead about a special place, restaurant with her favorite cuisine, place of interest. Inviting a woman,  pay bills yourself. Try to be attentive, gentle, put constant efforts to be interesting for her. 
  2. Plan the topics of your conversations in advance. Keep in mind that Estonian ladies are not fond of small talks, weather discussion. 

If you fail to be prepared, there is a danger of a constant silence and a dull rendezvous. Your sincere interest to Estonian history, culture are greatly welcomed; Estonians eagerly share this information. Neutral questions for conversations are usually life, family, work. Avoid subject’s regarding former relations.

  1. Do not expect an Estonian girl to drop into your bed after your first meeting, even if it was a success. Her traditional conventions do not allow her to be light-minded in the questions of sex. Close relations are possible only after something special appeared between both of you.     

Meeting Estonian bride parents: tips

For meeting your Estonian mail order bride parents, prepare your good appetite and an empty stomach. 

Estonians are a reserved nation. Nevertheless, if you are close with them, they are very cordial and friendly. What concerns treating, they have gorgeous cuisine and cook tasty dishes. You are obliged to try each of them. 

If you are not accustomed to high calories food, you’d better start gym sessions. Kefir, all king of dairy products, dishes made of flour (doughnuts, pancakes, dumplings), pork meat – this is a short list of obligatory menus which Estonian brides’ parents offer to their guests. The portions are enormous, refusing a dish will offend hosts. Guests are always overfed. 

Marinating conversations, avoid criticising the following topics: 

  • Estonian history and customs; 
  • Estonian people and their way of living. 

Thus, you will be able to make a good impression and create a base for your good relations.      

Estonian wedding customs and laws 

Thanks to the nice nature, sites and picturesque places to take memory photos, Estonian weddings may become a great party even if you do not keep to any Estonian traditions.  

However, there are some interesting customs of Estonian weddings, which will make your marriage day very special.   

  1. Estonians behave responsibly with spirits and ghosts. Prior to the dinner, a father-in-law climbs under the table and checks, if ghosts do not spoil the food. If everything is OK, the party starts. If some dishes seem not tasty or corrupted, a man should take a glass of vodka and give it to the ghost. After this, the demons are fought. 
  2. The leftovers should stay on the table through the night to feed dead souls or ghosts and are cleaned up in the morning. 
  3. Some lead should be casted on a couple for a happy marriage. 
  4. A newly married pack a sack with troubles and grieves. They give it to the first stranger on their way, which means getting rid of misfortune in the future. 
  5. Kidnapping a bride is a popular wedding fun in many countries. However, in Estonia a groom is responsible for her finding. For this, he should undergo some trials and tests.    

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to meet an Estonian bride offline? 

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and some big towns like Tartu, these cities are full of young working singles and students. Being free of family problems, Estonian girls spend their spare time outdoors, in summer cafes, parks, nightclubs. 

Just remember about their conservative upbringing, when getting acquainted in these places. Try your best to avoid frivolity. Demonstrate politeness and your serious matrimonial intentions. 

Why do potential Eastonian wives register on dating platforms? 

The easiest way of getting to know an Estonian mail order bride to register online with some of the popular web-platforms for dating. 

Estonian women value these web-sites, as they have numerous advantages for these prudent ladies: 

  • listing the men with serious intentions for marriage; 
  • saving time for learning character and interests of each other, as this information is usually input by registration;
  • indicating the native country of a bridegroom. 

How can you impress your Estonian mail order bride? 

Chivalry is very important for an Estonian bride. She expects her man to take initiative as her conservative conventions imply. So be a real caring man, render your attention to your woman, make presents. 

Estonian brides appreciate small gifts, flowers. They may be very simple but sincere. Women like self-made things, handicraft is traditional for Estonians. 

You will add scores, if you do something in your house yourself (repair works, gardening). Such skills are greatly appreciated.  

What mothers are Estonian mail order brides? 

The quantity of kids for an average Estonian family is 2 or 3. Being caring wives, Estonian women are innate moms. Their mothers teach them the important family values from childhood, including undeniable affection to their kids. 

Moreover, from birth until maturity Estonian moms are taking care of their sons and daughters both materially and bringing them up to high moral standards.

Children are always welcomed in their parent’s home despite different living circumstances.